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Survival of the fittest cultures in pivotal times.
Survival of the fittest cultures in pivotal times.
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    1. Missing avatar

      MANUEL on

      I have received an email asking for 9€ for shipping costs. Is this correct?

    2. Missing avatar

      Joshua Wood on

      Will there be a KS update notifying us about delivery address lockdown (and giving us a day or two to make any final changes)? That would be very appreciated.

    3. Missing avatar

      Henrik S. Myrbakken on

      Is it possible to get alpha and beta play test access? I decided against it when the campaign was active, but would like to get in.

    4. Missing avatar

      Rafał Kruczek on

      I tied to find something about the app develo[per but Google first pages on MIPMAP are mainly about mipmapping, :(. On Google Play store there is MipMap Studio with ONE game: Cycling Spirit 2013 Is this the same developer?

    5. Leo Borg Collaborator on

      @Wojciech Golowkow: The developers of the apps, MipMap, have side their plan is to have a first test version of Greenland out in the end of July.

    6. David Martín on

      Both boardgames are 84,2 cm x 24,2 cm with a 300 ppp resolution. Can be printed in PVC mesh.

    7. Peder Bergenwall on

      What size (in cm) is the Greenland PnP game board? Thinking of printing it as a playmat if possible.

    8. Missing avatar

      Oren Douek

      I sent you a private message here and also contacted through the contact form on your website several days ago but have received no reply yet. Just making sure you haven't missed it. Thanks.

    9. Radu P on

      Thank you for the playmat PnPs!

    10. Leo Borg Collaborator on

      @Wojciech Golowkow: The app developer is planning to release test versions in the end of July.

    11. Leo Borg Collaborator on

      @Demian McLellan: It's still open to change your address here on Kickstarter, under your pledge.

    12. Missing avatar

      Demian McLellan

      How to change shipping address with no pledge manager?

    13. Leo Borg Collaborator on

      @Snogurt: It's still possible to pre-order the game board from our webshop. The price is a little higher than the kickstarter price, but still less than in retail. You can find it here:

    14. Snogurt on

      Wow I missed the boat and wasn’t aware of getting a promo code! Is there any chance of adding a physical game board at this point? (The pictures look amazing)

    15. Wojciech Golowkow on

      Any News on the iOS/Android versions of the games?

    16. Josue Olea on

      Wow got excited when read about the possibility to receive game on july!! Hope it becomes true

    17. Missing avatar

      Matthew Gabbert

      @SMG re "we are still on track to start with fulfillment in July":
      There's a very pretty new picture of the pre-production copy of Neanderthal on BGG, but the caption includes the text, "Deliveries start September 2018."
      Which date is correct?

    18. Sierra Madre Games 2-time creator on

      @Christian yes we are still on track to start with fulfilment in July.

    19. Missing avatar

      Christian on

      How is it going? Everything still on track for july?

    20. Mr.Mo

      Thanks for the update! ;)

    21. Leo Borg Collaborator on

      @TaisonMor: That should be enough.

    22. TaisonMor on

      I updated my address in the survey. Do I need to message you as well? Thanks!

    23. Jill Wong TheMotleyGeek

      Thanks Leo. I look forward to getting the digital copy then!

    24. Leo Borg Collaborator on

      @Alex Flach: Please email us on so we can help you.

    25. Leo Borg Collaborator on

      @Alex Flach and @Lee Fisher: Sorry for taking such a long time answering your questions. I have checked with the rest of the team and we will get back to you both with answers.

    26. Leo Borg Collaborator on

      @Jill Wong @ TheMotleyGeek: Sorry we haven't answered until now. Missed your question. The answer is that backers at the pledge level of "GAME BOARD" (US$ 15) or more will get the game board in high resolution digital version.

    27. Lee Fisher

      Any other retailers having trouble with getting the Kickstarter Pledge price? They have been unable to make their website work at the prices advertised on the Kickstarter campaign.

      After a few rounds via emails with them, I am quite frustrated at what is normally an easy part of the process.

    28. Jill Wong TheMotleyGeek

      Hi Leo, do you mean that in order to receive the digital copy of the game board, I need to buy the physical game board?

    29. Alex Flach on

      Is there any chance of changing my pledge to order a game?

    30. wikiro on

      Mmm looks like I'm good I don't want anything extra

    31. wikiro on

      Wait I never got a code.

    32. Leo Borg Collaborator on

      @Jill Wong @ TheMotleyGeek: The game board will be available to all backers that have pledged for gameboard and above. This will be in a high definition download, which you will be able to download some time before you get the games shipped to you.

    33. Jill Wong TheMotleyGeek

      Is there a possibility to get the *updated* digital copy of the game board? I'd like to get it printed in Neoprene. I don't want the current copy available on BGG, I want a digital copy of the *new-ish* one.

    34. Scott Mohnkern

      Never mind . Figured out it was just to add on stuff

    35. Scott Mohnkern

      Ok, I am a bit confused. I went to the web site, Selected Neanderthal and Greenland, put in the code, and it wanted me to pay $49.

      didn't I already pay for the game by backing the kickstarter?

    36. Missing avatar

      Robert Cooper on

      You should have received codes that will allow you to get items *from this Kickstarter* on the Sierra Madre store, at a discount and with free shipping. If you get any other products (ie, not Greenland, Neanderthal, or the game board), you pay full price plus shipping. You also don't get the discount if you use a different email or postal address.

      Hope that helps.

    37. Missing avatar

      Kim Dahl Rathleff

      Can we add any game from the store to pur pledge? I dont understand the email I got.

    38. Sierra Madre Games 2-time creator on

      @Tony Bosca: If you don't want to add anything further to your pledge then you don't have to go to SMG's web store.

    39. Tony Bosca on

      So if we've added a gameboard to our pledge in the normal fashion, the way it was introduced, and pledged the proper amount and all that, we don't have to do anything at SMG?

    40. Missing avatar


      Thank you @Leo!

      One more thing: the site is saying "No shipping methods found for this country" currently. For the US. Is this something I don't need to worry about since a game board would just ship with the games anyway?

    41. Leo Borg Collaborator on

      @Brandon: Yes you're right. If you don't want to add anything extra you don't have to go to SMG's webshop.

    42. Leo Borg Collaborator on

      @Marcel Stipetic: You are right. It should be if you want to add anything that was NOT included in this kickstarter campaign, then you will need to pay shipping for that/those extra.

    43. Missing avatar


      Am I correct in thinking these codes are ONLY in case we want to add more items to our pledge? Meaning, if we're fine with how our pledge currently stands, we don't have anything we need to do on the SM website?

    44. Marcel Stipetic on

      Hi Leo. I think you need to double check that first sentence below; did you mean any game "that was NOT included in this kickstarter..."? Otherwise, it seems to clash with the second sentence. Personally, I'm wondering if I can add one of the Bios games or Pax Ren, for example, to my pledge using the promo code. And if so, will a separate shipping charge be added?

    45. Leo Borg Collaborator on

      @Jason Grantz: If you order other games (or game board) that was included in this kickstarter campaign through Sierra Madre Games' webshop you will need to pay shipping. Only games in this kickstarter can be added without extra shipping cost, with the promo code we will be sending out soon.

    46. Mr.Mo

      Thanks for the update! ;)

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