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$10,351 pledged of $20,000 goal
By Anissa Morrison
$10,351 pledged of $20,000 goal

Next steps...

(Began to write this Monday at a baseball game after work.  Arrived home at 7:30 to learn Fuzzy had begun to farrow, so the night was taken by the process of piglets arriving.)

I had started an update to the Kickstarter project when I was inside for lunch yesterday (Sunday) but it was such a great day and what do you say when you are not quite 50% funded and have about 24 hours to go... Strategies I have seen employed is a plea for every backer to double their pledge or for each backer to reach out and find an additional backer for the same amount but neither of these were comfortable for me.  Maybe it is a remnant of multi-generational Vermonter who has worker for what we have.  I stumble upon the Kickstarter site and figured why not give it a try, the notion of a number of people each contributing something to make a project a reality is so appealing.  We gave it a try; we put up posters, painted a big sign and have talked with lots of people about the barn.

What's next??? We are unsure of exactly how we will make this happen.  We will work to make this a reality; it is just a matter of how.  Other years when we have wanted to complete a project it has meant waiting tables or Mike working nights for the shift differential.  We may try the Kickstarter crowd-funding thing again or we may see if the project can be done in phases or a second mortgage and more sows to cover that may be another option. This has been an amazing project, we have connected with individuals passionate about old barns, the Vermont way of life and individuals with knowledge of timber framing. We will take a week or so to figure things out.

As we work to see what is next we would like to thank you again for taking the time to become a backer.  In our often fast-paced world we do not always make the time to reach out to others.  We appreciate your response to our reaching out.  It is wonderful to be part of so many fantastic communities.  

We will be in touch.

Anissa, Mike and the boys



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      Pauline Liss on May 15, 2012

      Oh, Guys, I'm heart broken and as soon as I hit the lottery you'll be 100% funded ... just don't hold your breath. I love you guys! Mom