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Strictly Sacred: The Girl Trouble documentary's video poster

Strictly Sacred is the true story of legendary Northwest band GIRL TROUBLE, a documentary film and art book being developed for 2013. Read more

Tacoma, WA Documentary
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This project was successfully funded on October 13, 2012.

Strictly Sacred is the true story of legendary Northwest band GIRL TROUBLE, a documentary film and art book being developed for 2013.

Tacoma, WA Documentary
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STRICTLY SACRED: THE GIRL TROUBLE STORY is the dual release of a documentary film and a lavish book all about legendary Northwest garage-rock outfit Girl Trouble, being developed for a 2013 release to eventually coincide with the 30th anniversary of the bands inception.

Girl Trouble came together in 1984 and gained notoriety and success parallel to the Seattle grunge scene of the early 90's, though they did not exactly fit that mould. Over the next 25 years, KP Kendall (vocals), Kahuna (guitar), Bon Von Wheelie (drums), and Dale Phillips (bass), played tours of Europe, America, and Canada, and released dozens of albums and singles. Girl Trouble remains a force in their hometown of Tacoma Washington, championing young bands, and defending rock and roll as a concept, particularly in Bon's recent triumph in a groundless lawsuit.

What sets Girl Trouble apart is their method. Girl Trouble is a vastly creative band who have brought all their artistic talents to the fore in the pursuit of pure entertainment experience. They were early pioneers of DIY in an era when doing it yourself was exceedingly more difficult and time consuming than anyone in this era can understand. This spirit of collaboration and camaraderie has given them the dynamics of a band who has truly grown into a family unit, in every sense of the word. They are closer in fact than many a tight-knit band would care to divuldge. Through the years, they have remained true to their concept with a no-compromise policy in all aspects. They have single handedly mounted every project from the foundation up, with their own money and sweat.

The other unique aspect of Girl Trouble is that they are avid chroniclers of their own story. Over the years they have documented nearly every aspect of their career, taken their own promo shots, designed and produced their own memorabillia, taped and recorded live shows, even published their own magazine, WIGOUT about themselves! Bon has written in depth about the experience of touring, almost in the same fashion that people blog today, only printed and distributed through fanzines, and later through their website (before they were commonplace).

It's almost as if Girl Trouble has been generating biographical material for the express purposes of a comprehensive film and book on the subject all this time! This makes my job primarily one of an editor, assembling content and making it into a narrative. It is a huge project of weeding-out and juxtoposition; one of my strong points as an artist. With the 30th anniversary of the band looming, I have seized this opportunity to make the tell-all film that deserves to be seen.

The film will feature photo-video history, starting in the late ‘60's with the childhoods of the bandmembers and progressing through the present. Massive archives of video performances, photos, and audio material will be assembled. Stories will be recounted before the camera. GT are storytellers, and are more than capable of giving you the inside scoop of starting a band from scratch and maintaining it for decades.

I am seeking to raise $10,000 to do the majority of this super-low budget project, which includes the archiving, the interviewing, the traveling, the festival submission, the mastering, and the duplicating. We have set the bar halfway at $5,000 for economical purposes of kickstarter- this midway goal would help cover everything to begin compiling the film, but not to distribute it. When we hit the 5,000 mark, we can keep going as much as we can- getting closer to that goal mark of $10,000 a nice round number don't you think? This film will have 'Sundance potential' and I can take the production well down the road for a starting budget of 10,000.

-The initial $5,000 in fundraising money is primarily for high-end hardware to archive massive amounts of memorabillia, photos, rare footage; all on various media locked away and accumulated over 30 years- this media includes film, VHS tape and HI-8 tape- ancient formats that need emmediate preservation, in addition to travel money to conduct various interviews with the many people that have crossed GTs path, some familiar, some unknown.

We hope you will want to be a part of this project and thank you for your generous support!

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