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A painting series with each piece connected to three handwritten letters.
22 backers pledged $935 to help bring this project to life.

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A Bright Winter

Posted by ActualPaint (Creator)

Happy holidays everyone! I hope you all had an amazing 2013!

I have experimented with the concepts of Physically Linked a lot since the close of the KS and it has evolved into "Untitled", which I am happy to say will see the light of day in Granville Island next year. For the show I will be asking for titles for my paintings... I will send out the specifics as they come.

Thank you all again for your support! Just a reminder for those of you who have not yet, it would be AWESOME if you could send to me a picture of your reward on the wall! I won't include your specifics, just a location (ex. Vancouver, BC), for the "Your Gallery' page of my website


Adi & Justin,

To the backers go the spoils

Posted by ActualPaint (Creator)

Hey everyone! We have sent out the rewards and are beginning to send out test letters. Here are some pictures of the rewards being shipped on our fb page:

It would be wonderful if you could send us a picture of your painting up in your house. We would love to include it in 'Your Gallery' on actualpaint here:

We are working on the page people will find with their links in their letters. Here's what we have so far : I am working on the questions, some I am not really satisfied with. If you have any suggestions or input I'd be glad to hear. 

Thanks again guys!

Adi and Justin

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Posted by ActualPaint (Creator)

Hi everyone! 

We have begun work on the Physically Linked part of the project and are gaining a deeper appreciation for the lost art of letter writing! Not sure when the last time was that you wrote 360 letters by hand but... phew! it is a fascinating meditation on paper, ink and strangers.

I am very interested in the history of letter writing and have already learned a lot! Did you know it was Benjamin Franklin who, as deputy postmaster for America, established many key elements to the postal system, and routes from Maine to Florida and New York to Canada? Find out a little more here

The first batch!

As an initial test run, I have written three letters for each category and after much deliberation have decided which questions we will be asking the strangers. I would love feedback before I write the next batch of letters so please let me know what you think of the question choices by commenting below!

Happiness- Which holiday do you find is the happiest?
Prosperity- What is something you've bought or received that made you feel prosperous?
Beauty- What is something that makes your home beautiful?
Health- What is something in your environment that makes you feel healthy?
Peace- What advice would you give to children about peace?
Love- What is your favourite love song?

Debating the questions with a friend

Enough about all these random people, what about your rewards?!
For those who replied, we have prepared your rewards and will be mailing them this week so you should receive yours soon. Don't forget to take a picture of the artwork in your home and we will include it in the "Your Gallery" page of 

Thank you again,

Adi and Justin

What now?

Posted by ActualPaint (Creator)

Last night as the clock ticked down to 7:19 to mark the end of our Kickstarter project, Justin and I found ourselves on the beach in Kitsilano watching the sunset.

The month began with anticipation, and wonder of how the project would go, and it ended with a bang as a flurry of backers helped us breeze past our goal to finish 125% funded! It was a fun and rewarding month - thank you all so much for your support to help make the project a success!

As the sun rises on the next stage of our journey, we are busy preparing your rewards and will be sending out surveys shortly to gather your preferences and shipping details. Here is a sneak preview of your thank you cards enjoying the wonderful afternoon weather in Vancouver.

Thank you!

Adi and Justin

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Posted by ActualPaint (Creator)

Ceiling And Visibility Unlimited... an aviation term that approximates how we feel!

As promised, here is the link for the newspaper article featuring the project here in Coquitlam, BC:

There is still time, 50 hours or so, for anyone interested in getting their original art or an actionized thank you, but as of now we are OFFICIALLY FUNDED! That means the project is ON and rewards will be delivered :0

Yea! THANK YOU ALL for your support and encouragement in making this project a success.

Justin and Adi