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Hone is a Bluetooth 4.0 device for your iPhone 4S that helps you find your keys - and it's made in the USA.
Hone is a Bluetooth 4.0 device for your iPhone 4S that helps you find your keys - and it's made in the USA.
1,132 backers pledged $85,426 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Kimlin on

      Is this project dead? The website doesn't load and nor the app on my iphone.

    2. Chris Lyon on

      After replacement, I sill had a bad solder. I guess I'm done with Hone, as sad as that is.

    3. Geoffrey Litwack Creator on

      Ryan: We have your replacement out today!

      Oscar: Please get in touch with me at and I will get yours replaced as well. If anyone else is having trouble with their battery clip, it is a known issue and we will take care of you, just shoot me an email!

    4. Ryan Lackey on

      My hone also had the battery clip solder problem.

    5. Oscar Feliciano on

      I'm having similar issues with my Hone as well. I've already replaced the battery even though it's hardly been used, and now a few months later it won't even locate my Hone nor will it repair.

    6. Geoffrey Litwack Creator on

      Daniel: I'm sorry to hear that! We did have a few units with issues leave the factory, you may have gotten a bad one. If you shoot me an email at I would be happy to send you a replacement.

    7. Daniel on

      battery in mine doesn't last 6 months more like two months... replaced battery twice already. tried to use it today and no luck... have stopped using it.. just not reliable. Even when it was working would sometimes find my keys and other times it wouldn't even when they were it the same room

    8. Geoffrey Litwack Creator on

      Roy (and anyone else who has been affected): a percentage of units from our first run left the factory with a defect in the battery clip solder - we are happy to replace them, just shoot me an email at and I'll get it taken care of.

    9. Roy Corey on

      My battery enclosure seems to have come off as well. I will try to solder it back in to place. Any advice on that? I don't want to fry anything else with the soldering iron heat. Or is there a better solution?

    10. Jonathan Tabarejo on

      Just noticed my hone stopped working.

      Opened it up to change the battery and the battery housing solder joint broke off. Held it down to see if it would work again. Unfortunately no it didn't.

      How could a battery drain if the device isn't being used and why would the battery housing break off the board. Probably a cold solder joint.

      Ill check my battery to determine if the battery is actually the culprit or if the unit actually just died.

    11. Missing avatar

      Drew Roderiques on

      Hey @Leo.
      If the device stops working it could also mean the battery 'housing' has come away. It will need soldering back on.

    12. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

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      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    14. Aseem Kishore on

      I'm very disappointed with this product. I received my two Hones and even though I was able to pair them fine, the range is terrible. I can't activate the sound unless I'm within 20 feet. The second I move more than 10 to 15 feet away, the signal drops to the lowest three dots and that's it!

      On top of that, the Find button doesn't work 80% of the time and the app just crashes and shuts down. For spending a whopping $95, this is a bad product. If I could get a refund, I definitely would.

    15. Chris Lyon on

      Also, I think Ryan is being a bit harsh on the design. It could be better, but I doubt it's the "the worst plastic enclosure I've experienced on anything I've ever used." It's a bit shrill of a comment. Perhaps Ryan could be more constructive than destructive in his approach to criticism of what is, undoubtably your first construction adventure. Isn't that what this is about? Kickstarter is not a store, it's for first time products and ideas and not everything is going to be milled aluminum or carbon fiber the first time out. It's just ideas going places. If I may... chill out, Ryan.

    16. Chris Lyon on

      I don't have some of the problems with the construction that others do. Smaller certainly feels achievable, but my issue is that my battery is dead. After only about a dozen "hones" since receiving it, the battery is dead, I assume. I'm going to buy another battery and see if that fixes things. If not, what is the policy for replacement units?

    17. Geoffrey Litwack Creator on

      Ryan and Scott: Sorry for the delay in response. I was talking to my partner we both agree that you raise valuable points in your critique, all of which we will take into consideration for the future. I don't want to respond point by point (that always seems defensive), but rest assured that we hear you and greatly appreciate the input. I will say that we do not anticipate the key ring holder breaking from wear - if it does, please contact me at and we will replace it. Or drop me a line if you'd like to continue this conversation in more detail!

    18. Missing avatar

      scott u on

      I agree with Ryan that the case does not fit together well, feels cheap and hollow and the key ring holder is too thin and will break off from the constant rubbing against the ring. The first thing that I noticed when I opened the product is the hollow sound and the cheap feel of the case which was kind of separating at the bottom where the batteries are located. Opening the device, more thought should have gone into making the device smaller and more compact. The case would have been nice if it were made out of the same material as car remotes maybe with a screw down instead of a snap together to eliminate some of the "hollowness" sound. Thanks.

    19. Ryan Lackey on

      It doesn't fit together properly, The seam between the two pieces is irregular and fairly large. The plastic itself has a "cheap" feel -- I'm comparing it to keyfobs for cars, which contain about the same level of electronics. It's hollow (lots of void space inside the case), so it makes a weird sound whenever other things in your pocket tap it. The keyring area itself is large enough that a split ring will scrape on it, and that area is plastic, so it's almost certainly going to wear and then crack with time.

      Keys are generally handled fairly roughly compared to e.g. a phone -- they're metal, and keyfobs are built fairly ruggedly to take that into account.

      At the $40 price point for a fairly low volume device, I can see why a custom enclosure would be hard, but I'd rather spend $10 more on BOM ($20-30 on delivered product) to have a metal enclosure with an RF window or something, or a fully-potted device with better feeling external plastic. I'm not a design engineer, but I know what devices feel "good" in the hand.

      It's also a touch too large. For someone with a full-sized car key, it turns a keyring into an annoying blob.

      That said, I like the concept behind the device, and am more likely to use it to track a non-keyring item (if it goes inside a bag, the concerns go away). It's not not a great 'keep it on your keyring all the time" product, at least for me.

    20. Geoffrey Litwack Creator on

      Ryan: I'm sorry to hear you say that. Can you be more specific in your criticism of what you'd like to see improved?

    21. Ryan Lackey on

      Ugh, this is the worst plastic enclosure I've experienced on anything I've ever used -- it's horrible for a desktop device, and totally unworkable for a keychain. Sad :(

    22. Jamie Kellett on

      I must apologise for my previous comment, I spoke too soon. A few quick emails between me and the HONE team and they resolved the issue straight away. Excellent customer service as well as a great product. Thank you very much!

    23. Geoffrey Litwack Creator on

      Darren - we had a few cases from the first shot run sneak into the production line that do not fit together properly and it sounds like you got one. Please email and we'll get yours exchanged for a unit with proper plastics.

    24. Missing avatar

      Darren Pickard on

      My hone arrived the other day and although it works as intended, the case is very poorly made as the two injected plastic case parts only loosely clip together. The case feels and looks cheap with no logo or markings whatsoever. For the commenter who pumped their chest about 'Made in USA' I wouldn't be too proud if this is the best you can do.

    25. Jamie Kellett on

      *WARNING* Anyone in the UK, be prepared for a surprise when your HONE turns up, as the value of the item has been stated ($59.95) at more than you may have plegded ($49/$64 total), putting it over the threshold for VATable goods. Therefore expect at least a £7.92 VAT charge to pay and an £8.00 handling fee. Therefore the total cost of this item will be a lot more than you originally expected to pay, as UK/US import/export regulations have obviously been ignored.

    26. Geoffrey Litwack Creator on

      Teemu - outstanding, glad you like it!

    27. Teemu Masalin on

      Hone arrived to Finland today! Works well and quality is great!

    28. Geoffrey Litwack Creator on

      Jesse: Glad you're enjoying the Hones, thanks for the kind words!

    29. Jesse Herrera on

      Received our 2 Hones late last week. Set up one Hone on wife's IPod Nano that is always hiding itself from her somewhere. Pairing was easy and works like a charm. Very nice product, glad we joined to support it. Thanks

    30. Chris Herbert on

      Hi Geoffrey, Could you please post tech specs (size, weight, expected battery life, maximum number of devices, etc) Thanks! Enjoying the hone.

    31. Geoffrey Litwack Creator on

      Jonathan: Yes, assistive access is functioning correctly - the vibration replaces the onscreen proximity display so you can find your Hone if you have limited vision. Thanks for backing us!

    32. Jonathan Tabarejo on

      Just received my home today. Went through the pairing procedures to pair it with my iPhone 5. I decided to turn on "assistive access". Anytime my phone is near the hone my phone vibrates even if I hadn't pushed find on the app (as long as the app is running in the background). Is this how it's supposed to work? When I click find it then vibrates and beeps the hone. Sorry if this has already been covered. It's been a while since I backed this projects. LOL

    33. Geoffrey Litwack Creator on

      Scott - try pressing the two halves of the case together, occasionally they come a bit loose in shipping. If the problem persists, email me at and I'll get you a replacement!

    34. Missing avatar

      scott nesbett on

      Just a bit of feedback. I got mine today. The case seems to be loose as in the top and bottom pieces don't fit tightly together. When I slightly shake it I can hear the inside rattle a bit. My solution will be to wrap a black piece of electrical tape around it to secure it. Not elegant, but it will keep it tightly closed.

    35. Geoffrey Litwack Creator on


      1. If there are multiple Hones, you can swipe to delete one from the list. If you have a single Hone, at this time you will need to delete and reinstall the app.

      2. If you have reset the Hone and it is not working with your device, you may need to go into Settings > Bluetooth and delete the Hone from there, and then try pairing again with the app.

      If you continue to have an issue, let me know at Thanks for backing us!

    36. Pablo on

      Just got my shipment... and so far so good! A couple of quick questions...

      1. How do I delete a hone once it's been paired?
      2. Once I reset a hone it can't be paired with the original device it was paired with and won't work with that device anyway. Any ideas?


    37. Geoffrey Litwack Creator on

      Jamie: Right now! A draft is at: We are going to keep working on this and add examples.

    38. Jamie Pinkham on

      Now that the Hones have shipped, when can we expect to see the device UUID and Bluetooth profile published?

    39. Geoffrey Litwack Creator on

      Michelle - we weren't able to update the Kickstarter page after the project closed, but not to worry - Hone is 100% compatible with the iPhone 5, along with the 4S and iPad 3, 4, and iPad mini. Thanks for your support!

    40. Michelle Tink

      I finally got my shipment notification email!!! Unfortunately it took so long that I, like a lot of us, already have an Iphone 5. So its kind of useless. Thanks.

    41. Geoffrey Litwack Creator on

      Drew - not to worry. However, if you don't receive a shipping notification this week, email

    42. Missing avatar

      Drew Roderiques on

      Should I be worried that I haven't received my hone all the way in the UK?

    43. Geoffrey Litwack Creator on

      Vinaya: If you weren't in the initial batch, you should be receiving a shipping notification this week!

    44. Missing avatar

      c615586 on

      Any updates for US backers?

    45. Missing avatar

      Dan Keeley on

      The unit works great, is easy to set up and is exactly as described. What's even better is that the internal components are easily removable. The keychain case leaves a lot of dead volume. I was thinking of modifying the casing. Does anyone have any ideas about building a slimmer case? Any direction to a site that might specialize in DIY projects that utilize electronic components?

    46. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    47. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    48. Geoffrey Litwack Creator on

      Leo: yup, we received our FCC grant and IC approval on Friday! We are now street legal in the US and Canada.

    49. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    50. greezer on

      Do we get any tracking number or at least a shipment note?

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