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$10,351 pledged of $20,000 goal
By Anissa Morrison
$10,351 pledged of $20,000 goal


Last week I felt the need to unsubscribe from updates to a project I had backed after receiving three updates in a day.  We are always uncertain when the appropriate time is to update you all on where we are at.  Does reaching the goal seem possible???  Maybe if we both did not work full time, attend our sons' sporting events and care for the animals we would find other ways to spread the word.  But life is a balance and there are only so many hours in a day.  The limits to our time is one of the reasons we appreciate so very much you spreading the word about the project we have just 5 days left.

This weekend we hosted an open barn which afforded us the opportunity to share some of our passions with others.  Visitors were able to see the barn (it caused some of the necessary clean-out to begin) and learn about how we raise our animals.  The piglets are certainly the draw for young children but parents are often impressed with the size of the sows and how mellow they are.   I believe the temperament of the animals comes from the way they are treated, they have no fear and seek to interact with us because it often means a back or ear scratching or belly rub.  Anytime we share the farm with visitors I think maybe when I am done teaching I could host more formal educational programs to connect kids to farming.  Before that can be a reality there is a great deal to do.

Mike began some of the to-do as he began removing the metal ceiling on the ground level.  (you can see the old metal ceiling below)  This is a dirty job as there is about 30 years of dust between the metal ceiling and the frame for the second floor.  It is very cool to see the bottoms of the hay chutes previously blocked by the metal.   The boys took turns dropping items down the chutes from the third floor.  It will be wonderful to discover more about the barn as we work to save it.

We thank you for your support by pledging and spreading the word.

Anissa, Mike and the boys

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