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They say you shouldn't talk about religion but they never said you shouldn't wear it on your sleeve. Catholic inspired shirts.
They say you shouldn't talk about religion but they never said you shouldn't wear it on your sleeve. Catholic inspired shirts.
61 backers pledged $3,654 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Trinitee Ascending...

Hey Backers,

Wanted to give you a quick update on things. All of you should be in possession of your rewards (other than some PF Chang's lunches I owe some of you). I hope you are happy with the product and I'd love to get your reviews (yes, good or bad). A few things I want to share with you:

1. Our website is live and selling shirts. We have now delivered shirts in Australia, Germany, Canada, and close to a dozen US states. Check it out when you can.

2. Our Facebook page is live and up to 230 "likes." If you are not a fan of the page yet please visit it and click the "like" button so you will be kept in the loop on everything going on at Trinitee Apparel.

3. A special thank you to everyone who is wearing Trinitee Apparel and sending us pictures, telling others about the website, and supporting the project. Please continue to send pictures to us so we can add them to our Facebook album. I know you all are going exciting places this summer, so go ahead and pack some Trinitee gear. People wearing Trinitee Apparel really do have more fun.

4. Finally, a quick request for thoughts and ideas. There is a national conference aimed at young Catholics coming to Orlando in late November and Trinitee Apparel would love to have a vendor booth to show the country what we've started. Unfortunately, there is a $900 roadblock called a registration fee. If you know of anyone who might want to be a full or partial sponsor of Trinitee Apparel's booth, please let me know (we can work out a way to thank you for the sponsorship). If you know of an interesting way to raise some of the money, let me know. Sorry to have to make this request to the same folks who already supported this project beyond my wildest dreams, but I'm hoping our creative minds and combined prayers might come up with a way to get us to Orlando in November. I look forward to hearing your ideas.

Again, thank you. Without you Trinitee Apparel does not exist.

God bless!

Until next time, 

Trinitee Apparel


Beloved Backers,

Success! In the coming days I will send out an email asking you to supply the information I need in order to begin production of your shirts, plan parties/lunches, etc.

While you wait patiently for my next email, please go ahead and begin thinking about the shirt size(s) you are going to want to order (I will give you the option to order a different size shirt for each shirt coming your way). Each premium shirt will sport a modern cut (guys, this means if you like a loose fitting shirt you might want to consider ordering a size up) and be 60% Cotton and 40% Polyester. The recommended sizing chart is as follows:

Shirt Size (Chest - Length)

S (38 - 28)

M (41 - 29)

L (44 - 30)

XL (48 - 31)

XXL (52 - 32)       

Please try to respond to my next email as quickly as possible so I can place my product orders and keep on schedule. Feel free to send along any questions. I can never thank you enough for your support, but I hope when you finally get a chance to wear one of my shirts you will be able to tell it was designed with love. Until then....


Trinitee Apparel

By the numbers...

Beloved backers,

We are now down to less than a week before this campaign ends. We wanted to take a few lines to give you some updates - by the numbers:

1 lucky boy.

2 countries represented by Kickstarter backers (USA and Germany).

4 shirt designs (plus the Trinitee Logo shirt).

4.5 days left in the Kickstarter campaign.

5 PF Chang lunches owed to Kickstarter backers.

42 Kickstarter backers.

174 Facebook likes.

200 stickers to be printed (for now).

250 shirts to be printed (for now).

2,483 dollars raised (so far) through Kickstarter.

Countless hours researching materials, printing styles, and website options.


So, what are our goals in the closing days of this campaign? We'd love to close out strong and hit 45 or 50 "backers" but no matter what happens, this campaign is a huge success in our eyes. Once the campaign is over we will make final decisions on printing and we will begin to contact our backers with information related the next phase of the adventure. 

Please share this project with your friends and encourage them to become a backer or to "like" us on Facebook. The sky is the limit and we need your help to spread the word about what we are doing. Each of you is a spark that can help light the world on fire for Him.

We pray for you daily and will accept any prayers you can spare for us as we continue to push forward.

God bless,

Trinitee Apparel

Updates, Uploads, and Upgrades.

Beloved backers,

Trinitee Apparel wants to share two pieces of exciting news with you before going “public” on Facebook:

1.  Today, Trinitee Apparel secured a website domain. There is no need to visit the site yet but I am very excited to announce the future home of Trinitee Apparel is: We will share more about the website with you in the coming weeks.

2. With the success of our Kickstarter campaign so far we are pondering an upgrade to the quality of shirt and the printing process for our initial product run.  We are close enough to dream about this possibility, but still need additional pledges to make it a reality.  There are two weeks left in the Kickstarter campaign and, although you are already supporting Trinitee Apparel with your pledge, we are asking you to share this project with one person who might be interested in joining the fun. We’ll take anything – prayers, Facebook “likes” and, of course, Kickstarter backers. Are we begging? Yes, we are.

Thank you for supporting this project and we look forward to presenting our final products to you soon. Together, we are achieving amazing things.

God Bless,

Trinitee Apparel