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Because loyalty should last longer than a t-shirt...
Because loyalty should last longer than a t-shirt...
Because loyalty should last longer than a t-shirt...
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This is The Last Update! (also, email us your edits!)


With the release of An Unofficial Anecdotal History of Challenge Coins, this project is complete. 

Available Now!
Available Now!

We won't be posting more updates, and we will not be using this mechanism to email you about any of the very interesting things we have coming. It's tempting, of course, but that's not what this is for.

Here is some final bookkeeping before we turn the lights off:

  • If you have edits for the PDF, send them to If you post them here they will likely get lost.
  • The lights in here never actually go off. We can't stop anyone from posting, but at this point we're not checking for questions here. Got questions? Email
  • All inquiries about this project along with any other communication you want to have with Howard or Sandra should be directed to

Thank you for you patience with us on this last deliverable. We wanted to do it right, and for a year now I simply couldn't see what "right" looked like. Then, in a fit of anxiety, guilt, and deadline pressure, I COULD see what it looked like. It only took me about 20 hours of work to finish my part in this, but it took over a year for me to wrap my head around those 20 hours. 

Thank you for your support, not only for helping us make neat things while feeding the family, but also for your support of the challenge coin tradition. We're humbled to have become a tiny part of it, and you should know that you, too, are now a part of it, writ in stamped brass all over the world.

--Howard and Sandra Tayler

The PDF is Ready!



To quote the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation, share and enjoy!

Cover art for "The Unofficial Anecdotal Challenge Coin History"

The UACCH 1st Edition Cover
The UACCH 1st Edition Cover

 I just finished the cover art! 

The editing passes are already complete, so Sandra will be assembling the final document this week, and we should be able to hit that April 8th date on the cover art, no problem.

Thank you, everyone, for your patience. (And your support, of course, but your patience has been legendary.)

Everything Except The Pictures


This has been WAAAY too long coming, I know.

The Unofficial Anecdotal History of Challenge Coins needed two things from me: An introduction, and some illustrations. Both jobs seemed simple enough, but I've been hung up on the words for over a year now. In January of 2014 I wrote an introduction that was all over the map, and wrong, and I lost hope (and then track of time) for quite a while.

This morning I realized what the problem was. I was trying to use my own challenge coin story as an introduction, and that was artificially inflating my story's importance. It was ego-bloat, and this document is not the place for that.

The solution? I wrote an introduction that serves as an introduction. It's not a story, though it's got story stuff in it. It is written to properly introduce the stories that follow. 

And THEN I went ahead and told my story, which will get tucked into the meaty parts of the PDF along with everybody else's account. So you get to hear from me twice. After this long of a wait, it seems like the least I can do.

Both of my documents have been handed off to Sandra for editing, which means that everything this document needs from me has been delivered, except the pictures. And those are what I'm sitting down to work on next. 

I get to draw an elephant!

Challenge Coin PDF Almost Done


This post is written by Sandra Tayler.

Greetings backers. Some of you have inquired about the status of the Challenge Coin PDF that we promised as part of this project. The PDF is long overdue, and for that we apologize. We were slammed with business and personal things in the past year. We allowed that to push the PDF to the back burner, but we have not forgotten it. I have collected all of the stories and done most of the layout work. It comes in at 30 pages and is full of challenge coin stories both touching and funny. We've formatted it as if all the writers were sitting in a bar swapping stories about challenge coins.

The work that remains is for Howard to write a foreword and to draw the illustrations he promised to include. We intend to have this work done in the next six weeks, or sooner. We're gathering momentum for our next Kickstarter project and we can't begin that in good conscience unless we have delivered this first.

Thank you very much for your patience. I know that for some of you this PDF was the primary reason you backed the project. We're sorry we've taken so long to get it to you.