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A bold, uninhibited graphic novel about a post-apocalyptic family, integrating live action photos with detail-drenched miniature environments. Read more

Brooklyn, NY Comics
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This project was successfully funded on August 27, 2010.

A bold, uninhibited graphic novel about a post-apocalyptic family, integrating live action photos with detail-drenched miniature environments.

Brooklyn, NY Comics
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ISNESS tells of the story of the last remaining family on earth. The story is set in the remains of the culture of the 1970's, somewhere in North America.

Over the course of 24 downspiraling hours, one family member after another succumb to powerful forces of evolution run amok in their home. As in mythology, their characters are deeply archetypal and some posses supernatural qualities.
On one level the story is the disturbing tale of a dysfunctional suburban family gone post- apocalyptic. On a deeper level, the story lays out and examines increments along the carnality/spirituality spectrum in the human predicament.

ISNESS, the name of the novel pertains to survival: Either "you IS or you ISN'T". It is the degree of one's "isness" that nature trades in: that moment in nature's cyclical regurgitation of matter that we experience as being alive and which we cling to so desperately.

The final product will be in the form of a graphic novel composed of many sequential photographic images. This genre, though rarely employed by comics artists nowadays, used to thrive in the form of pulp magazines in the 70's and earlier. It never took off in the United States as it did in Europe and South America.

If you watched the video, you probably noticed that almost all the action was shot against green screen. The dilapidated home, rich in 70's paraphernalia as well as the house exterior and surroundings, will be built as miniatures and shot separately. The two will be combined in post production to achieve a unique, magic realism world.

We are now at the threshold of this phase of our production: The building and shooting of miniature environments in which to place the action.

The first $3,000 to be raised will allow us to proceed immediately to the construction, detailed furnishing and photography of all the necessary environments. 7 rooms will be built from scratch and meticulously appointed with the best vintage doll-house furniture we can find. We particularly look forward to creating the idiosyncratic details of this post-apocalyptic home. We will also build the house exterior and the larger landscape model of the seaside location as well as the leveled, still smoldering city across the bay.
The money will allow us to seek the best components and support our labor over a phase we predict will last 6 months.

With the remaining money we will be able to tackle the third phase of the complex, time consuming work of editing, image assembly (We have amassed 40,000 images from which to work!) and layout for press. It will also allow us to self publish the first edition if need be!

If we are able to exceed our funding goal of $6,750, the additional funds will go towards the full realization of the original plan which makes it a MUSICAL GRAPHIC NOVEL (And a first of it's kind!) All the characters have been shot singing as if for a music video. With the extra money we will record the original songs, currently being written and composed, and attach a disc to the book. Just when you thought it was already too complicated!

Being a highly collaborative work, we look forward to bringing even more local artists and musicians into the fold of this project and giving them a platform to push the envelope with their talents.

Visit WG News+Arts for a detailed interview I recently gave about the project:

I also blog about the project on COUNTERCOMICS.COM

CRAFTY TUESDAYS: A Treat for My Backers!
ALL backers are automatically eligible for our weekly "Crafty Tuesdays" forum! We meet at my Williamsburg studio and knock ourselves out with the joys of needles, yarns, beads glue and much much more! Materials are free! Come make all your Christmas gifts with me!
After you pledge, simply drop me a line with "Crafty Tuesdays" in the header

Video: Lee Peterkin


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    A limited edition, handcrafted personalized "Thank You" postcard designed in the spirit of ISNESS and my deep, lingering gratitude.

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    THE ABOVE plus an 8"x10" signed, custom print of your favorite character!

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    BOOK LEVEL PLUS: The signed book, the postcard plus a one-of-a-kind handmade "post-apocalyptic" bracelet designed and crafted on our set.

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    ALL THE ABOVE plus a one-of-a-kind, recycled and re-designed T-shirt featuring an ISNESS image of your choice!

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    ALL THE ABOVE plus a limited edition, handmade album featuring the signed 5"x7" photos of all 7 characters!

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    ALL THE ABOVE plus your name on the "Special Thanks" page of the book and a (very) limited edition poster of the surprise, sexy centerfold image of ISNESS!

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    ALL THE ABOVE X2! You will receive doubles of each reward from the previous levels! Enjoy and share!

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    ALL THE ABOVE plus an Invitation to preview and provide input on the book during the writing and editing phase.

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