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Because loyalty should last longer than a t-shirt...
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Howard Tayler

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Challenge Coin PDF Almost Done


This post is written by Sandra Tayler.

Greetings backers. Some of you have inquired about the status of the Challenge Coin PDF that we promised as part of this project. The PDF is long overdue, and for that we apologize. We were slammed with business and personal things in the past year. We allowed that to push the PDF to the back burner, but we have not forgotten it. I have collected all of the stories and done most of the layout work. It comes in at 30 pages and is full of challenge coin stories both touching and funny. We've formatted it as if all the writers were sitting in a bar swapping stories about challenge coins.

The work that remains is for Howard to write a foreword and to draw the illustrations he promised to include. We intend to have this work done in the next six weeks, or sooner. We're gathering momentum for our next Kickstarter project and we can't begin that in good conscience unless we have delivered this first.

Thank you very much for your patience. I know that for some of you this PDF was the primary reason you backed the project. We're sorry we've taken so long to get it to you.

The Unofficial Anecdotal Challenge Coin History PDF - Progress Report!


I was SURE I had posted an update about this, but someone pointed out that I have not. Shame on me!

Here's where we stand: We have the submitted stories in place, and the text is laid out in a 90% final manner. All that remains is for me to go through it and add the promised illustrations, and my own essay. 

And then it'll be done, and we'll release it into the wild. 

I apologize for the dearth of progress reports. We've been grinding on this PDF steadily for over a year now, collecting and editing and experimenting with layouts, and we really should have ALSO been saying something about all that.


The Coins Have Shipped


Sandra Tayler here, posting the shipping update since this is my area of expertise. Howard is busy creating more Schlock Mercenary.

All the coin orders are shipped.* This means that your coins are on the way. US orders should arrive in about a week. International orders can take as long as 3 weeks, though most will arrive before that. Questions or concerns about individual orders should be address to and I'll do my best to sort it all out.

*We do have about 100 orders not shipped because the owners of those coins have not yet gone over to to give us their mailing addresses.

When all was said and done there were:

2395 packages
20,033 coins
270 work hours

Most frequently asked questions:

Yes the Maxim 34 coin is supposed to have epoxy on only one side. This is because the glow in the dark finish of the other side works much better when not covered in a dome. The Maxim 11 Key Drop also has the dome on only one side, though in that case it is so you can feel the crater.

Yes we will put the coins into our regular Schlock Mercenary store. That will probably happen in late June or early July. We need to make sure we take good care of our kickstarter backers first. I will be spending the next weeks chasing down final addresses and resolving issues for customers whose shipments need extra attention. Then I need to catch up on all the other work that fell behind during the weeks when all of my work hours were absorbed by shipping coins.

If you have a question about your order, or about any aspect of this kickstarter project, the best address is Any messages sent through the kickstarter system are getting forwarded to me there anyway.

We have not forgotten our promise to put together the Unofficial Anecdotal History of Challenge Coins pdf. With shipping done, I can begin editorial work on that project. We expect it to take six months or more before the pdf is ready to release.

This concludes our coin shipping broadcast. Many thanks to everyone who backed the project. Your support and enthusiasm have been amazing.

--Sandra Tayler

Your Coins, We Have Them


The coins have arrived. 

Sandra blogged about it here. She and Janci will begin shipping things tomorrow. 

I have jingled them, pocketed them, fed a key ring through one, and basically adored them, and I did all of these things when I was supposed to be drawing comics. Fortunately I then went on to draw comics.

Some of you will be getting your orders before the end of this week. I'll post another update as the shipping begins in earnest.

(Oh, there are still almost 200 of you who haven't checked out at Until you do that, we don't have your shipping address. We can build your order, and we won't sell it out from under you, but we can't send it to you until we know where to send it.)

Shipping From the Factory: May 20th


Sorry for the radio silence, folks. Very shortly after that last update I got sick, and then got sicker, and then got medicated and that made me REALLY sick. Sparing you the details, I'll just say that I'm finally off the drugs, back on my feet, and eating people-food.

During these last four weeks it's been a struggle just to keep up with the comic, and I also needed to finish the marginalia for Book 9, Schlock Mercenary: The Body Politic, which went off to the printer today. Fortunately, the only thing that needed to be done on the challenge coin front recently was being done by the manufacturer. It's nice to know that the people you've hired to do a job are doing it right even though you're not watching.

I spoke with our manufacturing rep yesterday, and he said that the minting is well under way, and coming in on schedule. Thirty thousand coins will be shipping from the plant on May 20th, and should arrive here at Chez Tayler on the 22nd or the 23rd of May.

This means there's a small chance of me having coins with me at Phoenix Comic-Con (I fly late on the 22nd or early on the 23rd) but as soon as I get back on the 27th they'll be waiting for me me to dive in and help Sandra with the shipping. 

And by "help" I mean "feed my kids." My job is to keep the household in order while Sandra turns a portion of our home into a facility for shipping 3500 packages. Now that I'm healthy (and have lab results to prove it) I'm allowed to cook for the family again. 

The Unofficial Anecdotal History of Challenge Coins project is on hold until we ship your merchandise. We've collected lots of great first-hand accounts of the tradition in action, but the compilation, the editing, and the back-and-forth with contributors won't begin until June. Meanwhile, I've allowed some of those accounts to inform a couple of upcoming strips (May 26th and 27th.) My goal, as stated before, is to increase awareness and understanding of the tradition, and I think you'll be pleased to see how neatly that goal meshes with the machinations and mysteries going on in the comic. I've run the story past a few active-duty friends, and they love how it works. 

Realistically, I think May 29th is the earliest that we'll be sending full sets out in the mail. If your shipping address is going to change between now and early June, please email Let's straighten things out BEFORE we start handing packages to nice people with trucks, uniforms, and global infrastructure.