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A simple and beautiful infusion vessel that can be used for cocktails, oils, teas, or any infusion imaginable.
4,270 backers pledged $736,112 to help bring this project to life.

First shipment en route

Posted by Martin Kastner / Crucial Detail (Creator)

Hi everyone.

The first small shipment of Portholes is en route to us now and our early backers will receive them before the end of this month. The glass production is still not progressing quite as fast as we anticipated, a relatively high reject rate caused a production halt and process tweaks. In light of this we changed our plan from a single large container to multiple smaller shipments in order to get the Portholes to at least some of you faster. Once both factories resume production in the second half of February, the production will continue and with it our rewards fulfillment. We will be shipping rewards in the order in which the project was backed.

We really appreciate everyone's patience.

Martin and the Crucial Detail team


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      cameron lumsden on

      I echo Ben and William's comments/questions. I am an early backer and have not heard any status updates other than that I was to receive Portholes in December...Looking forward to receipt. Thanks.

    2. Ben Krajcir on

      What is the status of the tasting glasses? I thought those were to be separately shipped to backers, and I still have not received mine. Crucial detail website notes them as in stock.

    3. Missing avatar

      William Winicaties on

      Can you please share some numbers on the delivery? Total number of portholes order by the kickstarter, how much is going to be in each batch, and estimates on each batch delivery? I am a late backer and at this point I do not know if that means March or November.

    4. Jennifer Y Lee on

      Very excited about the Porthole. I appreciate all the updates and progress photos/press. They make me happy and proud to be part of this project. I've mentioned the Porthole to my friends and can't wait to have a get-together where I show it off.

      I also did an extra pre-order of the glasses and since those arrived first, I was able to gift them to my bf (which means I get to use them all the time too) :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Sarah Smith on

      @Susan Foster: kicktraq lets you view pledges and backers by day of the pledge period at the following link:

    6. Jamie Pryer on

      Keep up the hard work and thanks for updates! Cannot wait for this :)
      Wonder how many other people in the uk are going to have one of these?!

    7. Missing avatar

      Susan Foster on

      I, too, am patiently waiting - and am very much looking forward to receiving the Portholes and glasses. I appreciate the frequency and helpful detail in each of the updates however, it would be nice to know where each of us is in the order of shipping. Like another backer, I will be traveling out of the country soon and will be gone for 4 or 5 months. I backed this project on August 27th - knowing that "early backers will receive them before the end of this month" is only helpful if you know whether you are one of the early backers. If Martin and his team are monitoring these comments, perhaps they would give us a better idea of what dates qualify us as an "early backer". Cheers.

    8. Missing avatar

      Sara Euler on

      I am actually patiently waiting. My husband (who posted the comment) apparently wants his!

    9. Missing avatar

      Jean Kennedy on

      I look forward to receiving the Porthole and glasses when they come. I understand custom manufacturing - I used to design bags and boxes for all those "gift with purchases" we ladies love to receive. Working with Chinese factories can provide both great opportunities and challenges. Hey, how about starting a book of recipes? I am looking for ways to use this other than a center piece! :-)

    10. Missing avatar

      Caitlin on

      I'm heartened by the recent spate of supportive messages, and concur with those re-iterating what Kickstarter is, ie: not a store, but an opportunity to help out a burgeoning small business, in return for a kick ass 'reward'. Also - how much more wonderful will it be to receive a functional, beautiful piece. In a world where so many things are done with corners cut, I certainly appreciate it when things are put together thoughtfully and with patience.

      Loving the updates, keep up the good work, and best of luck with the future of the Posthole

    11. Missing avatar

      Sara Euler on

      I think you got ahead of yourselves with the feature in Bon Appetit this month. Hold your PR until you can actually ship.

    12. Theodore Cullen on

      I'm with Stephen Fox on this. With this type of beautifully designed product I willingly sacrifice any impatience I might have for assurance that the quality I'm expecting will be there. Beauty and execution are the elements of fine design.

    13. Stephen Fox on

      Zero complaints from me on delays. I am surprised at the backers complaining about not getting what they were 'promised'. We all agreed to be supporting a start up project, which nearly guarantees delays. One also needs to consider that the amount of backing was over 25x of original projections. This completely changes time frame estimates.

      Kudos to Martin and his team for not compromising quality on this product. I will be thrilled to start using it whenever it is delivered.

    14. Missing avatar

      isabelle desrosiers on

      Sorry, I didn't say enough how greatful I will be when I will have this beautiful object! Somehow this was a first step for a deeper experience in bitters and cocktails. From this starting point, I created some, intrigued I was, here in France where there is no such trend, trying to imagine how it would be possible to make it a desirable setting of ingredients to go in the porthole. I admit this part is the toughest! If someone is interesting, I could exchange one or two!

    15. Missing avatar

      isabelle desrosiers on

      I agree with Tom bellow! Recepies will be great! I just read an article on FastCompany about late deliveries of kickstarters' projects. Some of you should read it to understand why this site is not a standard commerce site!! You are here to "k i c k s t a r t projects" ....…

    16. Tom on

      I will answer christian's question from my perspective, since I made a post about freebies below. I don't want cotton candy, a pen, or even the glasses. What I would like is some additional recipes. I am supporting the project so I can get a cool infuser. Since delivery has been delayed through late winter, I am guessing that the Aviary has developed some additional cocktails over that time. To me a cool freebie would be to get those additional recipes. I don't think that my comment is distracting anyone from the job at hand. If it is, I appologize.

    17. Derek Perkins on

      As a kickstarter project creator who learned first hand the complexities of bringing a product to market in 6 months, I urge everyone to be patient. We had a 6 week delay past our projected delivery dates, all of which were caused by situations completely beyond our control. Our production numbers were only 1500 units. Martin is looking at thousands more, all of which require QC, packaging, and who knows how many unforeseen complications. The alternative is rushing a project to completion to the detriment of the product and reputation of the company. Nobody in this situation is dragging their feet out of lack of discipline, work ethic or commitment. This is not the mall, this is kickstarter. If it was easy to accomplish these projects, we wouldn't need your help. Keep up the great work, Martin!

    18. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    19. K on

      @Christian. Personally I'd love to get some more recipes. Just post a couple on the updates section. More fun cocktail concepts the better.

    20. Missing avatar

      Jessica on

      So exciting! Thanks for the update.
      I agree with the other KS funder-- a method to confirm/update shipping addresses would be very useful.

    21. Missing avatar

      Kaaren Davis on

      Most people have no idea what is involved in getting a new product to market. There is a major learning curve, and yes, a high reject rate to get it just right. The best intentions are often thwarted by events beyond your control. Please be patient with this project. My guess is that they are bending over backwards to get the Porthole to you as soon as they are able. Remember this is a NEW project, not one that has been in production for years. (Plus, it is Lunar New Year and the entire country is on vacation!)

    22. Missing avatar


      To those asking for 'freebies': what on earth are you wanting? Cotton candy? A pen? You're already getting a pair of glasses (in addition to the other stretch goals). Let crucialdetail focus on the primary product and let them do it well. Kickstarter ≠ store, so don't try and treat it as one. (I do agree with EJ, though... not sure how glass production issues impact the poster reward.)

    23. Brian Campbell on

      When can you let us know when they will be sent to each individual?
      Cheers and good luck

    24. Missing avatar

      electronaut on

      What happened to the glasses that those of us who were early backers were supposed to receive? I thought those were supposed to have gone out before the Portholes... ???

    25. Missing avatar

      Ariel Robinson on

      I have to say, I'm a little disappointed in the delays as well. These weren't Xmas gifts, but it is 5 months later, to the day and still nothing. At this rate, I think the fair thing would be for the team to throw in some freebies (if possible) or at least a discount for a future purchase. I understand things have already been promised and additional tangible items may not be possible for ALL the backers, however, I think the team should really consider a generous discount on any future purchases. Just my $.02.

    26. Missing avatar

      Matt on

      I was just curious how many Porthole were in this batch.

    27. Missing avatar

      Mary Ann Morrissey on

      Will we receive a notice when we are being shipped to? Also are you using UPS, Fedex or regular mail. I will be out of town and need to make arrangements.

      Thank you

    28. Missing avatar

      Laura on

      Thank you for your update! I actually enjoy hearing about what all you have to go through to get this done! Being a photographer and designer, I appreciate your attention to detail and quality control. I also understand production delays. Looking forward to the real deal - whenever that may be! Cheers to you.

    29. Missing avatar

      E J on

      Still not sure how those of us who supported for a poster are impacted by glass production issues.

    30. Missing avatar

      Dan MacPherson on

      Hey Dacia. If you want Christmas gifts you should go to Amazon. If you want to back an entrepreneur use Kickstarter.

    31. Missing avatar

      Marla Aaron on

      Thanks for the update. If evem one of thevariouskckstarter projects i backed delivers, i willbe pleasantly surprised. At this point i am tired of the updates without any real deliverable confrmed. I use to think Kickstarter was a terrific way to teach my kids about "doing what you say you are going to do".let' say i've changed my mind.

    32. Missing avatar

      Dacia Bridges on

      While I appreciate the attention to quality and detail. These were Christmas gifts and I'm about over it. What was promised for November is now approaching early April if that at this rate. I expect EVERY recipe and more glasses or something for this huge delay. Really want what I paid for to be delivered not excuses for delay every month.

    33. Tom on

      No worries on the delays. I'm hoping for some cool surprise freebies to say sorry.

    34. Missing avatar

      Miranda on

      Alright just got confirmation lol

    35. Missing avatar

      Miranda on

      I gave you guys my new address about three + weeks ago using the instructions in the previous update and still don't have confirmation you've updated your records.

    36. mick0s on

      I've got to say, I am immensly impressed with the quality control and attention to detail of this project. I, too, intended one of my portholes to be a christmas present, but you know what, people understand that things get delayed, and at the end of the day, I'm much happier to wait and get a great quality product than to receive a rushed, sub-standard job.

      Thanks Martin, and the CD team.

    37. Erik Schwartz on

      I need to change my address, I've moved since filling out the survey. How can I do this?