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Survival of the fittest cultures in pivotal times.
Survival of the fittest cultures in pivotal times.
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    1. Leo Borg Collaborator 1 day ago

      @Jill Wong @ TheMotleyGeek: The game board will be available to all backers that have pledged for gameboard and above. This will be in a high definition download, which you will be able to download some time before you get the games shipped to you.

    2. Jill Wong @ TheMotleyGeek
      3 days ago

      Is there a possibility to get the *updated* digital copy of the game board? I'd like to get it printed in Neoprene. I don't want the current copy available on BGG, I want a digital copy of the *new-ish* one.

    3. Scott Mohnkern
      7 days ago

      Never mind . Figured out it was just to add on stuff

    4. Scott Mohnkern
      7 days ago

      Ok, I am a bit confused. I went to the web site, Selected Neanderthal and Greenland, put in the code, and it wanted me to pay $49.

      didn't I already pay for the game by backing the kickstarter?

    5. Missing avatar

      Robert Cooper on April 6

      You should have received codes that will allow you to get items *from this Kickstarter* on the Sierra Madre store, at a discount and with free shipping. If you get any other products (ie, not Greenland, Neanderthal, or the game board), you pay full price plus shipping. You also don't get the discount if you use a different email or postal address.

      Hope that helps.

    6. Missing avatar

      Kim Dahl Rathleff
      on April 5

      Can we add any game from the store to pur pledge? I dont understand the email I got.

    7. Sierra Madre Games 2-time creator on April 3

      @Tony Bosca: If you don't want to add anything further to your pledge then you don't have to go to SMG's web store.

    8. Tony Bosca on April 2

      So if we've added a gameboard to our pledge in the normal fashion, the way it was introduced, and pledged the proper amount and all that, we don't have to do anything at SMG?

    9. Missing avatar

      on April 2

      Thank you @Leo!

      One more thing: the site is saying "No shipping methods found for this country" currently. For the US. Is this something I don't need to worry about since a game board would just ship with the games anyway?

    10. Leo Borg Collaborator on April 2

      @Brandon: Yes you're right. If you don't want to add anything extra you don't have to go to SMG's webshop.

    11. Leo Borg Collaborator on April 2

      @Marcel Stipetic: You are right. It should be if you want to add anything that was NOT included in this kickstarter campaign, then you will need to pay shipping for that/those extra.

    12. Missing avatar

      on April 2

      Am I correct in thinking these codes are ONLY in case we want to add more items to our pledge? Meaning, if we're fine with how our pledge currently stands, we don't have anything we need to do on the SM website?

    13. Marcel Stipetic on April 2

      Hi Leo. I think you need to double check that first sentence below; did you mean any game "that was NOT included in this kickstarter..."? Otherwise, it seems to clash with the second sentence. Personally, I'm wondering if I can add one of the Bios games or Pax Ren, for example, to my pledge using the promo code. And if so, will a separate shipping charge be added?

    14. Leo Borg Collaborator on April 1

      @Jason Grantz: If you order other games (or game board) that was included in this kickstarter campaign through Sierra Madre Games' webshop you will need to pay shipping. Only games in this kickstarter can be added without extra shipping cost, with the promo code we will be sending out soon.

    15. Mr.Mo
      on April 1

      Thanks for the update! ;)

    16. Jesper Jakobsen on April 1

      @Jason Grantz

    17. Jason Grantz on March 29

      Will there be any way for Kickstarter supports of this project to save on shipping if they pre-order Pax Emancipation from the Sierra-Madre Games website? Assuming they'll be able to ship out around the same time?

    18. Josue Olea on March 26

      Owwww... So sad I really expected to be playing around august at most... But well...nothing to be done about

    19. ankaru on March 24

      @Sierra Madre Games Thanks for the answer!

    20. Sierra Madre Games 2-time creator on March 24

      The stretch goals included new solitaire and cooperative variants. These require testing and implementation, and another 8 pages to both the Greenland and Neanderthal rules. Accordingly the new completion estimated shipment date is September.

    21. ankaru on March 24

      @Leo Borg Is ETA still July?

    22. Josue Olea on March 17

      At first ot showed the word n a z i, right? Why would they censor it? A complaint? Does it censor "bad words" too?

    23. Leo Borg Collaborator on March 16

      @Clint Walker: It looks like it's "only" in the kickstarter app it censors the word n a z i. I can see them here via web browser.

    24. Missing avatar

      Clint Walker
      on March 15

      Whoa! The comments section is censoring this word! That's crazy!!!

    25. Missing avatar

      Clint Walker
      on March 15

      Why are we not using the word Nazi?

    26. Fire Broadside! on March 12

      @Mr.Mo What's wrong with using the word nazi?

    27. Missing avatar

      Andrej Knapic on March 9

      is it possible to get printable version of cards so we can test it in home-made variant?

    28. Guðberg Haraldsson on March 9

      I love, love, love the direction you went with the co-op. Being a neighbour of the people of Greenland I have always admired them and this is a very clever dedication

    29. Sierra Madre Games 2-time creator on March 9

      This new Greenland co-op module is dedicated to the Danish-Inuit resistance leaders who lost their lives fighting the Nazis after the fall of Greenland to the Germans in WW2. These freedom fighters were volunteers of a multi-cultural dog-sled team composed both of Danes and Inuits. Some lost their lives in battles, others to the elements after the Germans destroyed their supplies. Phil Eklund

    30. Sierra Madre Games 2-time creator on March 9

      @Ms.Mo I'm sorry if the name upset you. We wanted to do something clearly different from the standard game with he new co-op and solo versions. And we wanted it to follow in the tradition of being pivotal times. We have a good bit of text in the document explaining this chosen moment in history but in short 1940-44 very pivotal. It was both a time when Greenland was close to be completely invaded by the Nazi forces (which would have been very beneficial for the access to refined Aluminum for the Axis powers) and also ended up being the time that set Greenland on the path of becoming an independent country. We have found ways of implementing this into the existing cards in ways we are very pleased with and I hope you will find the co-op version as fun and interesting as we do.

    31. Josue Olea on March 9

      Interesting update, looking forward to try those modes!

      I was also surprised about the NAZIS, but... I don't see anything wrong

    32. Mr.Mo
      on March 9

      I mean N a Z-i

    33. Mr.Mo
      on March 9

      Nazi, really?

      What the fuck!

      Folks this is not why I supported this!

    34. Francesco "Magjus" Santoro
      on March 9

      Great update, thanks!!

    35. Leo Borg Collaborator on March 9

      @Thomas Healy: If you send us (Sierra Madre Games) here via the contact function here on Kickstarter we can help you.

    36. Missing avatar

      Thomas Healy on March 9

      It might be far too late for this, but I was wondering if any change at all would be possible. The issue is not that I don’t want the games. I backed them as kind of a surprise for my wife (she didn’t expect I would back them when we heard about this campaign, and we both really like Eklund’s games so far). Well, she found a (signed!) copy of Neanderthal on a game exchange site and bought it for me for my nameday to surprise me. We won’t need another copy of the game, and I don’t want to upset or disappoint her when it comes. I still want Greenland and the gameboard, but Neanderthal is now already in our collection. Can anything be done? (I backed to get both Neanderthal and Greenland and added on the gameboard.)

    37. Leo Borg Collaborator on March 7

      @Dan Sattary: That is here on Kickstarter. We are not using an external survey or BackerKit.

    38. Leo Borg Collaborator on March 7

      @Dan Sattary: To get to the Survey click "View Pledge" and then "Survey".

    39. Missing avatar

      Dan Sattary on March 6

      Can I get a link to the backerkit survey please?
      Everytime I click the link in the email it just takes me to the Kickstarter homepage...

    40. Leo Borg Collaborator on March 1

      @Flávio Merino: The possibility to add stuff through Sierra Madre Games' website will be only for the games from this kickstarter campaign shipping cost will be added for anything extra you order.

    41. Missing avatar

      Flávio Merino on February 26

      Is there any way that i can buy BiosMefagafauna 2 from Sierra Madre Games page and add the shipping to my kickstarter, so that i don t have to pay another shipping?

    42. Radu P on February 25

      From personal experience, a second, fresh pair of eyes, with attention for detail, is always needed for this task. Mr Eklund is too close to the game in general and to the Living Rules in particular to easily notice all the oversights.

    43. Leo Borg Collaborator on February 25

      @Radu P: Thank you for noticing. We have forwarded your comment to Phil so that they can fix it.

    44. Radu P on February 25

      I have taken a look at the Living Rules and I have noticed they still mention cubes in several place and Phil Eklund's original art on the original box at least once, in footnote 32. Will the rules get a thorough update before they are sent to the printer?

    45. Leo Borg Collaborator on February 23

      @Adam Jones: Kickstarter is not directly a pre-order service but a chance to help making a project creator, in this campaign Phil Eklund and Sierra Madre Games, to realise to make a dream or idea they have. Rewards are what Kickstarter call what you backers get in exchange for your support. That's somewhat why it's called reward and not just product.

      So the "reward" for you helping us produce the new edition of Greenland is a copy of it, as you have pledged at that level. Thank you for your support.

    46. Adam Jones on February 22

      So is the "reward" a free copy of Greenland?

    47. Adam Jones on February 22

      I don't understand what the reward is...I doubt the reward is one copy of Greenland. But if the reward is I get one copy of Greenland for $ that really an award?

    48. Leo Borg Collaborator on February 22

      @Des: To get to the Survey click "View Pledge" and then "Survey". If you think you have filled in the wrong answer and want to send us the right information or just contact us click "View Pledge" and use "Message creator" to send your message to us.

      Have you tried doing like it says here? "How can I view or change my survey responses?"

    49. Missing avatar

      Des on February 21

      I am unable to access the survey again to double check my entries.

    50. Christian on February 19

      @Arthur Some of me are dumber than others.

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