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$800 pledged of $5,000 goal
By Catherine Salter Bayar
$800 pledged of $5,000 goal

Recent updates

Cultural exchange reknit 1/1/11

A heartfelt thanks to everyone who supported us, and the many who blogged, Facebooked, tweeted and talked about our project these past 60 days. We learned so much here at Kickstarter. We may not have reached our goal this time, but look for us back with renewed energy, streamlined ambitions (for now), and a new cultural knit up project on 1/1/11.

Wishing everyone a happy holiday season, and a New Year full of creative forces bridging cultures.

All the best,
Catherine and Abit

Approaching the line

Posting our workshop project here on Kickstarter has been a great learning experience. Like any creative endeavor, a designer has to learn the proper language to be able to communicate their important idea, that seed with origins in the soul they must nurture into reality.

While I'm happily researching and planning for our 2011 workshops this winter, I know that we have a long way to go to reach the ambitious funding goal we set here. Our seeds have been planted, but are taking just a little longer to sprout...but they will.

We'll keep pushing boundaries, resetting those lines. Read more here:


Thanks, Catherine & Abit

Updated video...

Hi all!

I updated the video with some new photos and descriptions of what we'll be doing and what you'll get for backing us. Also thought you'd like to see some of the women of our family who will be involved in our project. The text is still quirky though, but it reads fine on YouTube:


Thankfully, I'm a far better knitter and designer than video maker - however, I hope the color, the joy and the creativity is apparent. Enjoy!

The Girl Effect

There are no coincidences. Just as I was about to post on my blog, Tales from Turkey, about my primary motivation for creating our handcraft workshops, the Universe beat me to it.

Thank you to Rose Deniz, Anastasia Ashman, and Tara Mohr - now, please read more here. Learning about the "Girl Effect" is no big deal. But it may just save humanity.



Thanks to everyone who has become a backer so far!

I'm packing up to for my annual work trip to California, but will be back in Istanbul mid-February or sooner if I can. Meanwhile, will be researching and planning workshops. Too many wonderful crafts to chose from, but next update - details about what's in the works.

Also putting together my group of crafting local women, many of whom live in our rapidly gentrifying neighborhoods. As more hotels open in Istanbul's Old City, families are hard pressed to pay the escallating rents. But a neighborhood of artisans still survives here, and we hope to help it thrive. More on that next update as well.

Thanks for your help, Catherine & Abit