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Update #18

The Hone Kickstarter is complete!

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All backer Hones have shipped

The final and largest batch of Hones has shipped from Shipwire's Pennsylvania warehouse. If you backed us and didn't receive an earlier shipment, you should have an email notification by now. If not - or if you're one of the small handful of people who didn't respond with your address to the backer survey or subsequent follow-up email - please email and we'll sort you out.

Hone device compatibility

Hone is compatible with a more iOS devices since the close of the Kickstarter - iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 3, iPad 4 and iPad mini. We expect all future Apple mobile devices to support the Bluetooth low energy standard and work with Hone.

The Hone iOS app

Our app is live in the App Store. Early users have made us aware of a few bugs, and Louis is hard at work on version 1.2. If you run into any issues with the app, drop us a line!

It's not over

The Kickstarter is done, but Hone is just getting started. Retail units will be available through in a few weeks, and if you or a friend want more, sign up for our newsletter for a notification an early adopter discount code. Louis is headed to Google I/O this May where we are optimistic we will hear news about Android Bluetooth low energy support. And there's even more to come after that…


We couldn't have done it without you, Kickstarters. You have been generous, encouraging and patient, and we are so grateful. We designed Hone as a cantrip, a little magic trick to make your life easier, and we hope it delights you. If you ever have questions, comments or concerns, we're here at Thank you so much, for everything.

From the bottom of our hearts,

Geoff & Louis

Update #17

Hone shipping begins

The first Hones are shipping to Europe

The first complete Hones have rolled off the assembly line and are en route to some of our European backers. The reason for this is that we have cleared EU/CE certification but are still waiting for FCC and Canadian IC final grants. We should receive our grant from the FCC within the next few business days, at which point we will begin domestic shipments. We expect all pledges to be fulfilled within the next few weeks. You will receive a tracking number from Shipwire prior to receiving your pledge.

Thank you

Attached is a video of the first panel of boards rolling off of our line (in Hatfield, PA) - the first time we've ever cried in front of a robot. The first wave of Hones are on their way into the world and we couldn't have done it without your support.

With Gratitude,

Geoff & Louis

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Update #16

Hone ship schedule

Hone is through FCC

We just got word that Hone has been certified by our FCC testing lab, which means we can begin building the boards. The test lab expects the FCC to issue us our Grant on February 27, meaning we can legally start shipping the next day. This date is not set in stone, and there's always the possibility of a last-minute issue slowing something down, but if all goes according to schedule (see below) we can begin shipping units February 28. Louis and I will be at the factory for line start and ensure the first Hones go out to backers ASAP! We'll have pictures and details in the next update.

Shipping survey

Keep an eye on your email for a shipping survey from Kickstarter - we have to confirm your shipping address before we send out your Hone(s)! Already a few people have emailed me about changes of address; please, once you get the email from Kickstarter, confirm your correct address so we can get your rewards sent to the right place.

Detail schedule

We have firm dates and lead times from all of our suppliers for everything we need to finish Hone. Some of them are going to send partial shipments - plastics, for example, will start showing up on day 3 of their production if necessary. All days below are business days.

Already sent to the factory: Keyrings, battery pull tabs, stockpiled components.
PCBs: 5 day lead time from tomorrow.
App and firmware: The firmware is done baring last minute tweaks, and Louis will submit the app to Apple on Monday.
Plastics: First article samples 2/15, possibly a day or two for mold tweaks (unlikely, but possible), 8 days to complete run, partial shipments after day 2.
Electronics assembly: 15 days to complete the run once PCBs and components are in, which should be by no later than 2/18. As I said above, we'll start getting units as the production gets underway and should have some ready to go after the FCC Grant goes through.

All Best,

Geoff & Louis

Update #15

All hands on deck


Holiday time is almost here but Louis and I are working through the new year! It's been a little while since our last update and now I want to run down the status of every part of the project.

The case

The case has changed a bit since the prototype we showed in our video. One notable difference is in thinness - you said that was important to you and so we redesigned the board to be a smidge longer but single-sided. That change resulted in a case that is a little bit taller but 15% thinner than the original, as you can see in the photo below. Please note that this proto does not have the final case finishes applied, but even so it pairs nicely with an iPhone 5, in my opinion!

FCC and CE certification

Wireless testing isn't exciting but it is crucial, and we've submitted our supporting documentation for our certifications and our specially-modified boards are going off to the lab as early as tomorrow.

Firmware and iOS app

We needed the firmware to be virtually done in order to get the boards to FCC, and it is - Louis will nip and tuck a few final bits before we ship, but it's basically set. The app is functional and we've been taking the extra time to polish it. It will be done and submitted to the App Store soon.


I took a quick video of a Hone I triggered and as you can hear, it's loud! 

As always, thank you for your support and have a great holiday season!


Geoff & Louis

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Update #14 - For backers only

Survey: Plastics in China?


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