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€1,111 pledged of €100,000 goal
€1,111 pledged of €100,000 goal


9 golden benefits of waking up early:  

-More time to plan your day and execute it effectively  

-Perfect for quiet time  

-Higher-quality sleep and more consistent sleep patterns  

-More energy, optimism, and better focus  

-Improved mental clarity and creativity  

-Consistent increase in daily productivity  

-More likely to accomplish your grandest goals  

-You will join an exclusive club of high achievers  

-Healthier body  

Snoozle is the perfect alarm clock that will get you out of bed on time. Also, it is great for parents that need to get the children up in the morning. Let Snoozle do the work for you, while you use your time in other ways like preparing breakfast for the family.  

Snoozle makes your day easier by giving you more time in the morning. Have time for a healthy breakfast, plan your day, hit the gym, or anything else you might be missing out on. 


Where do you start your morning routine?  

Whether you are the type of person that likes to go running in the morning, play the guitar, open the refrigerator, drink a cup of water, or just play with your pet duck... Snoozle will make your morning easier and will get your started.  

How does Snoozle work?  

 Snoozle is made out of 2 components:  

1-The Snoozle alarm clock.  

2-The Snoozle base.  

Place the alarm next to your bed, but the Snoozle base should be placed wherever you start your morning routine. This might be in the bathroom, kitchen, closet, gym, refrigerator etc.  

Snoozle works like a regular alarm clock, but the only difference is that the alarm only stops when you place it on top of the Snoozle base. This will make your morning easier and get up and start your day.  

Easy as that.  

Why choose Snoozle?  

-Add precious time to your everyday life  

-Full of energy throughout the day  

-Feel more optimistic  

-Get out of bed on time 


LED display  

Snoozle has a bright LED light that lights up the screen. This works great for seeing what time it is at night, and also as a night light.  

Here are a few reviews from people that have tried waking up with the prototypes:  

Contribute to Snoozle for yourself, or get it as the perfect gift for someone that is always late to meetings.


Risks and challenges

During this project (while building the prototypes and Kickstarter campaign) we have already encountered many challenges and problems that we had to find solutions to. While building the prototype we were sent the wrong components from manufacturers on multiple accounts, but we have solved them all and now have a functioning prototype.
Now we see a few risks that might come up during the project that might make it more challenging for us.
1. Marketing and not raising the goal we set in order to mass manufactor Snoozle.
- We have found outside investors from Italy that will invest in our product if we raise half the money on Kickstarter which will show that this product is something that people want. We also ask for your help in sharing the campaign on social media with friends if you think Snoozle is a cool product.

2. Manufacturing delays.
- We minimized this risk by lining up 3 manufacturers, so in case one doesn't come through, we have 2 more lined up. There is always a risk that the components we need might not be available in the quantity that we need. This all depends on how many backers we will have and how many Snoozle alarm clocks we will have to manufacture.

We commit to giving you frequent updates on the progress of the manufacturing process, packaging, and delivery of Snoozle. We want to make you part of the process and feedback is always welcome.

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