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The Monster Guys giant interview + monsters!!


Dear Hellhunters, 

Here’s an interview we’ve recently done with The Monster Guys podcast, they’ve been a huge influence to Hellhunter and we easily consider them the #1 Cryptozoology podcast out there.
In this 50min interview we talk about the development process, investigation and most importantly, going in depth into the various main enemies!
Click here to listen to the interview!

About The Monster Guys

Each week The Monster Guys podcast features a different monster, fairy tale, mythology, scary story, or urban legend. D.C. McGannon & C. Michael McGannon (a.k.a., The Monster Guys) will reach back in history to pull out origin stories, investigate tales from around the world, and share interesting and often obscure information about monsters. 
Podcast link - http://themonsterguys.com

“D.C. McGannon & C. Michael McGannon are #1 Amazon Best Selling authors of the acclaimed “Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters” series of young adult novels (Wyvern’s Peak Publishing); and the recently released “KAOS Obsidere: The Nightmare Has Begun” (Dark Waters Press) collection of interconnected horror short stories. “


Main enemy - Common form  
Although we’ve talked about each enemy in more detail in the podcast, we’d like to explain one of the game mechanics a bit better.
In Hellhunter, each group of possible main enemies shares a common form, and during the final showdown the true form is revealed.
Remember, proper investigation means the difference between life and death!


ub enemies  
Ever since the interview, we’ve received many questions regarding this. Yes, there are numerous other enemies & dangers in the levels, from passive spirits that hinder the player, to haunted paintings that choke unwary passerbys .. but we’re leaving those for you to discover ;)


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    1. NecroNuke9

      Great interview. It might be a good idea to do an update that summarizes the information from the interview for the people who don't have the patience or interest to listen to the interview. For example, the information on the various monsters.

    2. Michael "Nighteyes" Poulsen Dürr on

      Interesting to hear your inspiration...
      And your voices in general :)

    3. Nathan Erickson

      Now that's my kind of show and subject matter but never heard those guys, so thanks!!