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This sophisticated classic look hybrid smart watch allows you to have a direct read of steps taken and calories burned on detailed face
This sophisticated classic look hybrid smart watch allows you to have a direct read of steps taken and calories burned on detailed face
This sophisticated classic look hybrid smart watch allows you to have a direct read of steps taken and calories burned on detailed face
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    1. Missing avatar

      Austin J Greenfield about 3 hours ago

      I received the watch about a week and a half ago and it looks good, but there are some complications that need to be worked out. I attempted to contact customer support and their reply was VERY sparse. My watch doesn't consistently connect to my phone, the upper sub-dial does not point to the right notification, and the alarm setting does not work. I attempted to reach out for help because it is a good looking watch, and no reply. So I attempted to reach out again for a return and the responses were very sparse and didn't really answer my questions. My back number is 97 and I am not very happy with this watch and the customer service that comes along with it. Especially with these types of watches, a good customer service base is needed and to be considered when buying the NYSW.

    2. Missing avatar

      Wayland about 8 hours ago

      Correction - should pull crown out to 1st position to set date, not 2nd

    3. Missing avatar

      Wayland about 8 hours ago

      Possible Solution to blue tooth synching and setting watch. After fiddling with the watch for several hours, I have one possible solution to the Bluetooth and time setting issues. Try the following:

      1) Pull crown to second position and set to exact date. Afterwards push crown back in.

      2) Wait for second-hand to reach the 12-o’clock position and immediately pull crown out to second position.

      3) Tell your cell phone (mines is an IOS) to forget the NYSW watch. On IOS, this is in your Settings menu/Bluetooth.

      4) Back to watch with the crown still out in 2nd position, turn your crown until your minute and hour hand are in the 12 o’clock position

      5) tap the top right button (S1) until the top dial moves into the 12 o’clock position

      6) Hold the bottom right button (S3) for several seconds until the bottom dial starts spinning. Notice that as your bottom dial spins, the dial at the 9 o’clock position also moves. Keep the bottom dial spinning until the 9 o’clock dial is very close to the 12 o’clock position. Tap the bottom right button to stop the bottom dial from spinning. Tap the bottom right several times until the bottom dial and 9 o’clock dial are in the 12 o’clock position.

      7) With the crown still out in the 2nd position, hold the bottom right button down for about 20 seconds until the watch buzzes. This completely resets the watch.

      8) Push the crown back in

      9) Back to cell phone, search and add your watch to your phone’s Bluetooth connection menu. You may have to press the top right button (S1) a few times before the watch and phone connect.

      10) After your watch connects to your phone via Bluetooth, your watch should now be spinning and automatically setting the time to the time on your phone. This will take awhile. Let the watch not touch any buttons. Go grab coffee.

      11) After time is set, you should have full notification and time-synching capability.

      This method worked for me. Watch seems to be working as advertised now.

      Good Luck

    4. Derin Hildebrandt 2 days ago

      Watch is dead - S1 button stuck in depressed position. Doesn't connect via bluetooth. Now it's just an analog watch that I have to recharge once a week. Multiple messages to NYSW with no response.

      I gambled on this one and lost.

    5. Missing avatar

      Krishna Bharadwaj Reddy 2 days ago

      Where is my watch. I have not received any

    6. Jimmy Jones 2 days ago

      What does it mean when the watch vibrates and the notification hand is pointimg to P.

      What is P? I can see any mention of it in the app tutorials or FAQ.

    7. Alec CHEN 3 days ago

      got issue with the watch Bluetooth was using fine one week but suddenly watch Bluetooth when OFF and iphone cant locate the Bluetooth.... No more watch Bluetooth....even RESET watch and APP...

    8. Missing avatar

      Petri Jokinen 3 days ago

      Will there be any solution for Bluetooth problem? Currently I have done the other reset & cleaning from mobile except factory reset without luck. Anyway I have smartswatch able to show day and time what my current timekeeper has been able to do also.

    9. Missing avatar

      Michael Chan 3 days ago

      A few things, I have my bluetooth connected to the device however this watch is not syncing the time. This is actually frustrating as hell. So I press the top button and it syncs? Cause that aint working.

      On a second note, open up your Youtube channel already, show all your videos public, why the heck are they private videos. I have to go through each FAQ to find how to fix it and I have to watch it through my smartphone as well

    10. Missing avatar

      Julien Duquette 5 days ago

      When are you guys updating the app

    11. Missing avatar

      Thomas Palmertree 7 days ago

      Just recieved my watch and it looks great. Set-up was smooth (would have liked to be able to enter a value for my birthday). Now for a night of testing it at work. I am a waiter, so let's see what the step counter can so.

    12. I.G on June 14, 2018

      Guys, I cannot pair it with any phone, Does it have a catalogue or an instruction brochure?

    13. Missing avatar

      Wayland on June 14, 2018

      Received my watch a couple of days ago. Alarm and counter work well. But none of my notifications work. Are there instructions on how to set up the watch on an IPhone 6 using the latest ios?Thanks

    14. Missing avatar

      Fabian Helfert on June 13, 2018

      Received the watch finally. It is beautiful.

      But still room for improvement:
      Allow the apps to be configurable (e.g. I don't use WeChat but would like to have another app like Snapchat on it).
      Add the possibility to block some notifications (e.g. the system notification that app xyz is using GPS), where the watch will not vibrate.
      And (at least on my oneplus 5) the nysw app is always producing a "nysw is using battery" notification. Maybe this can be fixed.

    15. Missing avatar

      Donald Clyne on June 13, 2018

      Ok, so I have been able to reconnect and get the notifications working again too. I had to forget the device on my phone, close the Bluetooth and then search again, I also had to sync the notifications again, this is a faff but seemed to work.

    16. Andreas Weyermann
      on June 13, 2018

      My watch worked for 24h, now I can not recharge or connect to it ... disappointed
      Also when looking the details, glass is not mounted properly mounted, you see different shades when looking at the rim, means not properly glued
      Not a happy camper

    17. Derin Hildebrandt on June 13, 2018

      New issue today. S1 button is stuck in the depressed state, rendering smart functions useless. Messaged creator hoping for resolution. Hoping this isn't a build quality issue.

    18. Missing avatar

      Donald Clyne on June 13, 2018

      Oh dear, watch worked perfectly for 24 hours, now I’m getting the same issues as other backers; a pig to reconnect today and no longer receiving notifications.

    19. Missing avatar

      Donald Clyne on June 12, 2018

      Hi NYSW, my watch arrived today, and on first impression, I love it! Set up was easy following the instructions, syncing all works too. So far, so good. Distribution and information flow could have been better, however, you guys have produced a beautiful watch, thank you.

    20. Missing avatar

      Hsuerl on June 11, 2018


      My watch is dead when it connecting / paring with my android phone and never wake up again even after charge a few hours.

      Watch code is 504006, please solve this issues asap, I also mail you already, thanks.

    21. New York Standard Watch Company, LLC Creator on June 10, 2018

      @Derin we are working with a new firmware update to solve the issues some of the watches have, We are also working on connecting it to the apps.

    22. New York Standard Watch Company, LLC Creator on June 10, 2018

      @Meg we are working on a firmware update for Bluetooth....I'd clear the cache of the Bluetooth this tends to fix the issue with Samsung.

    23. New York Standard Watch Company, LLC Creator on June 10, 2018

      @Daniel we are working on the firmware

    24. New York Standard Watch Company, LLC Creator on June 10, 2018

      @Shinobu Sato please email us with the subject line 'Watch Support'

    25. New York Standard Watch Company, LLC Creator on June 10, 2018

      @Alexander Plank We are going through the emails, if about delivery the team will email you once we have a tracking number for you.

    26. Derin Hildebrandt on June 10, 2018

      I got mine working fairly quickly with my Samsung S8+, but having to re-pair it several times a day and having disconnect randomly in between makes it pretty much useless. Really nice analog watch, but if they don't sort out the connectivity issues, and improve the crappy app, I'll probably dump it for something else. It's not a smart watch if it can't maintain a connection to your phone reliably. Can't rely on it for notifications etc.
      As far as the app is concerned, why not allow it to connect with sown industry standard apps, or Gear app on Samsung. Pretty poor implementation.

      Summary: Great analog watch that simply doesn't make the grade as a smart watch.

    27. Missing avatar

      Meg leduc
      on June 10, 2018

      Has anyone with a samsung phone had success pairing? I tried resetting as directed and then it took over an hour with tech support to get my phones Bluetooth functioning again, ughhhhhhhhh. When/where does it ask for the pairing code from the back of the watch? It runs and is keeping time and date appropriately, just can't sync? I've sent emails to tech support, no answers. Nysw community, any suggestions would be helpful, thank you.

    28. Daniel Baumann on June 9, 2018

      I have left several comments and concerns about not receiving my watch. I did receive it 8Jun and it's mostly a positive product. I have had to reconnect the bluetooth numerous times - at least 7 times over the past 18 hours. I sure hope there is a firmware update coming to correct this.

    29. Missing avatar

      Shinobu Sato on June 9, 2018

      Hi Creator,

      Could you tell me if there’s a way to re-activate a watch?
      Looks like my one doesn’t synchronize with my iPhone anymore... I want to try every thing from the activation process.

      The watch was working fine for weeks since I received, but now,,, it has many issues. :<

      - Showing wrong time and cannot sync with my iPhone
      - Re-launching the app didn’t help
      - S1 button didn’t help
      - Calendar date is wrong

      Without a solution, I can’t trust and use the watch.


    30. Missing avatar

      Bill Sprague on June 8, 2018


      Once my watch began to move, it’s done so quite quickly. It appears I may have it tomorrow. Thanks.

    31. Missing avatar

      Shinobu Sato on June 8, 2018

      My watch doesn't synch with my iPhone now...I'd like to know how I can fix the issue.

      It had been working fine this morning but I noticed it showed wrong time, 10 hrs ahead?, and it's tomorrow!!.
      Also, notification hand shows wrong direction and S1(synch with iphone) button helped nothing. I believe I'm using the latest version of the app.

    32. Missing avatar

      Danny on June 8, 2018

      Hi. Havent received the watch until today. Please check. if possible, send me the shipping Information again, probably they were wrong. Thanks.

    33. Missing avatar

      Alexander Plank on June 7, 2018

      Dear NYSW-Team,

      PLS contact me! Send you E-mails, no reaction from your side.
      I have neither received any concrete shipping infos for my watch nor the watch itself. It seems you have shipping problems to Austria. I would ask you for clarification what is going on. Send me the tracking number!
      Very bad service from your side.

    34. Missing avatar

      Ray Hart on June 7, 2018

      Whats difficult to understand....why deliver to have it returned


    35. New York Standard Watch Company, LLC Creator on June 7, 2018

      @Yurii Tihoglaz the charger has been tested and is a normal solution for smartwatches. We are working on updating the app also with integration.

    36. New York Standard Watch Company, LLC Creator on June 7, 2018

      @david glad you like it :)

    37. New York Standard Watch Company, LLC Creator on June 7, 2018

      @Ray some people are really vocal yes, the comments section would have those who are unhappy at some issues. The overall majority of people are very happy. I've forwarded your details and will be chasing things up regarding delivery of your watch.

    38. New York Standard Watch Company, LLC Creator on June 7, 2018

      @dominic if you email support we'll be able to help, its a complex time-piece that has many moving parts. Majority of people are very happy with the product. Yes we've had some issues but we are trying to resolve them. Please email and we'll be happy to get the bottom of this.

    39. New York Standard Watch Company, LLC Creator on June 7, 2018

      @jonas please email the support team and they'll be able to work out the issue.

    40. New York Standard Watch Company, LLC Creator on June 7, 2018

      @gap we have no sent out the majority of the watches. I've chased this up for you and you should be getting an email soon.

    41. Missing avatar

      Gap Achavakulthep on June 7, 2018

      It’s now 7th June and I have not received the watch yet. At least please reply my email or tell me what is going on. I want to know the status. PLEASE!

    42. Missing avatar

      Jonas Elm Nielsen on June 6, 2018

      hey. My watch code is 174698.
      it have been charged for over 18 hours now. And it wont turn on. I can see the top clock (the one with the wifi, facebook and so on) move around when i plug it in.. So it gets power. but after pressing in the buttong for 3 seconds it wont start. Tried 5 seconds.. tried 10 seconds. Tried holding it in while i was making coffee.. (5 minuts). Please help me here. i was looking forward to getting the watch but now im considering a refund. I feel scammed. What should i do here?

    43. Missing avatar

      Jonas Elm Nielsen on June 6, 2018

      I have gotten my watch.. Followed the instructions.. And it wont start.. 24 hours of charging.. And it wont start..

    44. Missing avatar

      Dominic R. Alimi on June 6, 2018

      If someone is interested in my watch, i sell it for 50 dollar. time is running, but no smart functions after 2 weeks. shipment from germany must pay by the seller.

      Please send me an email if you are interested:

      this is the badest project i've ever had

    45. Missing avatar

      Dominic R. Alimi on June 6, 2018

      Today my Watch disconnected from my watch and do not reconnect. The time, steps and calories already running but if i press the button 1 longer it vibrates but the pointer on the top don't move.... i had full charge, i charged it 3 hours now but nothing happend.

      Think its dead... What a fuck for that money...

    46. Missing avatar

      Ray Hart on June 6, 2018

      So to date I have heard zero info on shipping, delivery after an extended wait
      I am in the US. Backer 445
      Your own announcement seem to indicate you have no idea what is going on.
      And from reports coming in the purchase TO NOT BE OF MERCHANTABLE QUALITY
      The whole transaction is a total failure
      For good business sense refund my $189 via PAYPAL with immedicate effect

    47. Missing avatar

      David Marek on June 6, 2018

      Hi, yesterday I got my watches and I really want to tell you THANK YOU guys.

      Everything work well and watch looks really cool. Now I am looking forward to extra sporty strap.

    48. Yurii Tihoglaz on June 5, 2018

      Hi, just got my watches and want to say thank you.

      I'm concern about two things:
      1) The quality of the charger - it does not look reliable enough. What if it breaks? Can I get a spare one (just in case)?
      2) iOS application ... Guys, it's really ugly. I know you are focused on timepiece itself but anyway... Also is there are any plans to enable Apple Health integration with your app? To export activity data to the apple health and to get weight from it ?

      Once again - thanks a lot for the watches! Timepiece by itself are great

    49. Missing avatar

      Declan Griffith-Barwell on June 4, 2018

      I got my watch however on first connection and time sync, it did not match my phone. instead it went 7 hours out of sync. tried to reconnect but now they wont pair, looks ok on the phone but the app says to press the top button (which does nothing)
      Tried to reset the watch also but this is still happening. Has anyone else had this?

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