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Just Us Annual Fall Show, "within_______distance"'s video poster

Just Us is a group of artists from different backgrounds coming together to share their passion for art. Second annual show at BAG! Read more

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This project was successfully funded on August 17, 2011.

Just Us is a group of artists from different backgrounds coming together to share their passion for art. Second annual show at BAG!

About this project

Just Us aims to form and provide a community of young artists with the tools, knowledge, and experience to meet their full potential. Through group exhibitions, gatherings, and the exchange of ideas and information, Just Us continues to encourage and support closer bonds with the artists involved.

Just Us organized its first group show in September, 2010 with 23 participating artists. With the hope of showing bi-annually, Just Us is set to organize its second exhibition at Brooklyn Artists Gym in October 2011.

WHY WE NEED YOU! Just Us is a fairly new organization, and we need your moral and financial support to help us meet our full potential! We are trying to become a more recognizable artists group with more frequent exhibitions that requires a more ambitious budget. With your help, we will be able to not only meet our goals but also comfortably explore new possibilities.

The donations received through this Kickstarter project will go towards covering gallery rental fees, installation, a projector for video/film work, as well as promotional materials and advertising.


From the founders:

David: I started this group with the intention of putting on a show for my friends' and my own work. I firmly believe that you can't sit idly by, and if you want something done you have to do it yourself. With the help of my close friends, family, and fellow artists, everything was set into motion and quickly escalated into something much bigger, meaningful, and exciting. I have complete faith in this group and its members and hope for it to be just a starting point for many of us.

Paula: To me, Just Us has become a family and a way of expressing my ideas in a real environment, which wouldn't have been possible otherwise. Everyone in the group learns how to fundraise and promote their art together so that once we graduate and move onto our professional careers as artists, we have the skill set and the moral support to take our experience and apply it to other ideas. In the future, I want Just Us to become something that each artist will be proud of and I expect it to become the solid foundation to many artistic careers. It'll be great to look back and say "Wow, check out what we did."


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    Your name listed as a supporter in Issue Zero of our artists' magazine- Just Us and a personal thank you at the show.

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    A handmade invitation to our next show; plus previously mentioned incentive

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    A limited edition copy of Issue Zero of our group magazine, Just Us; plus previously mentioned incentives

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    Screen-printed group t-shirt, designed and hand-made by member artist Andrew Adams; plus previously mentioned incentives (T-shirt size requests available: S, M, L)

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    A limited edition 16"x20" photographic print by David Alvarez

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    An original work of art by a member artist; plus previously mentioned incentives

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