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"Indian Givers" the true story of Moss Lake, is a book worth reading, making it a film worth making!

"Indian Givers" the true story of Moss Lake, is a book worth reading, making it a film worth making! Read More
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About this project

Fall of 2012, we at Adirondack Mountain Productions, received a call from Romey Gallo...a stranger. 

He wanted to discuss the possiblity of making a documentary of his Book, "Indian Givers True Story of Moss Lake" which he co authored with Wayne Martin, both retired NY State Police Officers. We set up a meeting time. Up to this point Kurt & I had not personally made a film. We had helped to produce a short film.. and had 18 + years experience in photography and production.  But what could it hurt by talking about making a film....??

Living within the Adirondack Park, we knew a bit about this long ago story of Indians coming to the area 40 years ago. However neither one of us knew much about this story.... After our meeting with Romey & Wayne we both felt as passionate about this project as they did...they had never written a book  yet, before us was a copy of "Indian Givers True Story Of Moss Lake". 

So there is a first time for everything....

Which brings us here to our Kickstarter page. 

Kurt & I have, with the help of a member of the Mohawk Community and Radio Personality, John Kane been able to speak candidly as you can see in our video, with some folks on both sides of a few of the events that took place in 1974 in Adirondack Mountains & Moss Lake. 

The book "Indian Givers" was written without the involvement of the Mohawk Warriors. 

However, the Warrioris ARE involved with this documentary which will give our story a Fresh New Perspective not seen within the pages of the book. For this we are  grateful to John Kane and Tekarontake (aka Paul Delaronde) & Kakwirakeron (aka Art Montour) for trusting us to tell both sides of this story.

This story is fascinating in its far fetched truth. 

Why did a group of people come to an area and take it over by force? 

How did the local and State Police allow this?

How can a young man 22 years old be shot 40 years ago and have no one be held accountable to this day?

Better yet how is a 9 year old hospitalized after being shot and no one ever be arrested? 

Like any true story there are many sides and layers to the answers. Our  hope is to shed new light on these events.

With hindsight comes clarity, won't you help us tell this whole story....

Risks and challenges

Problems come everyday, luckily for us, we have 18+ years of experience working in the production world.
As problems arise they are faced and tackled.
To say there would be no challenges, would make us nieve and young...we are neither...
We are excited to see this film come to life and plan to see it through!
We have chosen our crew/team carefully for this project. There vast knowledge of the film world will be a bonus for us, if and when the challenges arise we will be more than capable to fix them.

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  • Our goal is to make this documentary on a bare bones budget, that said the "bones" have become more expensive recently.
    Four months ago while reserching any type of "movie"/ "moving image" of the time and story. We found great footage from NBC Studios in NYC in thier Archives department.
    They have 45 minutes worth of actual news footage of the time... It is AMAZING to watch!
    There is even footage of Major Robert Charland, the New York State Trooper involved in negotiations with the Mohawks. The Major passed away some time ago, but we hope to include him in our documentary!

    In order to use any of NBC's footage we have to purchase the "rights" or License. This is EXTREMELY costly as we must pay for the footage by the second. Yes! I said the second! where originally we needed $25K to make our film... We now expect to incurr between 10K-15K to purchase the rights to use the NBC well as adding some $ for which to cover costs of using the kickstarter platform. The second biggest area of cost is hiring a great Editor, we will be donating our time to this project BUT we are hiring great people to help with the making of this Documentary THANK YOU for any help you can provide in order to see this project through ;-)

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