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Limited Edition of Toronto's Coolest Toy Squeeze Ford Blue. Only 180 available
149 backers pledged CA$ 2,968 to help bring this project to life.


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CA$ 2,968


 First of all I wanted to thank all of the backers that made our first SqueezeFord possible, without you there would be no Squeeze ford. Our first Kickstarter Project was a great success.

Mayor Rob Ford is known to wear a blue or red Tie. Due to the overwhelming requests of our backers, we have decided to launch an exclusive edition of Squeeze Ford in Blue. There will be only 180  SqueezeFords made in Blue, and they will only be available on Kickstarter. We wont even sell them on our website

The price is higher than the first edition due to the fact that we are only making 180 units,  so the setup costs are much higher on a per unit basis. We need your help to fund this special limited edition. The funds will go exclusively for set up costs and production.

Due to the nature of the Toy and as requested by collectors we will number all the Squeeze  fords including a small certificate of authenticity.

Only one Squeezeford per backer these are very limited

Rob Ford & SqueezeFord
Rob Ford & SqueezeFord

During the past few months I have seen Torontonian's frustrated and stressed out, so I decided to design and build a squeeze toy, to help Torontonian's with their stress and frustration. 

We believe this funny and useful toy will turn negative energy into something fun and positive for everyone. This is how Squeeze Ford Started.

After weeks of design and prototyping we have come up with a unique design. We went through many prototypes until we had the one that best represented our toy. We wanted our Squeeze Ford to be funny, positive looking and have a cartoon looking feel.  

3dphacktory an amazing 3d printing shop studio in Toronto have  helped us  with all of our prototyping needs. I highly recommended them as they are very professional and reliable. 


Use it as fun toy with your co workers, play catch with your friends, relax by squeezing it, have rolling, bounce, backflip competitions, or use it for office warfare.

Squeeze Ford toy offers several benefits for stress relief and it’s convenient because it can go just about anywhere you can. When squeezed it decreases muscular and emotional tension, exercising the muscle of the hand, to improve blood circulation.

What is SqueezeFord™ made of?

Squeeze Ford is made of non-toxic high quality closed-cell polyurethane foam rubber.

Is it safe for children?

There is nothing to worry about, Squeeze Ford™ is 100% safe for children, in fact its been proven that using a stress toy can help your children manage ADHD. However supervision for children under 8 is recommended.

What will the money be used for?

Production:  Since we will  only be making 180 SqueezeFord Blue edition our  biggest expense is getting them produced 

Packaging & Shipping and distribution: Our second biggest expense is to have our Squeeze Ford shipped to everyone. We have gone through great lengths to find the very best manufacturer. Our manufacturer has to ship the squeeze fords to us in downtown Toronto and then we would redistribute to our backers.

When is Squeeze Ford Shipping? 

We are aiming to ship during March. If any delays are to occur we will keep everyone informed. 


Risks and challenges

Our biggest challenge is full filling our order on time. Our production time can be a bit lengthy. We have planned accordingly with our manufacturer and we our confident we can deliver on time.

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