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Hone is a Bluetooth 4.0 device for your iPhone 4S that helps you find your keys - and it's made in the USA.
1,132 backers pledged $85,426 to help bring this project to life.

Hone is funded!

Posted by Geoffrey Litwack (Creator)

Thanks to you, Hone has reached its funding goal in just six days! Everyone who backed the project will receive their Hones - and if you have any friends on the fence, tell them we're going to manufacturing. Again, thank you so much for supporting us. Some updates:

- We're getting a lot of questions about Android. We're waiting to see if Jelly Bean brings Bluetooth Low Energy to the base OS, which would make it much easier for us to ship an Android app. 

- Louis is hard at work refining the hardware; this week he got the piezo-electric chirping louder than ever.

- We were asked about stretch goals given that pledging has outpaced our expectations - we have some ideas, do you guys have suggestions?

Geoff & Louis


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    1. Geoffrey Litwack Creator on

      Matt: We really would need a bigger battery for the flashlight idea - that said, I feel your enthusiasm and you raise good points!
      Jonathan: We decided early on not to do a rechargeable battery - we made this for ourselves first, and we just didn't want to be plugging our keys into our computers to charge. We just can't do the flashlight idea without going to a larger cell like a CR2, and the cylindrical nature of that would have radically changed our industrial design. But - it seems like there's a lot of interest in flashlights, so we are making note!
      Michael: 1. We don't have our retail strategy completely ready for after Kickstarter, but we'll think about this! 2. We want to keep the app as simple as possible to use, so we probably won't offer this customization. 3. We're committed to doing a Pebble app if it's possible with their hardware! 4. It would be tough to completely waterproof this design, and your car key probably isn't waterproof, so...maybe another form factor in the future? 5. See my reply above 6. We've had a lot of requests for the wallet form factor, we're thinking about it seriously!

      Great input everybody, keep it coming and many thanks!

    2. Michael Sena on

      Here are some stretch suggestions:
      1. like a 10% Discounts for Kicksters if we want to buy more hones post-launch?
      2. Maybe configure how the Hone lights up? - blue when you're far away, red as you get close (cold, hot)
      3. Integrate with Pebble!
      4. Water-proofing option for some Hones (maybe not all of them... like design a Pebble +?)
      5. Rechargeable battery!
      6. Mini-Pebble (so small and thin that you can stick it in your wallet in case you lose that!)

    3. Michael Sena on

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    4. Michael Sena on

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    5. Michael Sena on

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    6. Jonathan Tabarejo on

      The rechargeable battery would allow users to charge their hones to continue to use them. It would also add to the value. The LED could serve a multiple purpose for hone showing charge status and if the batteries need charging. If you added a led flash light it would be rechargeable as well since it's integrated on to the circuit. again... adding value and reasons to have it on your key chain. as long as the hone is charged... the flashlight is charged. maybe a hideaway door for the flash light button so it isn't accidentally pressed to inadvertently discharge the battery of hone.

    7. Jonathan Tabarejo on

      How about a rechargeable battery for hone that you can use mini or micro usb? I agree that if it's going to be that large of a foot print on the key ring that having a multi-purpose wouldn't make the size such an issue.

    8. Matt Black

      Geoff: Great news on A)! I had planned on getting multiple Hones to locate multiple objects, particularly 2 sets of keys. I just came out of a period of time where I was using my backup keys for a month because I couldn't find my primary keys. I was so nervous about misplacing the second set (dealers charge SO MUCH for duplicate car keys that have electronic remotes -- that alone pays for Hone!)

      On B), I don't think people would use the LED flashlight all of the time. It would be occasional use. I just like the idea of using the Hone for finding keyholes in the dark, not just your keys! Or for finding other things when you dop them at night or in dark places. It takes the Hone from a bulky chunky of plastic (until you lose your keys) and evolves it into something useful when you haven't lost your keys. Don't get me wrong, I *LOVE* the concept of Hone, and I *LOVE LOVE LOVE* Kat Dennings, but someone commented on the size of Hone and that made me think that if it had an everyday use too -- the size would be less of an objection because it has usefulness. (I guess you could add a bottle opener -- that wouldn't hamper battery life.)

      Keep up the great work! I'm excited to be a part of it (as a backer). Thrilled every time I see it on the tech/gadget blogs. Tell Kat I said "Hi!"


    9. Geoffrey Litwack Creator on

      Matt: A) The Hone app can locate multiple Hones, and in fact will give you active proximity sensors for all of them. We really need to highlight that feature in the body of the Kickstarter story, I'll get on that. B) I love the idea, but the battery life is based on you using it in standby mode most of the time. If you ran the LED all the time, you wouldn't get anywhere near the six months we can do now. That said, it might be interesting to have a flashlight with a bigger battery, maybe a CR2, that you could find from your phone...

    10. Matt Black

      Stretch goal ideas:

      A) Unless Hone already does this, have one device/app able to locate more than one Hone?

      B) Since you've locked in on battery size and it has a long life, what about a single, super bright LED flashlight -- so Hone is not just a hunk of plastic until you lose your keys?

    11. Missing avatar

      Ulrich Petri on

      @Gavin: re 2) That's what "Find my iPhone" is for

    12. France on

      I would love something that would help me find my glasses ....

    13. Geoffrey Litwack Creator on

      Gavin - Hone can pair with multiple devices! There is a list view in the app that appears when you have two or more Hones active. To your second point, unfortunately that functionality isn't supported under iOS 5. And we don't have a button on the Hone case, so there wouldn't be a way to trigger it. Thanks for the suggestions!

    14. Venn Wylde

      Stretch goal suggestions, mostly involving additional features:
      1) allow hone to pair with multiple devices, so I can find my partner's keys.
      2) allow hone to activate the paired device(s), so that once I've found my partner's keys I can help find her phone (this should be able to make noise even when the ringer is turned off, and should be able to adjust the volume so it's different from system volume).

    15. Geoffrey Litwack Creator on

      Ben: Colors are possible - the case has to stay plastic so as to not interfere with the Bluetooth radio antenna, so no anodization, though. Engraving is interesting!
      Susan: Thank you so much!!

    16. Benjamin Russell on

      Colored or anodized cases could be a stretch, as could engraving? I was originally holding out for a pledge benefit from that nice Katherine Litwack, but that doesn't really meet the criterion of a stretch goal.

    17. Missing avatar

      Susan on

      No suggestions but just wanted to say Congrats! ! And I look forward to receiving my Hone!

    18. Geoffrey Litwack Creator on

      Nicholas: Hey, we appreciate the support!
      Ben: A stretch goal is a feature you add when you significantly surpass your pledge goals - instead of taking the funding to the bank, you use it to improve your product, hire developers, etc.
      Alex: Lots of requests for a smaller size - we're set on the size of the battery, but we'll look into what we can do with the case...

    19. Missing avatar

      Alex Novosad on

      What about smaller dimensions as a stretch goal? My keychain is already too large o.O Or options, such as smaller battery for smaller size? I really don't need battery to last any longer than 3 months as long as it gives me a 2-week warning before dying (in case of vacation, etc).

    20. Missing avatar

      Ben Martin on

      What are stretch goals?

    21. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Johannes on

      Congratulations! I can't believe I managed to pledge and be part of the early birds backers, I often miss the early birds offers haha!