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A simple and beautiful infusion vessel that can be used for cocktails, oils, teas, or any infusion imaginable.
4,270 backers pledged $736,112 to help bring this project to life.

First shipment arrived

Posted by Martin Kastner / Crucial Detail (Creator)

Hello everyone,

The first small shipment of Portholes is in Chicago. After inspection, they will be transferred to a warehouse for the complete Kickstarter kit assembly and fulfillment - initial 160 kits should be en route to the first backers by the end of the week.

Some of you suggested including additional recipes with the package and the Aviary guys have been kind enough to share a couple more. There will be four recipe cards in the kit. From the left: Blueberry, Chai, Cider, Cranberry.

Post-holiday production resumed this past week and we'll get a better sense of manufacturing speed in a few days once a new 2000pc batch of glass has been tempered. That will tell us whether changes to the process have improved the yield and the production can ramp up. You'll be hearing from me again soon.

Thank you for your patience.

Martin and the Crucial Detail team


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    1. Jen Caputo on

      I was one of the first 75 backers and I received my Porthole today! My husband is currently trying to figure out how to use it and going through the fridge to see if we have anything on hand he can stuff in it for a quick cocktail tonight.
      Unfortunately, one of my glasses was broken as they are very thin, but I'm hoping once things calm down, Martin may be able to ship a replacement. I sent him a message to let him know.

    2. Missing avatar

      Matt on


      I'm with you — I look terrible as a gift giver at this point. I've since gotten my recipient a different gift — though not as cool as Porthole would have been, but the social ramifications of my excuses lasted a good bit after.

    3. Missing avatar

      Mark schneider on

      Has a single porthole been shipped to a backer? Patience is a virtue, but there are limits. My "Christmas" present excuses are sounding a little hollow.

    4. Martin Kastner / Crucial Detail Creator on

      @Bryan The White Porthole are scheduled to ship with the final batch of the Kickstarter edition.

      @Christopher Backers will receive tracking notices at time of shipment. I don't think there is a way for backers to check their number for specific projects but you can roughly estimate based on the date of your backing, 8/7 the campaign started and 9/4 it ended. On average, we're shipping two Portholes per backer so if for example one backed it on August 21st, that would be half-way, roughly backer #2200, some 4400 Portholes in.

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      Christopher Meyfarth on

      How can I tell which batch my order will be included in?


    6. Missing avatar

      Margo Liss on

      Congrats!! As many have said, I am ecstatic about the prospect of receiving my Portholes soon! What a well-earned milestone!! Many more to come!!

    7. Bryan Hair on

      I was wondering about the White Porthole. I haven't seen any mention of them, so not sure if they will be a last out item? Any updates regarding those?

    8. Martin Kastner / Crucial Detail Creator on

      @Alix The Portholes are 6" diameter, 1" deep. The total volume is 13oz (390ml).

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      Alix TRUAX on

      How large are the portholes? From the amount of items in them they seem fairly good sized.

    10. Missing avatar

      electronaut on

      @Martin Kastner / Crucial Detail
      Thank you very much for the update! Looking forward to the Portholes, glasses, and recipes!

    11. Martin Kastner / Crucial Detail Creator on

      @electronaut We have been shipping additional pre-orders for the glasses since before Christmas. The glasses that are included with the Kickstarter edition of the Porthole ship with it as a part of the Porthole kit.

      @Tammy To update your address, please send me a message ('contact me' link in the project creator info box on the right). Include the new address and we'll update the file.

    12. Missing avatar

      electronaut on

      I have asked this question in the comments on each of the last two updates, but it has gone unanswered. I'll try again, this time with a quote and links.

      What happened with the tasting glasses that are supposed to accompany the porthole? I quote from the December 4, 2012 "Grinch update":

      "Since the Porthole won't be ready for a few more weeks, we will release the tasting glass pre-orders to ship on time for the Holidays to those who pre-ordered additional glass sets."

      So, did the tasting glasses ship, or not? I haven't received any. Having pledged at the $175 level for two Portholes, which earlier posts said would result in 4 tasting glasses being included, I thought I would receive those by the holidays (but didn't). Has anyone received the tasting glasses?

      On a second (err...fourth) reading of the quote above, I now wonder if the tasting glass "pre-orders" refers only to people who paid extra for extra tasting glasses, and not the tasting glasses for those of us who were original backers of the Porthole.

      In any case, it would be absolutely wonderful if someone from the Porthole team could take the time to clear this up, including letting people know when the tasting glasses might ship.

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      Alan Schwartz on

      @Meg: I would assume (and hope) that the 160 are all the $75 (first 100) backers, and the first 60 of the $85 (second 100) backers...

    14. Missing avatar

      Meg Thomason on

      Great news!!! When will we know if we are one of the 160?? I am also interested in ordering more. Will that be an option after the original orders go out??
      Thanks so much!!!

    15. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Newcomb

      They look like art. Thank you for all your attention to detail. So proud to give this as a gift. Worth every day of waiting!

    16. Missing avatar

      Ellen Rinaldi

      Very excited! We saw them in Bon Appetit also. Congrats. Can't wait, thanks for the extra recipes.

    17. Hugh Pritchett on

      Great news! I know of your frustrations!! There is nothing that is better than the feeling of accomplishment!! A real pat on the back for hanging in there!!

    18. Missing avatar

      Tammy on

      A bit of a technical question actually. How do I update my address for delivery?

    19. Missing avatar

      Michael Iati on

      Hey, the porthole is already featured in this month's Bon Appetit! I am glad to be on the cutting edge. Can't wait to begin playing with it. My wife thought I was nuts for backing this 'silly'' thing, but now that it has been in Bon Appetit she thinks I was pretty smart to get in early.

    20. Tom on

      Thanks for the update and listening to my request for extra recipes. I'm happily looking forward to getting mine.

    21. Missing avatar

      Molly Baker on

      Thank you!!!!! We are so excited. I can't remember how many I ordered, but I know I will want to order more. Thank you for the additional recipes.

    22. Missing avatar

      Sarah Smith on

      Damn me for my hesitation backing the Porthole! (I waited until the second day ;-) ) Very much looking forward to them, though!

    23. Missing avatar

      Jimmy Gibson on

      So excited!! You do have my correct email and I have been getting your updates.


      Martin...I am so excited. I know that I pledged at the end of the offer, so that means that all the quirks will be worked out before I get mine. The one question I have gotten from the people that I gave one as a gift is...will we be able to order more? Everyone of them said that two would be perfect. So looking forward to my Porthole party this summer!

    25. Alex Moir on

      I am so excited for this to arrive!! Thanks for the updates!

    26. Mr Anderson

      Thanks for the update. Kinda mad I only ordered 5. I think I need more!

    27. Missing avatar

      Susan Foster on

      Well done Martin and team! The additional recipes are a very nice additional benefit.

    28. Florian Horsch on

      One of the most exciting projects to follow so far. You guys are doing great - the packaging looks AWESOME! Can't wait to brew my first drinks ;)

    29. Brian Douglas on

      Awesome! Thanks for the additional recipes! Can't wait.

    30. Tia Matza-Didden on

      great ! can't to see it and experiment :-) congrats !

    31. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.