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Update #35

Couple of NYCC things and Links


Heya dears,

A couple of things:

NYCC reminder: I will be there Friday, Saturday and Sunday - with cookies on Saturday - in the North Pavillion Artist Alley, N407 along with Kickstarter. I will be there all day, every day, but for more specific times, you can check out the schedule here:

Secondly, I have achieved a website. You can always check it out here for news or new books or anything else: You can also follow me at twitter (@ladygreentea) for even more instant stuff downloading from my headspace... and more often than not, photos of things I bake.

Oh, and some others have been chatting about Nenetl, of the Forgotten Spirits! Robot 6 kindly mentioned us here: and The Nerdist said something nice about us here:

So if you're around at the Javits this weekend, you're welcome to visit me! I will have Recipes swag and preview info as well as Nenetl sutff, so come everyone - I'll happily feed you, sign stuff, and chat with you!



Update #34

Nenetl is Launched!


Alright, my wondrous loves,

The beast has been launched. Check out Nenetl of the Forgotten Spirits here:

I appreciate you all for your past everythings, you magical monsters. Feel free to look around and enjoy yourselves,



Update #33 - For backers only

A New Kickstarter is Brewing...


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Update #32 - For backers only

All Is Not Lost


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Update #30

Recipes for the Dead: Issue 3

My dearest punks,

By this time, I hope most, if not all of you, have received your packages. A few of you have yet to send me your addresses - get on that, monsters! - and allow me send you your well-deserved gifts. Everyone else, I hope you've been enjoying your comics!

And now for some wonderful news; Allie and I WILL be putting up Issue 3 onto Kickstarter - in about 2ish weeks. We have been very inspired; I wrote an even more dynamic, strange and creepy story and Allison has been sending me gorgeous layouts that I can't wait to start unveiling. This is the issue when stuff really starts twisting and twirling over the founding gears.

Here's a sketch from the pages of Allison's books; it's Veronica and she is welcoming you to come back into her little odd world of Recipes for the Dead.


Vera and Allison

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    The previous reward and a full-resolution PDF of the second issue.

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    Recipes for the Dead: Issue 1. Recipes for the Dead: Issue 2. Both books signed by Vera Greentea.

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    You will receive the previous awards plus your generosity will be acknowledged in the credits of the book.

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