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Help fund the indie comic book TO STOP DREAMING OF GODDESSES, a strange and psychotic tale told by Vera Greentea and Ben Jelter!
Created by

Vera Greentea

123 backers pledged $2,513 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Nuno Esteves on January 4, 2011

      Mine arrived, in pristine condition ... Amazing !
      See the mail :)
      Shame the post is so expensive ...

    2. Creator Vera Greentea on December 23, 2010

      @Aaron and @aled and @Brittany: You guys are so awesome for letting me know!! Thank you and enjoy your holidays!!

    3. Creator Aaron F Stanton on December 22, 2010

      Got mine, and love them both! Thank you!

    4. Creator aled jones on December 22, 2010


      got them today and they are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks so much

    5. Creator Brittany on December 22, 2010

      Got them today and I love them!

    6. Creator Vera Greentea on December 21, 2010

      @ Jon You're welcome :D!

    7. Creator Jon Perry on December 20, 2010

      Got my copies today! Thank you!

    8. Creator Vera Greentea on December 4, 2010

      @Jon Yes, that's perfectly fine! When I send out emails asking for information, make sure to write it in a note for me (there will be a section for extra notes, I believe).

      Everyone else, if you're a backer that's supposed to receive two books, and you want 2 copies of To Stop Dreaming instead of Recipes, just let me know and that's absolutely cool.

      @Nuno: Haha, perhaps! :)

    9. Creator Jon Perry on December 4, 2010

      You may have mentioned this already, could I pledge $20 & get 2 copies of To Stop Dreaming? I have a friend I would want to give one to, but I also think I'd like to keep one for myself. Thank you.

    10. Creator Nuno Esteves on December 4, 2010

      Vera, amazing results.
      3 days to go , 102 backers and 532% funding :)
      Start thinking of your next project , you seem to have managed a big fan list ...

    11. Creator Pascal Duverger on December 3, 2010

      I love the name of the book it's so captivating. ANd It seeems like you are really dedicated to distrbuting this book I can't wait to see what you've been wanting to give to the world. It's beautiful to see people put their heart's efforts into somthing and that's why I was in favor for this project.
      Just a few words on the cover: The flowing hair anf woma's face are a really beautiful piece and really attracted me to you project. Why not just make that artwork the cover it's self and fit the author and publishing around it, with all the empty space it kinda minimalizes the effect of the artistic style of the cover.

    12. Creator Vera Greentea on December 2, 2010

      @Aurora Thanks, I hope you like it!!

    13. Creator Christopher Delao on December 2, 2010

      Really looking forward to the reading the story for the first time. Sounds interesting.

    14. Creator Vera Greentea on November 24, 2010

      @Ian: Thanks so much! Me neither, actually :)

    15. Creator Ian Struckhoff on November 23, 2010

      Congrats on meeting your goal! I can't wait to see how this turns out.

    16. Creator Vera Greentea on November 16, 2010

      Hey, wow, thanks Jennifer, John and iPie for their super-rad comments and I will be having an update coming up soon just for you excellent backer-people and seriously, thank you!

      Also, a special thanks for Fawn, founder of F*X*T magazine, who sent out a note to her own followers about To Stop Dreaming! Fawn, you rock and I thank you from my heart!

    17. Creator Jennifer Winn on November 15, 2010

      I stumbled upon your project, and can't wait to see the end result. Congrats on exceeding your goal! I have someone in mind to give it to...but I have a feeling I'll end up keeping it instead :)

    18. Creator John on November 15, 2010

      Damn you're beautiful!

    19. Creator iPie on November 14, 2010

      Can't wait to receive my copy. Already have Recipes of the Dead, and love it. If there is someone following this that hasn't already backed, I suggest you back. This is the second project I have funded from this artist, and the first product exceeded my expectations.

    20. Creator Vera Greentea on November 10, 2010

      @Ardopi Thanks so much! And good luck with your comic! Finding an artist can be tough, but it's so very much worth it!

    21. Creator Nichole on November 9, 2010

      This looks really awesome. I am hoping to work on making a comic myself, once I can find a good artist to work with. I really commend you, and look forward to seeing both the books!

    22. Creator Vera Greentea on November 8, 2010

      @Line Thank you, that certainly means a lot coming from such a wonderful artist such as yourself. :*

    23. Creator Vera Greentea on November 8, 2010

      @Rift Inc. It is my absolute pleasure! I'm so happy to see that there's interest in both books!

    24. Creator Line Lorna on November 8, 2010

      This looks so Dreamy! Good luck and thank you for adding such beauty and adventure to the world! x

    25. Creator Rift Inc. on November 8, 2010

      I had Recipes for the Dead on my follow list but was out of town for a week while it ended. Thanks for giving people a second shot that story also. I am looking forward to both of them now.

    26. Creator Vera Greentea on November 8, 2010

      @Sam Thanks so much!

    27. Creator Sam Tan on November 8, 2010

      I think this looks amazing. Good luck!

    28. Creator Vera Greentea on November 6, 2010

      @Werner hi! Add about $4 equivalent of shipping and that should be fine. Thanks for asking that!

    29. Creator Werner Fischli on November 6, 2010

      how much for international shipping ? (I'm Swiss)

    30. Creator Vera Greentea on November 4, 2010

      @Gina Wow, oh my goodness, thank you!! <3!

    31. Creator Gina on November 4, 2010

      Let's start strong! :D