AU$ 26,335
pledged of AU$ 50,000pledged of AU$ 50,000 goal
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Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Sun, November 27 2016 1:28 AM UTC +00:00
Ballistic InteractiveBy Ballistic Interactive
First created
Ballistic InteractiveBy Ballistic Interactive
First created
AU$ 26,335
pledged of AU$ 50,000pledged of AU$ 50,000 goal
0seconds to go
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Sun, November 27 2016 1:28 AM UTC +00:00

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    1. Michael "Nighteyes" Poulsen Dürr on

      Come join us on the forums, all your questions will be answered there and there's some great people there too...
      Sorry to admit I'm also there, so that's of course a draw back ;P

    2. will_ssi on

      Sorry it didn't go through, I hope you don't give up on the game. There's clearly interested people, perhaps you could re-launch after the holidays with a playable demo and more limited scope?

      Playable demos are a good way to get more press, and some funding is better than none. Hopefully retail sales will let you expand the game and add more of the features you've talked about here.

    3. James Mahon on

      It didn't succeed so does this mean we won't be playing the game anytime soon?

    4. Missing avatar

      Michael Johnsen

      Maybe start a crowdfunding through paypal and get some twitch communities involved

    5. Ballistic Interactive Creator on

      @Thorsten Schmidt: Unfortunatetly Kickstarter TOC prohibits us from specifying financial equity or repayment options here. We respect their wishes, so if you're interested to know more just drop us a mail to invest [at], thank you :)

    6. Thorsten Schmidt on

      @Timothy Casassa
      Exactly my thoughts... maybe if every kelpie backer would raise their pledge .... ;-)
      @Ballistic Interactive
      Can you give us some details on the private investment run?

    7. Ballistic Interactive Creator on

      @Tyler Anthony Edwards: yes in fact we're looking into doing a private investment run, if you're interested drop a mail to invest [at] :)

    8. Ballistic Interactive Creator on

      @Timothy Casassa: thank you for your feedback, in case you missed the forum post explaining our next plans of attack, in fact we're already rolling in for the next launch :)…

    9. Azuvector on

      @Timothy Casassa

      Dead on.

    10. Tyler Anthony Edwards

      Since you guys are looking at other ways to get this out there. Could you maybe have a contest so backers can still have a chance to influence the game in some way like being the credits, creating a weapon, etc.?

    11. Timothy Casassa on

      @Ballistic Interactive: I hope you will forgive my bluntness, but I think that with the campaign winding down it's time for a critical look at how this is going. This has been a very poorly managed kickstarter. The project you have to sell and the demonstrative footage you have to show is FANTASTIC, but you're still getting far fewer backers than you need. Why? I think there are four reasons.

      1. Too many slots in the Kelpie level. Over half of the backers bought into that. This might not be a problem if you had more backers overall, but the fact is you've got a very bottom-heavy campaign.

      2. Not enough press. I'm aware that it's not as easy as it used to be to get kickstarter projects noticed by major publications like Rock, Paper, Shotgun, but the few publications you've got to endorse you don't do enough to boost you.

      3. Your project shares a name with a metal band that is apparently more popular than you.

      4. Not enough leverage of your backer base. Just look at the Backer Achievements chart - you are way short on Likes and Retweets. It might seem obnoxious, but you should be encouraging backers to share 'something' with every campaign update.

      And as if that wasn't enough, with over 48 hours left in the campaign, you put out a campaign update speaking as if you had already failed. That is not a helpful attitude.

    12. Missing avatar

      david mclaughlin

      I would really like to see this backed and as I upped my pledge it occurred to me that a bunch of projects I backed put out updates encouraging people to just up their pledge to the next level and it helped their cause greatly.. Just a thought.

    13. Michael "Nighteyes" Poulsen Dürr on

      Think what you want, but we are really coming together as a community already and the kickstarter ain't even over...
      I hope to see you all on the forums, regardless of what happens here...

      Personally I've startet contacting previous Kickstarters I've backed since many of them pledge to "kick it forward" so maybe some of those could be a help??
      My faith is faltering guys...
      We must stand together or devided we will fall!!

    14. Buddy

      Just came across this campaign...and instantly backed.

    15. Missing avatar


      I shared this project with everyone even people who didn't know what kickstarter was. but I've run out of people I know... I WANT this made.

    16. Nathan McCullough

      Hope you guys make it, I was very intrigued and shared with friends of mine. Looks awesome and sad that not more people are backing. hope to see it come out anyway!

    17. JetStrange on

      Everyone please go to their forums thats where I believe will get more answers.

    18. Maxi PC IndieMR on

      Any backup plan in case the campagin not succes?

    19. Steven Miller on

      looks like it's not gonna make the funding unless a miracle happens.. what's the plan, guys?
      You cant just let this thing die.

    20. JetStrange on

      I just got a very interesting idea that it may be able to get this funded a little more. The Idea came to me when i saw the first comment on your Youtube trailer video... Someone said ( This better have a Sam & Deam DLC) Which was funny because it does seem like a supernatural Then it hit me! what if you guy try to get into contact with Eric Kripke and he could help you with the funding of this? And just maybe able to make a small episode with your "Hell Hunter" character. This is just thinking out load

    21. Missing avatar

      Marco S. on

      KineticGTR <---he would be an excellent person to hit up devs

    22. Missing avatar

      Marco S. on

      Just a friendly reminder if some of you guys post on forums or know any gaming journalist tell them about this game, we have 6 days left! we must get it funded.

    23. Missing avatar

      Stefan on

      Ok, so shall it be... quadrubled, too...

    24. Ballistic Interactive Creator on

      We are speechless of all the support & people upping their pledges, you guys are awesome!
      Btw new forum up - :)

    25. Tyler Anthony Edwards

      Believe me I'm trying my best here to get this baby funded. I was just curious if there was a contingency plan in place was all.

    26. Thorsten Schmidt on

      I quintupled my pledge... really hope this will make it

    27. Edward Drummond

      Could retry on indiegogo as well. For now, how about about a rally?

      Raise your'e pledge by 10$ on 25th

    28. Ballistic Interactive Creator on

      @Tyler Anthony Edwards, @Scott Rector There will definitely not be a second campaign, atm, with your help, we want to focus all efforts into getting this baby funded! :)

    29. Tyler Anthony Edwards

      I really hope you guys have a backup plan if this doesn't get funded. I would hope you would you do a 2nd try campaign as their is an interest for this. Maybe time to reevaluate and maybe build some kind of demo. Or maybe a fancier page? I don't know I'm just spit balling here. I just don't want this project to fall through the cracks if it fails like I've seen so many failed kickstarters do.

    30. Joanna Mueller on

      Upped my pledge. Really want this to get funded.

    31. Missing avatar

      Toku on

      This project looks really good. A lot of new innovative ideas and the style looks sweet, I hope you guys get it to the public!

    32. Scott Rector on

      Not to play the pessimist cause I really would like to play this but if this doesn't get funded, what's the plan B?

    33. Timothy Casassa on

      I tripled my pledge - surprisingly easy to do, given the relative weakness of the australian dollar. Anyway, I really hope this game funds. I see what could be a genre-maker in Hellhunter, if only it can get enough attention.

    34. selune

      Really like what you showed us of the game so far! Any backup plans if the funding here is not successful? There is still an awful lot to go until 50k...

    35. Azuvector on

      Definitely looking up funding wise from earlier... I'm hoping we manage to get funded and unlock the Leviathan, personally. :D

    36. Edward Drummond

      More advertisement!

      Push the word out on all channels guys! We need this to be.

    37. Michael "Nighteyes" Poulsen Dürr on

      @Iceflame, I asked about this earlier and they would look into it, but they weren't sure they would be able to do it.

      @Eduardo no, Hellhunter 1 won't have multiplayer, but it's something they are interested in doing in a sequel if this one is an success. It's just too expensive to code at present time.

    38. Eduardo Bolaños Sapien on

      This game will have multiplayer?

    39. Missing avatar

      CplShephard on

      @Steven and David Miller,

      Decided to take your advice and doubled down. Normally I wouldn't do it, but this game is too awesome to let fail.

    40. Missing avatar


      Hey Ballistic Interactive! I've pledged on the Early Bird Tier, mostly because the (digital) artbook doesn't come into rewards until the $50 pledge. This is a bit steep! Have you considered using Backerkit or similar for add-ons so people can 'add' the digital artbook (or other perks, like the cursed gear) to their existing pledge?

    41. Michael "Nighteyes" Poulsen Dürr on

      Damn S&M, that's legit...
      Massive respect...
      Had I the money I'd be throwing it here too...
      But seeing as it's a choice between food and this, I'll take food till we are a bit closer ^^

    42. Steven Miller on

      EDIT - I took my own advice and doubled down the donation, c'mon people lets get this funded.

    43. Steven Miller on

      everyone who already backed needs to just donate again, for the same amount - we'd be almost there.
      Would be complete lunacy if this doesn't get funded.

    44. Michael "Nighteyes" Poulsen Dürr on

      @Tyler & @Andrew
      Welcome aboard the hype train ^^

      Now let's get to sharing and caring <3

    45. Andrew Tuckett on

      The goal has to be to get to 2000 backers. Another 1500 backers at the $20 level and we fund.

    46. Tyler Anthony Edwards

      But damn do we need to get this project some exposure quick as I really really want to see this get funded. :D

    47. Tyler Anthony Edwards

      I love you guys so much. I can't believe you guys changed it to sliver nitrate rounds based on my comment. I'm so freaking happy you have no idea. This game looks so amazing I can't wait. :D

    48. Missing avatar

      Marco S. on

      This game is the first of it's kind and actually does a few unique things, it just needs more people aware it exist, the best thing to do if some of you follow big streamers or moderate for them is to tell them about this game and have them show it on one of their sub sundays, or somehow get one of those huge youtubers to play one well designed level that is really refined to hype people up to fund the game.

    49. Michael "Nighteyes" Poulsen Dürr on

      @Pneumonica, The concept is so simple, yet so appealing, I can't understand why a game like this doesn't already excist, but I'm happy I found this so early and hopefully get to be part of the process from now till it's released

    50. Missing avatar

      Pneumonica on

      You know, it's really weird that I haven't seen this game before now. And I'm really wishing it would fund. If I just had more money. You know, I would actually be happy with a less graphically-solid version. As good as the visuals are, this one for me is all about the gameplay. Heck, they're talking about story and I don't need a story. A game with a supernatural investigator who actually has to investigate things? That sold me.

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