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Six Gun Mage is a fantasy/steampunk story of a "Gun Mage" in a world ravaged by a war & by the conflict between magic and technology.
Six Gun Mage is a fantasy/steampunk story of a "Gun Mage" in a world ravaged by a war & by the conflict between magic and technology.
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    1. Missing avatar

      unknownwisdom on

      my model is here. YAY.
      and it is in perfec condition however one thing that worries me is that the address on the box says germany eventhough i live in scotland and some stickers on it make me think that it went through germany

    2. Chris Hazelton 5-time creator on

      Sorry about any damage, we tried to get books mailers that would help protect them all. I know when we send them they are in perfect condition. :(

    3. Mark Brenner on

      Got my stuff today, little sad the Gun Mage comic had some damage to the cover for some reason so a couple small tear spots on it. The misfile book was fine though oddly.

    4. Chris Hazelton 5-time creator on

      We are still working on packing them up and getting them out. 3 times as many books than posters. Hopefully this month all will be shipped :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Garrett on

      I've received my poster and pins in perfect condition but still waiting on my books... Should it take this long to get to NM?

    6. Philip on

      Ah! I just gave you my info, I haven't checked my email or Kickstarter, in awhile, so, there you go.

    7. Matthew Lam on

      Congrats on a successful Kickstarter! Best of luck with the new series. ^_^

    8. Philip on

      Okay, not even a week, just 3 days ago it was having trouble clearing 25 K. Glad we could get this far though. :)

    9. Philip on

      And just think, a week ago, it wasn't even at 25 K. I even doubted we'd make it.

    10. Chris Hazelton 5-time creator on

      Whoo hoo! At $32K

    11. Chris Hazelton 5-time creator on

      Since we broke $30K we are working on the sticker image. Once it has been finalized we will post it here for all to see! :) So exciting!

    12. Chris Hazelton 5-time creator on

      You can send an e-mail to and we can work it out, to where you can buy 11 outside of kickstarter and we can add it into your shipment.

    13. Peter McAndrew on

      Just wondering, would it be possible to add Misfile book 11 to my rewards? I have books 1-10 already, international shipping is a killer and it would seem weird having 1-10 plus 12.

    14. Missing avatar

      rufiangel on

      I can't afford much more than a smidge, but I hope it still helps support you, Mr Hazelton. You're an inspiration to me with your incredible work ethic and I love Misfile! Looking forward to Six Gun Mage, I know it'll be amazing.

    15. Cyber Ranger on

      Even no we hit 30K there is still time to get a donation in on getting stuff. :P

    16. Cyber Ranger on

      I am so happy we hit 30K. I love all you guys. Thanks very much. Now we get Misfile Book 12 if we donated $40 or more. :P

    17. Devon Nemback on

      Grats Chris on making 30K+

    18. Philip on

      Whoo! Looks like we're right on target to get over 30 K. Great job, people. :D

    19. Chris Hazelton 5-time creator on

      You don't need to order through the site, just make sure you have a pledge of $40 or more. As long as we hit $30k we will ask which book, and add it in.

    20. Chris Hazelton 5-time creator on

      The story is he same, but there is notes and comments that are book only.

    21. Philip on

      Is there any difference between the online version and the book version of Misfile?

    22. Missing avatar

      Trevor Worthy on

      I'd love to order book 12 to push up the total but do I order it through Kickstarter or through the comic website?

    23. Cyber Ranger on

      Come on guys. We can do it and hit 30K. :P

    24. Chris Hazelton 5-time creator on

      For those who want to hit the push goal of $30k, if you don't have book one of misfile, you can now pick. If you want volume 1 or the newest volume 12 of misfile.

    25. Philip on

      As much as I'd love to hit the 30K mark, at the current rate of progress, it'll miss by 131 dollars. :(

      So, how do we fix that?

    26. Gunnar Hellenstam on

      It would be awesome if we could hit the 30k mark. Come on folks! I know ya all want the Ash Figurine! Go for it! :-) I'd push a few bucks more into the pot myself, but can't really afford more than the 130 I've put in already right now... :-P

    27. Chris Hazelton 5-time creator on

      Yes the ash figure will be painted. The pictures are the 1st draft from the production company. The figure will be the colors of the ash model pictures I drew.

    28. Missing avatar

      Ken Fritz on

      Love the Misfile comic, and am glad to support this project.
      Got a question though, is the Devil Ash going to come painted/colored/whatever? cause I suck at painting human figures.

    29. Cyber Ranger on

      6 DAYS left. You guys can still get in on getting stuff. Lets hit 30K :)

    30. Cyber Ranger on

      Sorry I meant if you spent $40 or more and we hit 30k we get a Misfile 12 Book. Hope it is signed.

    31. Cyber Ranger on

      So close to 30k and those who donated $40 get Misfile Book 12 as a gift. We can do it. I know we can. :P

      Here is to hoping if we do get to 30K the Devil Ash and a few other things will be in the Misfile and or 6GM store to buy later on.

    32. Chris Hazelton 5-time creator on

      Pictures of figure posted in updates!

    33. Chris Hazelton 5-time creator on

      FYI, The Devil Ash Figurine is being sculpted and the prototype is currently being made. :) Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen! :) Will post pictures as soon as we have them!

    34. Chris Hazelton 5-time creator on

      Thanks so much to everyone who helped!! We made it, time to start work on getting the items produced and created!

    35. James Yee on

      WOO! Congrats! Go team!

    36. Missing avatar

      Thomas Douglass on

      You made it! Congratulations!

    37. Cyber Ranger on

      Yaaaay we made our goal. Now we just need to make it to 30k the get book 12 of Misfile if we donated $40 or more.

    38. Matthew Lam on

      Congrats on meeting the goal! And still 19 days to go!

    39. Missing avatar

      Thomas Douglass on

      I only wish I could pledge more. I've been reading your stuff for years and it's always been awesome. I wish you the best of luck!

    40. Cyber Ranger on

      Glad to see you plan on keep making more comics. I am happy to be your Bounty Hunter. Plan to help out with what ever you create. You just seem to have a knack for knowing what we fans like. I love anything Steam Punk related with a female main lead character. So I am looking forward to 6GM very much. Funny thing is i got into playing 6 gun female characters in the Path Finder d20 D&D game. And I been getting into watching old Westerns more. Just fits my interests more now a days. I hate guns but know a lot about them to. so that works to. No matter how I look at it... it is a win.

    41. Missing avatar

      Anthony Lanese on

      I've been reading Misfile for several years, and I've never found anything else with quite the same art style and sense of humor. Looking forward to 6GM a lot.

    42. Chris Hazelton 5-time creator on

      Glad you liked it. That happens sometimes with work and comics. :) thanks for the support.

    43. Mark Brenner on

      Stumbled across this on Kickstarter which led me to look into misfile. Thanks to that I accomplished nothing at work today other than read misfile! Happy to back after enjoying that so much.

    44. James Hovell on

      Been reading Misfile for a few years now, looking forward to this new comic :D Here's hoping you quickly reach your target! =)

    45. Missing avatar

      Faust on

      I hope this makes it.. big fan of Misfile, and this sounds great!

    46. Missing avatar

      Edgar Cruz on

      You got my backup man, I have always liked your art style, so I am really pumped about this one.

    47. phreakar on

      Really enjoy your work on misfile so I'm def supporting this. :)