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Based on the 1923 German Expressionist film by F. W. Murnau.
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Alex Dawson

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Party like it's 1739! At a bona fide haunted house!

Stake Your Favorite Vampire! Pledge Party
8 - 11 PM, Fri. April 13

Orlock may not, but YOU, my friends, will be served various libations (wine, sangria, etc.) along with a selection of non-alcoholic beverages and light themed snacks.

The SYFV Pledge Party is an opportunity for people who have pledged or who are interested in pledging to meet and engage the talented cast/crew of the upcoming world premiere, Nosferatu: The First Vampyre, at the extraordinarily atmospheric Ayers-Allen House, a famous "haunted" house and former Revolutionary War tavern built in 1739.

The Ayers-Allen House has spurred dozens of news articles and as many entries into haunted house rosters (like Hans Holzer's Ghosts). People believe that a Revolutionary War soldier yet treads its wide floor planks, or that a Hessian soldier restlessly haunts the upstairs room where he hung himself. Some have seen a woman frantically searching for her young son who was murdered by the British; others have seen the spirits of two Native Americans from the tribe of Chief Matochshoning who were lynched unjustly from a tree in the yard. The famous haunt-hunter Hans Holzer did a séance here in 1960. Mr. Holzer wrote about the séance in his book, Ghosts (in which he dubs the summoned enity, what else?..."the Metuchen Ghost"). The house has three working fireplaces, two trap doors and a hidden room. It is believed to have been part of the Underground Railroad.

Contact me for reservations (and directions).

In addition to the party, your MINUMUM PLEDGE of $50 (naturally, you can pledge more) also gets you a special "I heart NOS" button, a limited edition "I Heart NOS" t-shirt, and an emboldened thank you in our program. Pledges may be proffered in check, cash, or with CC online at (or in advance of) the party.

Weather permitting, Murnau's German Expressionist masterpiece (Nosferatu, natch) will be screened outdoors next to the apple tree under which Mrs. Ayers-Allen is said to be buried (I kid you not).

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