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REMYXX are one of a kind completely Landfill-Free Sneakers™ that represent design, fashion, and eco-accountability™.
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Gary Gagnon

496 backers pledged $44,383 to help bring this project to life.

Shark Tank airs in 3 hrs. 37 min. EST

Hello Backers and Friends,

With excitement, relief, lots of hard work, extra preparation, pushing here, and pulling there, I have been very busy building to this moment (and for other moments).  Happily and eagerly Shark Tank is tonight!! See REMYXX at 8:00 EST on ABC. Without saying much, rest assured Shark or no Shark, deal or no deal, it will be fun, interesting, and I think you will like what you see. And this is only the beginning!!!  

Most importantly, thank you all very much for your kind messages, posts, blogs, backing/pledges, and all kinds of various support along the way, including your belief in me. 

I will keep you updated with notes here as much and as soon as possible. If you have not "liked" REMYXX yet on facebook, do it at,, as there are many articles, blogs, and stories floating around that I cannot keep up. Below are a few reads that you may want to skim for your own insight to REMYXX, me, and Shark Tank.

 I will be back as soon as I can. Enjoy!!! With respect and gratitude, G


    1. Creator Bobbi Lopez on May 18, 2012

      Remember the girl with the baby sippy cups on The Shark Tank? Part of her pitch was it was made in the USA. She seemed proud of that. She got her invester under the condition she shipped the manufacturing over seas to bring the cost down and the profit margin up. I was really disappointed when she said yes.

      Help America work!!!!!!! Bobbi