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Update #8

We want to wish you a Happy New Year, while in the meantime Newsarama reviews To Stop Dreaming


Dearest comrades,
Just want to thank you all for the wonderful holidays you gifted us with - with your support and love - and we want to wish you all the perfect New Years; filled with pretty pictures and handstands and love.

To Stop Dreaming of Goddesses has (hopefully) made its way towards you by now (except for the few who haven't sent me their addresses yet- your books are waiting for you, loves). It also made its way onto Newsarama and you can read what they say about it here, just scroll down a few:

That about wraps it up for the year- enjoy your holidays, your books and your dreams! Ben and I are hard at work on our next project (but shh, I didn't tell you that), so keep your radio receivers on for us!
See you in 2011!

Vera and Ben

Update #7



Thanks everyone, we've done it! Thank you for the lovely roller coaster that is kickstarter, the love and support, the contributions, you guys are amazing! We've raised enough more than 600%! And that money is going to be a huge help - we'll be printing three times more books than we originally thought, get an ISBN for the book, and start working on the next project. Thank you so much for your faith in our vision, we can't wait to start sending back your gifts!

I'll be requesting address and signing information in a bit, so get your typing fingers ready!
And remember, if you need to reach me, my email is and my website is

Thanks and love,
Vera and Ben

Update #6

Quick Update

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Dearest most excellent people from beyond,

In the final whirlwinds of dancing time, I just want to let everyone know a Thing.
If you are a backer who is receiving 2 books, you are most welcome to tell me that you want 2 To Stop Dreamings books (or 2 Recipes for the Dead books if it so befits you) and as per before, tell me who I'm signing to.

And if you are a 30+ backer, and haven't told me your acknowledgment name yet, you have a few more days to tell me because the book is going to print this week. I absolutely want to thank you within the book, so let me know soon...

Thank you everyone, everyone for your time, your pledges, your news-spreading and front-page dedicating. I'm deeply touched at the support and am absolutely grateful for the opportunity to communicate with the amazing community that run, as well as hang out at this site. And now I fall back to watch time as it cracks its whip. See you in 36 hours!


Update #5 - For backers only

Cover... part twotwotwo


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Update #4 - For backers only

The Cover


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