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An app series that visually represents current academic standards. This first app addresses K-5 Elementary Math standards.

An app series that visually represents current academic standards. This first app addresses K-5 Elementary Math standards. Read More
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I’ve worked close with administrators, teachers, parents, and tutors, and there is one thing on which everybody agrees: 

communication becomes a challenge when the objectives are unclear.

State Standards
State Standards

These standards are not easily accessible to parents and teachers.

That's where Exploring the Core comes in.

MISSION: ‘Exploring The Core’ app series is a place where parents, teachers, and administrators can connect with clear and easy access to the skills children must learn across grade levels according to current state education standards. 

VISION: This app series empowers parents and teachers to easily navigate through current state standards with illustrations for each grade level skill. This will move the conversation from “what” learning objectives a child must master to “how” an individual child can meet and master the expected learning objectives. With clearly defined objectives, parents and teachers become an active team in support of a child's education.

MY STORY: I spent the past year combing through and analyzing all of the current state standards for mathematics in the state of California.

My work intends to show, through illustration and example, the basic development of grade-level skills according to current state standards.

There are a total of 30 SKILLS in 'Elementary Math K-5'. Not all grades have all thirty skills. Some skills are only addressed in one or two grades. 

This tool moves the conversation from "what" the standards are to "what is the best strategy to meet these standards" for an individual child.

Let's move the conversation forward.
Let's move the conversation forward.


March is designated to host this Kickstarter. It ends April 8th, 2016.

April begins a 4-week Pilot Prototype Program that allows up to 100 people to test the app (iOS) in order to work out bugs and adjust as needed. Kickstarter backers and subscribers to the app's website will be notified of this opportunity to be personally involved in the app's final development stage.

May will see the official release of this first app of the series.

This first app of the series will address 'Elementary Math K-5'. It will release on iOS platforms. Android platforms will be released this summer. With the success of this first app, a second app will consist of 'Middle School Math 6-8'. Other core subjects will also follow based on the success rate of this first app.

Will this app include ALL 50 STATES?

California is the default state for the app upon release in May. All states and standards, regardless of Common Core, will become available on the app as standards and illustrations develop and are pushed - as updates - into the app. This will take time but I expect to have all U.S. states' standards incorporated into this app within a year of its release.

Since each state is allowed to add up to 15% additional content to the Common Core State Standards document, all state-specific standards will be specified with a bolded state abbreviation next to the standard. For example, California added 3 standards to the Common Core State Standards for Math grades K-5 and they are noted in the app as being specific to California with a bolded CA


I took this year away from the classroom and put my own skin in the game with personal loans and savings. I gathered a team of developers, graphic artists, and educational professionals to get this first app created. I have been fortunate to have seen this idea through to this point. The app is nearly complete and I am now reaching out to the public to see my idea, to see how far it has come, to believe in what this app can do for people. Backers receive pre-order bundles to be "gifted" to schools, teachers, and parents, and promotional items to help get the word out to schools, teachers, and parents in California and across the country.

By supporting this project, you are supporting final development and state- and nation-wide efforts to put this first app for Elementary Math K-5 in the hands of teachers and parents in California and across the country.

Surpassing this goal will only serve to increase outreach efforts across all states.

This Kickstarter fund will pay for: 

(1) final costs for app development and initiate the prototype pilot program for teachers and parents to use this app and respond with feedback, 

(2) outreach campaign targeted with print and digital marketing materials as well as street team coordination, and

(3) travel costs to personally drive to and meet with as many schools, district offices, tutoring agencies, and teacher prep program offices in California to demonstrate the use of this app by teachers and parents in classrooms and in homes.


You are supporting a ground-breaking solution for a growing problem felt by many parents and teachers of elementary school children: communication of clear expectations. Knowing what children are expected to learn is the first step to improving the conversation between teachers and parents. 

Your support puts this app into the hands of the teachers and parents that can use it to help their children. Rewards are designed to promote "gifting" of this app to schools and communities. 

Let's not just identify the problem, let's be part of a solution - let's help education move forward.

Exploring The Core makes State Standards accessible to parents, teachers, and administrators.

Thank you for your support! 

Together we can make a difference!

Risks and challenges

Because I have invested my own money into the majority of development for this app, I have worked to mitigate delay risks. I have an incredibly talented team of designers, marketers, creatives, advisers in education, and a devoted developer. We are all working very hard to create the best product to help teachers and parents. I do not intend any delays in the initial release to the App Store in May 2016. I also expect the Android version to release over summer (before the traditional school year starts). In the event of a delay, communication will be critical in assuring all backers that obstacles are being overcome.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • It is schedule to release May 2016 for iOS platforms. The Android version will release over the summer.

    However, in April, a pilot prototype program will allow up to 100 people to receive the iOS app early as part of its testing phase to ensure all bugs are addressed. Check for updates on this Kickstarter for more information or email

    Last updated:
  • This app is the first of a series and is specific to Elementary Math for grades Kindergarten through 5th Grade. The initial release will focus on California state standards, but, as other states' standards are added, a 'State Select' button will become available and eventually all states will be added to this list - within this one app.

    Success with this first app will prompt the creation of the second app in the series, 'Middle School Math Grades 6-8'. Depending on the amount of success in this first app, Language Arts Grades K-5 and 6-8 will also be developed.

    Last updated:
  • First check to see if your state has adopted Common Core State Standards here:

    All states that have adopted Common Core share the same basic standards structure. Each state is allowed to add up to 15% for clarification and added standards. State-specific standards are marked with a bolded CA (for California) so you know which standards are only for that state. Otherwise, all Common Core states share nearly all of the same standards.

    As I incorporate each state's specific standards, an update will be *pushed* and a notification revealing the addition of that state's standards.

    Last updated:
  • No. States that have adopted Common Core State Standards share the same standards. The only difference is that each state is allowed to add up to 15% for clarifying phrases and standards to the original document (standards may not be subtracted). Every state will have their 15% added to the app as the app continued to develop and upgrades pushed at no adittional cost to parents or teachers.

    Last updated:

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