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This sophisticated classic look hybrid smart watch allows you to have a direct read of steps taken and calories burned on detailed face
This sophisticated classic look hybrid smart watch allows you to have a direct read of steps taken and calories burned on detailed face
This sophisticated classic look hybrid smart watch allows you to have a direct read of steps taken and calories burned on detailed face
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    1. Missing avatar

      McKinley 3 days ago

      I was able to get my watch to pair with my Nexus 6P/Android 8.1 before app updated to version 1.6. Also, the update deleted my information that I had already entered. SO after reentering my personal information and I get to the point where I am ready to try and pair the watch with my phone, I get an error message that the app has stop. I tell the system to restart the app and I get "NYSW keeps stopping". When I do get the app to restart, I have to reenter all of my person info again. Also had issue with the app continuously reporting a notification when nothing had changed. I really like the look of the watch and the feel. But it seems that no one is really bug checking the code for the app. So at this time the product has failed to live up to the promises made...

    2. Missing avatar

      Ralf Germann
      6 days ago

      Sorry guys, but also the update is just a piece of shit and worth nothing. On Android 8.1 (Nexus 6P) the app crashes every time right after the introduction screens. Pairing not possible even once now... Please do a better testing and fix this asap. Otherwise I'll ask for a complete refund including the shipping costs back to you...

    3. Missing avatar

      stuart cowdrey on

      My watch has now stopped working and the only function working is the time. Emailed support. Watch this space

    4. Kyle Hubbard on

      I received my watch a couple months ago, sent it back because the buttons were not responding and received it with the issue fixed a week or two after. A week later the notification hand stopped working so I sent that back and got the watch back last week. It is now working without any issues. Has anyone else experienced similar things? Has anyone heard anything about software updates or anything from NYSW? I really like the watch since it is a beautiful piece of hardware, but the software could use a little updating. I want them to be successful, but I am afraid they are going the same way so many other smart watch startups are going...

    5. Freek Kortman on

      I'm wondering if this project is still alive or can I just store the watch on the shelf with the other failed projects and count my blessings. #daretoask

    6. Missing avatar

      Stevan Trisic on

      First watch didn't work at all and 2nd replacement tg won't connect via Bluetooth despite trying everything.

      No answer to my recent emails either!

    7. Missing avatar

      Tamara Smith

      Got watch, need a manual to set it up right. Is there one online? Thanks, Tamarar

    8. Missing avatar

      Petri Jokinen on

      Once again BT problems after 2-3 working. Now I can't get connectivity even after tried all suggested tricks - needs perhaps Exorcist. Anyway it seems that I can't trust this watch. Perhaps I should go back to old mechanical watch and separate pedometer and forgetting other "smart" functions

    9. Missing avatar

      Patroclo Venuta on

      My watch doesn't connect to Bluetooth anymore.

      This is the final drop.

      I am not bothering myself with a refund request, i have understood it is just a waste of time.

      But i will spread the truth about your incompetence on every media i can.

      At least i will save somebody from this terrible experience!

    10. Missing avatar

      Julien Duquette on

      Hey guys I’ve been using my watch for a lil while and my watch now either doesn’t charge or the buttons are broken because it doesn’t vibrate when I click the top one I believe and I can’t connect it with my phone

    11. Missing avatar

      Alex Bakhuizen

      Still no watch, all info was entered in the survey... what’s going on?

    12. john

      No watch yet. Survey was filled out...

    13. Missing avatar

      Danny on

      Hi. Still didnt received my watch... Third time i send you Mail with Informations. Will i get my watch?

    14. Missing avatar

      Anas Flihan on

      I don't know my they take days to reply to the email

      By the way I'm still waiting I didn't get the watch.

    15. Freek Kortman on

      Question: if the battery should not be drained completely, how does one switch the watch off during storage so it does not use any power?

    16. New York Standard Watch Company, LLC Creator on

      Hi Ray, what is wrong with your watch? You've got your watch a bit later than promised?

    17. Missing avatar

      Mark Kapow Davis on

      I still have not received my watch and i see im not the only one. I sent 4 emails over the last 2 months to asking for a update and have not got any replies. I am sorry but i have waited long enough. Can someone please contact me to arrange a refund.

    18. Missing avatar

      Ray Hart on

      So on June 6 I asked to not ship and refund the cost with immediate effect ...which you ignored and it was still shipped and was received 17th July.....
      Its still talked about as a beta version on you email should be a finished product for it to be sold and the current NYSW app does not appear to be listed ....

      My refund can be sent by Paypal together with the company full name title and address for returning and your lawyers contact details if needed

      not a happy experience

    19. Missing avatar

      Andrew Tyler

      Charged watch for several hours but can’t wake it up. Hands move when on charger totally dead when off. Can’t “wake it up”. Help please!

    20. Missing avatar

      Masood Khan on

      So Now I have been going back and Forth with Ricky on my email who has been asking me to provide my name and backer number and from where did I purchase the watch ??
      Info has been provided atleast TWICE in the same email thread NO WATCH so far but runaround, deeply Disappointed

    21. Missing avatar

      arnaud cottet

      I sent many emails to the address you gave and never got a feedback. I want my money back

    22. Missing avatar

      Robert Garza on

      Backer 617 here...

      Haven’t received my watch, have emailed you via the Kickstarter app and at the support email at NYSW. No reply from either one...

      What gives?

    23. Missing avatar

      Ray Hart on

      usual poor info ......

      everyone watch has been delivered now,


    24. New York Standard Watch Company, LLC Creator on

      @anas everyone watch has been delivered now, please email

    25. New York Standard Watch Company, LLC Creator on

      @ray everyone watch has been delivered now, I will chase it up but please email

    26. New York Standard Watch Company, LLC Creator on

      @danny you should've got it by now, please email

    27. Missing avatar

      Donald Clyne on

      I give up with this watch. Nice idea and also looks good, it just doesn’t work! Keeps resetting, hands keep spinning, and regularly loses your steps. Hands constantly need resetting and the watch does not connect to phone well. I have given it a fair shot but honestly it’s not fit for purpose, at this point I will look for a refund.

    28. Missing avatar

      Danny on

      Hi, I'm backer 339 and I still didn't get anything, nor Watch or Tracking number.

    29. Salr on

      My watch went from barely usable (BT disconnect from time to time) to total electronic waste now(S1 & S2 buttons no response except long press S1 which only triggers the vibrator). Is this KS project a part of the US-China trade war? If so, NYSW should get a medal.

    30. Missing avatar

      Ray Hart on

      And so the complaints continue to pour in…
      After the 5 June notice when I realized we are in a fraud or incompetence situation
      And requested a full refund with immediate effect, a genuine business would have responded
      and satisfied the customer.
      having received nothing I wrote to their own email suggesting they refund within 5 days
      to avoid social media daily comments …
      they did reply to me email .
      Hi Raymond

      We will follow this case for you . I will reply you in 24 hours

      Thanks Ricky

    31. Missing avatar

      Anas Flihan on

      Hi, I'm backer 380 and I still didn't get anything or even tracking number?

      I'm I going to get it any where soon?

      Is there any updates? Because the last update you told us in two weeks time and that update was in May and now we are in July.

    32. Missing avatar

      arnaud cottet

      I still have not received the watches. Where are they?

    33. Roy Jansen on

      Hi, can I have an update. Still don’t have a watch or tracking.

    34. Missing avatar

      Manish Gupta on

      I would appreciate if I can get an update on the status of the watch...have not recieved any tracking no yet.
      thank u

    35. Yoshiaki Tatsumi on

      I got my watch today.
      That was a good product.
      Thank you!

    36. Missing avatar

      Jorge rosaly on

      I finally got my watch to sync properly, I am writing this tutorial to bring together instructions that are in the tutorial and the faq of the app.
      NYSW, you need to make a PDf of the instructions and put it under a support section of your website, it's really hard, because you have to jump back and forth between the tutorial and the faq to get the watch working properly in the 1st place.
      So here's the simplified tutorial on how to setup your watch when you take it out of the box.
      1. Put your watch on the charger and forget you just got a cool looking watch. Let it charge for about 4 to 6 hours.
      2. Take the watch off the charger and let the hands settle down.
      2. Pull the crown to the intermediate position (b according to the instructions, to set the date.) and set the date to yesterday. So it it's the 25th where you're at, set it to the 24th. DO NOT PUSH THE CROWN BACK IN.
      3. Wait for the seconds hand to line up exactly with 12 o'clock, when it is, pull it all the way out. Take pictures and verify it is perfectly lined up with 12 o'clock. Push it back in and repeat if it isn't and repeat and take pictures until it is.
      4. Push and hold the bottom button until the watch vibrates (ABOUT 20 Secs) and immeadiately let the button go.
      5. With the crown still pulled out, push the bottom button and hold it to make the lower and left inner dials spin fast, when it looks like they're almost vertical, click on it again and push it until they're both lined up to vertical (take pictures and repeat if needed).
      6. Once those 2 are lined up, push the top button until the top inner dial is lined up at 12 o'clock, take pictures and keep on pushing until it is perfect (if you hold it down it spins fast and you can push the top button again to stop it from spinning), Once that is lined up, push and hold the top button until the watch vibrates (about 3 secs) . When it does, wait for the hands to stop spinning.
      7. At this point, push the crown in. Turn on Bluetooth on your phone. Push the top button once. Search for the watch on your phone, it should show up as NYSW. If it doesn't, hold the top button on the watch down for 3 seconds. Search for it again. When it shows up, look at the back of your watch for the 6 digit pin, enter it on your phone. It should finish pairing up.
      8.if you haven't downloaded it yet, download and install the NYSW app. Open it select your watch model and run through the setup wizard. If the watch is not connected at one step, press the top button. If it's still not recognized, press and hold the top button for 3 secs. Once it's recognized, it should jump to the sync time screen. When you click on continue, set your watch down and walk away. Come back about an hour later. It should be synced.

    37. Missing avatar

      Jorge Filgueira on

      I am still waiting for my watch. The customer service sent that message saying "Sorry about the late reply. We have shipped your order already on May..." but nothing else; no tracking number, no shipment update, nothing.

      Is there a way to claim the money back?

    38. Missing avatar

      Damian on

      I got the watch a couple of weeks but only got a chance to set it up there a couple of days ago. I am impressed with the finish and quality - nice job so far.

    39. Eriy on

      Yesterday my watch, the S1 button died.
      I have contacted support, but will the reply come?
      As it is within the warranty period, please change it.

    40. Yoshiaki Tatsumi on

      My bucker number is 706. I have not received my watch.
      Support said tracking number. But there is no link.
      They replied,


      Sorry abou the late reply
      We have shipped your order already on May

      Please accept our profound apologies for the late delivery of goods to you.
      The delay was due to mix - up at courier agent company

      We will keep update you the information

      Sorry for any inconvenient cause!
      With very best regards,


    41. Missing avatar

      Austin J Greenfield on

      I received the watch about a week and a half ago and it looks good, but there are some complications that need to be worked out. I attempted to contact customer support and their reply was VERY sparse. My watch doesn't consistently connect to my phone, the upper sub-dial does not point to the right notification, and the alarm setting does not work. I attempted to reach out for help because it is a good looking watch, and no reply. So I attempted to reach out again for a return and the responses were very sparse and didn't really answer my questions. My back number is 97 and I am not very happy with this watch and the customer service that comes along with it. Especially with these types of watches, a good customer service base is needed and to be considered when buying the NYSW.

    42. Missing avatar

      Wayland on

      Correction - should pull crown out to 1st position to set date, not 2nd

    43. Missing avatar

      Wayland on

      Possible Solution to blue tooth synching and setting watch. After fiddling with the watch for several hours, I have one possible solution to the Bluetooth and time setting issues. Try the following:

      1) Pull crown to second position and set to exact date. Afterwards push crown back in.

      2) Wait for second-hand to reach the 12-o’clock position and immediately pull crown out to second position.

      3) Tell your cell phone (mines is an IOS) to forget the NYSW watch. On IOS, this is in your Settings menu/Bluetooth.

      4) Back to watch with the crown still out in 2nd position, turn your crown until your minute and hour hand are in the 12 o’clock position

      5) tap the top right button (S1) until the top dial moves into the 12 o’clock position

      6) Hold the bottom right button (S3) for several seconds until the bottom dial starts spinning. Notice that as your bottom dial spins, the dial at the 9 o’clock position also moves. Keep the bottom dial spinning until the 9 o’clock dial is very close to the 12 o’clock position. Tap the bottom right button to stop the bottom dial from spinning. Tap the bottom right several times until the bottom dial and 9 o’clock dial are in the 12 o’clock position.

      7) With the crown still out in the 2nd position, hold the bottom right button down for about 20 seconds until the watch buzzes. This completely resets the watch.

      8) Push the crown back in

      9) Back to cell phone, search and add your watch to your phone’s Bluetooth connection menu. You may have to press the top right button (S1) a few times before the watch and phone connect.

      10) After your watch connects to your phone via Bluetooth, your watch should now be spinning and automatically setting the time to the time on your phone. This will take awhile. Let the watch not touch any buttons. Go grab coffee.

      11) After time is set, you should have full notification and time-synching capability.

      This method worked for me. Watch seems to be working as advertised now.

      Good Luck

    44. Derin Hildebrandt on

      Watch is dead - S1 button stuck in depressed position. Doesn't connect via bluetooth. Now it's just an analog watch that I have to recharge once a week. Multiple messages to NYSW with no response.

      I gambled on this one and lost.

    45. Missing avatar

      Krishna Bharadwaj Reddy on

      Where is my watch. I have not received any

    46. Jimmy Jones on

      What does it mean when the watch vibrates and the notification hand is pointimg to P.

      What is P? I can see any mention of it in the app tutorials or FAQ.

    47. Alec CHEN on

      got issue with the watch Bluetooth was using fine one week but suddenly watch Bluetooth when OFF and iphone cant locate the Bluetooth.... No more watch Bluetooth....even RESET watch and APP...

    48. Missing avatar

      Petri Jokinen on

      Will there be any solution for Bluetooth problem? Currently I have done the other reset & cleaning from mobile except factory reset without luck. Anyway I have smartswatch able to show day and time what my current timekeeper has been able to do also.

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