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The Queer is an online magazine that celebrates spaces of the LGBTQ community through photographic features


The Project:

The Queer Interior is an online interior design magazine focused on the spaces of the LGBTQ Community. The first of its kind, it shares the narrative of the gay experience (in Brooklyn and beyond) in combination with the design savvy/D.I.Y spirit of our community. 

A live shot of Mister Popp working magic at Sara Bacon's CoWorking Space! *

Each month, our team will create photo spreads, showcases of prominent queer community members and spaces, daily mini-features, queer calendars, opinion pieces, and exciting behind-the-scenes videos! We've already begun our first Issue focused on 'Space with a Purpose' - featuring an apartment of a Brooklyn couple who have a great design aesthetic and an amazing collection of chotchkies and collectables; a Queer operated co-working space in Greenpoint; and the DIY feature on using Stencils to really make an impact in your home featuring another Q-owned business- Stencil1.

Our fan base is growing, but we really need to raise these funds in order to bring you a glossy, well edited magazine and chock full website. From queer profiles of talented professionals to beautifully curated personal and private spaces and DIY tips and tolls, we are passionate about filling this void in the Interior Design publishing world.

We're now reaching out to friends, family, and new Queer Interior enthusiasts because it's YOU who have inspired US. Help us create a platform that celebrates and honors the unique and brave members of the LGBTQ community.

A sneak peak of my (Douglas Calhoun) Queer interior *

Your donations help fund:

The first thing contributions will do is help us get our site off the ground. While we've been able to do a lot with social networks, we need to turn our splash page ( into a real site that can feature our monthly issues, daily updates and finds, events, and much much more.

Second thing is content. We need the resources to find/ book more spaces, the crews (photographers, videographers, and writers) to cover them, and the talent to compile, edit, and design our issues.

If we can make our goal of $15,000 we believe we can produce the first six issues for 2012 and use that to grow a large audience that will turn us into a sustainable business for the rest of the year. So, if you help plant the seeds, we will definitely run with it. 

If we exceed our goal, the sky's the limit - we would do bi-monthly issues, recurring event series and conferences, and expand our content features beyond NYC featuring the LGBTQ community across the US.

Big Thanks!

Q.I Friends Celebrating in Brooklyn at our party. Photobooth by: Stencil1 Shot by: Michael Popp *

We thank you in advance for helping us realize a destination for the queer community and their spaces. We hope the site will be a celebration of the inspired, resourceful, thought-provoking, and safe spaces created, lived in, and worked in by Brooklyn’s queer community and beyond.

Much Gratitude: Colleen Ryan, Michael Popp, Kate Russell, Jen Tullock, Lindsay Sanwald, Dustin Kight, Matt Caprotti, Nick Lanni, Michala Monroe, Amy Schroeder, Mikey Palms, Jess Gomez, Michal Haskell, Sam Horwich-Scholefield, Wanda Jewell, Patrick Calhoun, Ameila Calhoun Kriss, The Kriss Family.

Music Credit: Idgy Dean - Song: Hopscotch

Filming by: Michael Popp


  • Nice of you to ask! We've had a number of editorial and content management meetings with our team! We've been really dedicated to our fundraising efforts right here on, and promoting the brand! We've done two shoots for our premiere issue.

    Big Thanks to Sarah Bacon of CoWorking Greenpoint -

    She'll be featured in our first issue! We couldn't be more thrilled to have her collaborative space featured as our first queer owned and operated work space!

    Follow her here: @GPCW

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  • Our funders will get a first glance at our premeire issue this month! We're on the move shooting content and working on layout! Your gonna love it!

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