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REMYXX are one of a kind completely Landfill-Free Sneakers™ that represent design, fashion, and eco-accountability™.
REMYXX are one of a kind completely Landfill-Free Sneakers™ that represent design, fashion, and eco-accountability™.
496 backers pledged $44,383 to help bring this project to life.

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Back at it on Kickstarter!!


Hey and Hello. Hope all is well with everyone here. I am still at it with ReKixx, working the best I can fighting the battle in this nutty sneaker world that is not quite cooperating. I am giving it one last "kickstart" effort trying a limited edition new design at a special price, $44.00 first 400 buys, and then $48.00. If you want to take part in any way I am of course happy to have you. Enjoy > Best regards always, Gary

ReKixx Spring 2014 Collecion Live on Kickstarter!!


New 2014 styles & designs only available on Kickstarter >> >> project ends December 31.

Hello best backer friends ever!!! It was May 2012 we first started together where ReKixx (previously remyxx) met Kickstarter. Today i am glad to still be going, with expected difficulties, some nice surprises, and bigger challenges ahead. And I hope all is well with you 496.

Fact is, ReKixx 2012-2013 Kickstarter inventory is sold-out. Yes, happily gone with 1000+ pairs walking the streets with style and awareness, however with no "extra" cash to back-up a new round of inventory, I am taking to Kickstarter again with my 2014 Spring Collection. New designs, new styles, new video, and next bigger steps. I am excited and looking forward to see what I can do this time around being a bit different. Understandably, not having ABC's Shark Tank that was 6 million viewers, at the time, could prove to be a serious difficulty. I am optimistic that I have people with organic interest and who genuinely care. I have, you (496 original Kickstarter backers), 3300+ Facebook fans, 1100+ Twitter followers, a few celebrity contacts, various media outlets, plus with proven product in the marketplace, my 2014 project of all new designs and styles, could have a profound effect that will provide ReKixx the support it must have to grow!!

Please click >> ReKixx : One-Of-A-Kind Landfill-Free Sneakers, Spring 2014 >> to see ReKixx's new designs, new styles, and new video. This is your chance to add to your ReKixx collection buying the first ever high-top, mary-jane, guitar design, convertible, retro, and or message in green. I expect you will like what you see to buy, share the link, and support the ReKixx effort about awareness and sustainability altogether.

I am ready for another ride, big, small, difficult, easy, I am in it for the long-haul, read to go right now!! And certainly reach me for any reason. Thank you, Gary

ReKixx– needs promoters, needs your help!!

Hello and here is the follow up to what I mentioned as a very important next step for ReKixx.

Declaration: I write this post to you today with great enthusiasm and a little hesitation. With all that each of you have done for ReKixx and me already, I of course am glad to share with you the latest happenings, however, I am reluctant to ask for your support, again. So, enthusiastically and reluctantly together, here it goes. . .

Re: This is my new crowdfunding event >> I am eager to tell you about it and how the Jump Start City site works. It is a new site with a different approach than Kickstarter. Their platform consists of three stages to create hype and build a community of followers before the event goes live to accept purchases/backers. I am in the promotion stage that without a significant push from promoters, it is very unlikely that the event will make impactful sales, let alone reach the goal I have set at $65,000.

Support: All said, if you had a good or great experience with ReKixx and me, if you like the sneakers, and or if you agree with the ReKixx effort about awareness and sustainability, and you are comfortable reaching out to your social network, I ask you to please sign-on as a promoter for ReKixx at Jump Start City (JSC). I ask you to promote and share my event as much or as little as you like. Plus if your network buys you can earn a free pair of ReKixx.

Process: Joining JSC takes less than 2 minutes and only requires an email. Click the sing-up link > > fill-in the easy 5 boxes, and then you just need to verify your email.Once you are in, you can set up your profile or not. Most important is that you find the ReKixx event to click the box that says, “Become a Promoter” and allow JSC to track the followers you recruit. You can now begin sharing the event with your online friends and network outlets that at this stage the point is to recruit more promoters and JSC community members. Then, with excitement in full swing, ReKixx will enter the active stage (July 30) where fans and followers will be able and eager to purchase. And of course, during the live event, it is important promoters continue sharing ReKixx to earn more points. You can even watch the activity on the leader board. . . . I know it is complicated but please consider joining in and really it should be fun!!

Event & New Developments: Mostly, you will see my event is much the same as was on Kickstarter. However, for those of you that enjoy the classic style high-top and the "Van" style slip-on, in this JSC event, I am offering what I call "Green Valor" as a first release high-top and I have "Convertible Black" that is a lace-less slip-on. Both are rather sweet!!!

Strategy: While I have this and a bit more going on, the bottom line as I explain in my event details, I need more sneaker stock. It is with the well liked and highly praised “First Collection” ReKixx I have chosen to continue with these five proven sellers, the new high-top, and convertible to keep the ReKixx story going. I hope you can recognize my strategy and can find the time and desire to promote where certainly I would love nothing more than to send you a second or first pair of ReKixx for FREE as the promoter rewards call-out for your efforts.

Sorry for the long message: If you made it to this line, I thank you. If you make it to I especially thank you for promoting!!!

Note: Interestingly this Jump Start City approach could work very well as the community builds. My concern, at this early juncture, is that the site only launching in June, has left us, the first event creators, responsible for building the membership network.Hence my reaching out heavily to you all, not asking for your financial support (unless you absolutely want to buy another pair or have not purchased your first pair of ReKixx), but more asking for the power of your social reach!!

Thank you and respectfully, G

One-Year ReKixx Recap


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ReKixx Promo Video Trailer

Hello Team 496. I hope all is well with at least some plans for summer fun! My side goes well with the day job, a bit of vacation planned, the family in good health and spirits, and ReKixx chugging along.

Last general news with a limited 400+ sneakers in stock, my efforts to push the sales, marketing, retail placements, and possible celebrity reach has been nil. Understand, that where I sell 2, 5, 10 pairs a month that I know is very small with no advertising or talk of any sort, I am sitting on these 400 pairs intentionally as a work on tasks to prove a bigger scale platform. Such said, when I want to blow out of these 400 pairs, I am confident I have a few techniques that i would be able to do so when the time is right. So for now, I continue to work my strategic approach that includes building the brand with a grassroots initiative, reaching the right people, arranging special projects, and securing the next round of bigger inventory.

All said, I wanted you to be the first to see my ReKixx 2013 Promo Trailer >> I will be using this in part to announce a new project very soon to help get me to the next level introducing new product and bringing in more inventory. Stay tuned that this is simply the intro video just finished today by my good friend and backer Rob @ If you are in the Charlotte region with a special event needing video, by all means I highly recommend Rob for his expertise, professional service, and fantastic demeanor. Thank you Rob.

Best and more to come!!! G