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By Ballistic Interactive
AU$ 26,335 pledged of AU$ 50,000 goal

Shooting ghosts with guns? huh?


“Wtf, how do u shoot ghosts with gun?1”  

Hehe, we get asked that a lot! :)
In fact, trying to shoot poltergeists with standard rounds will do absolutely nothing. 
That’s why we currently have 9 bullet types per weapon class (27 total), on top of that there are traps & consumables, each with their own strengths & weaknesses.
For example see below how ultra-violet rounds are super effective against the shadow and nosferatu, but will be useless against Gargoyles.


Gameloop Implications  

Furthermore choosing the right tools for the right job is an integral part of the game loop.
The conclusion of your investigation will help choose this equipment accurately, which in Hellhunter is the difference between life and death!


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    1. Michael "Nighteyes" Poulsen Dürr on

      @Ballistic Makes sense changing it to Silver Nitrate since it seems unlikely the rounds are actually aquired from teh militar or them producing items (depending on if regular people actually know and accept supernatural beings as part of their world of couse)

      If you take Underwolrd inspiration, I call for the original Supernatural Killer (for my generation) Blade.
      Let the Shotgun be modified to fire actual Silver stakes as he does in the first movie during the Bloodbath scene (Remember the track, Confusion ? Still rocks to this day)

    2. Ballistic Interactive Creator on

      @Tyler Anthony Edwards: hah ye mate, silver & UV have been there since day 1, though in trailer/images we used the military acronym ST (silver tip) ... recently corrected based on your comment, Underworld ftw! :)

    3. Tyler Anthony Edwards

      So you DO have Sliver Nitrate rounds!!! Did you guys always have that in the game? :O

    4. Michael "Nighteyes" Poulsen Dürr on

      Yeah, Xavi is right, this is super nice...
      Thanks for the info.
      I hope you do more like this...
      Let us in and see your intentions, that would be awesome <3

    5. Xavi P.

      Nice update!!