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A fun expose on the game, its culture, and its professional world championships.

Once upon a time, an actor and Magic geek named Nate and an unemployed filmmaker named Shawn showed up with a camera at a convention hall and made a video about Magic: The Gathering's professional tournament scene ( It was a blast for them, and there were thousands of people who watched their video on the internet and demanded more, more, more!! They decided to seize the day by planning a new video. This one would be a documentary about Magic's biggest event of the year, the World Championships!

We believe that a documentary about something as grand and special as a fantasy card-game's world championships deserves to be grand and special itself. It must be bigger and more splendid than the last! It must be unlike any other Magic-related video. It must also be super-fun for non-Magic players. It will necessitate a trip to San Francisco, which means time and money must become important concepts to Nate & Shawn when producing it!

For real, we can't do this without you. If we fall short of our goal, the documentary will not be made (and all contributions returned). That's why we're hoping you can help make this video a reality and back us! There are sweet rewards for contributing in addition to the satisfaction you'll take in funding the arts. The $2,000 goal represents what we need to avoid losing *too much* of our own money in making it. 

We are sure you'll be tickled by our video if we're successfully funded! If you don't see a reward package that strikes your fancy, just e-mail with a proposal for a "custom package" that would suit your needs. We are enormously grateful for whatever contribution you can make, large or small. 

Thank you so much for your support!


Nate and Shawn 


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    I'm just eager to make this project happen! Send me the link to the video when it's up!

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    I want access to the exclusive Directors' Cut of the documentary! More scenes, more Magic!

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    I want access to the exclusive Directors' Cut of this documentary as well as unseen footage from Shawn & Nate's last video from Pro Tour Philly, "Magic: The Gathering - A Professional Tournament"!

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    I want swag! Give me awesome Magic cards autographed by their artists! Throw in the Directors' Cut for this documentary and the unseen footage from Philly and I will make it rain.

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    I want the autographed cards, the Directors' Cut, the unseen footage, and a hand-written note from Nate sent by snail-mail with stickers on it! The next time I visit Providence, Rhode Island, I want him to make me breakfast and play Magic with me!

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    I want Nate & Shawn to call me on my birthday and sing a song of my choosing while my family listens on speakerphone. Gimme all that stuff from the other pledge levels too!

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    I am the Archangel Avacyn, returned from exile to save the human race from the disease of zombies, vampires, and werewolves! Your prayers for salvation have been answered! All I ask for in return are the sweet rewards from the other pledge levels as well as authentic photos of Nate & Shawn crying tears of happiness!

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