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Hone is a Bluetooth 4.0 device for your iPhone 4S that helps you find your keys - and it's made in the USA.
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Hone is off to DFM - factory photos

Posted by Geoffrey Litwack (Creator)

Hone is off to DFM

This week our factory representative stopped by my house to pick up our kit of parts for the Hone design for manufacture step - a perk of doing electronics assembly in California! We've chosen OSI Electronics to do our manufacturing, and now they are going to verify our design, panelize our PCB for their machines and produce some final prototypes on their New Product Introduction (NPI) line. This is the "Hone V4 factory prototype" step in our schedule

Factory photos!

OSI doesn't allow photography in part because they build stuff for the military, but we did visit a company called Printed Circuit Solutions, Inc. in Santa Ana that builds amazing PCBs and was cool with photos. I specifically want to shout out their VP of Operations, Joe Lara, who had an amazing amount of enthusiasm for our project and really helped us clarify our manufacturing picture. PCSI is interested in working with domestic electronics Kickstarters, so if that describes you, maybe drop him a line.

So the photos! 1. Engineers working on a PCB detail 2. Joe clarifying something about PCB lithography to Louis 3. Deeper into the process 4. CNC machines for milling out boards 5. The CNC controller is straight out of Lost! 6. Room full of gnarly chemicals, I believe for etching. Joe told us that PCSI is audited by the EPA monthly; they're fine with it because they're very careful about their environmental impact. 

Next up

Updates on plastics and those prototypes!


Geoff & Louis

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    1. Ramon on

      By the way,is there a way to trigger the Hone with the MetaWatch Strata (on Kickstarter as well)? Both have bluetooth. That would be amazing! Click your watch to find your keys! And SmartThings? Options galore!