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InvizBox 2 makes it easy for you to protect all of your browsing, giving speed, privacy and security to you and your family
InvizBox 2 makes it easy for you to protect all of your browsing, giving speed, privacy and security to you and your family
InvizBox 2 makes it easy for you to protect all of your browsing, giving speed, privacy and security to you and your family
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    1. J. McKeever about 18 hours ago

      I did not receive VPN credentials. I assume they would have been provided via email. Can you please provide the domain for the email so I can search my inbox or spam folder. Thanks

    2. Team InvizBox 2-time creator 3 days ago

      Hey guys,
      We evaluated all the top VPN providers and were very happy with using IPVanish as our no log VPN provider. We are very passionate on security and privacy that is why InvizBox exists. We have been open and honesty on what we do and who we partner with and we will always do this. Trust is the basis of what we do.

      InvizBox and IPVanish are separate entities and are not under the same umbrella. We are a team of engineers and entrepreneurs from Ireland and we launched our first product as a Tor only router.

      We are owned, registered and operated out of Ireland. 

      We are not under the remit of US law or any such orders. We go to great lengths to make sure there are no back doors or tampering of the products en-route to customers. Our devices are made in China, imported to Ireland. Where they are securely wiped, checked for anomalies in hardware. We then install our firmware in Dublin and ship to customer. Our firmware source is available for review at any time on our Github account,

      InvizBox Ltd is based in Ireland and are not subject to US laws. We have talked internally about our own warrant canary but right now our focus is on getting product out to the community. We will continue to review this once products are shipping and there is more time in place to put a canary live.

      3rd party servers are securely located all around the world. Our servers are located in Dublin Ireland.

      We use AES-256 for encryption.

    3. Missing avatar

      vancottem 4 days ago

      for your information

      if your server is in one of these countries, they can get log, listen to outgoing and incoming traffic, use 3rd person attack and much more. I only use VPNs based in Europe where there is a legal guarantee of data protection.

    4. Missing avatar

      vancottem 4 days ago

      Mike Scheel's reaction asks a question that I also have. Does IP Vanish save our Logs? What guarantee they don't? Where is the main server with our credentials? (If it's in the USA you can already keep your device, I don't want it). What is their encryption level,? What assurance is there that there are no gaps in your programs? Will the source file be published? Why can't I use my own VPN service?
      Ip Vanish what independent audit guarantees that he is not listening by 3rd person attack?
      An extra intermediary between Tor and the network is a big risk! If there's a backdoor in your system or a flaw, the whole anonymity is ruined.

    5. Missing avatar

      Mike Scheel 4 days ago

      After receiving the VPN creds and contacting support to find out where the .ovpn files were, I am quite concerned about this product. Since this device is supposed to be centered on security why are you using a five eyes VPN (ipvanish)? How did you arrive at this service as opposed to a different, non-fifteeneyes VPN? Is this a partnership or are IPVansih and Invizbox under the same corporate umbrella? It begs the question, what countries are the Invizbox and/or parent corp registered? Is there any reason to be concerned about backdoors being introduced into the hardware or firmware as there have been reports of the US strong-arming developers into placing them in the devices? When they are finally shipped to the Kickstarter community are there any assurances that can be made to that end such as a warrant canary?

    6. Team InvizBox 2-time creator on

      Fair enough, Benjamin. I hear you. The last update was just shy of a month ago. We'll get another one out. Per the last update in July we're still good for September delivery of the devices.

      Getting the credentials out took longer than expected because we got sidetracked on something else but they will start rolling out today.

    7. Benjamin Waxler on

      Got to say guys so far not blow away by the total lack of communication. Actually getting out the VPN Credentials in "24 hours" would be a good start but looks like that did not happen.

      Can we even get a wild ass guess on when we will expect to see these routers? Hell even a monthly update would be great at this point, a real "Update" update not a comment in the comments section. 95% of users are not checking the comments with any sort of regularity. Please send future updates in the actual update system so we will be emailed to know you are still alive.

    8. Team InvizBox 2-time creator on

      @Yasa - we should have VPN credentials out in the next 24 hours

      @Samuel - that was a bit of ribbing aimed at us :)

      @Sebastian - The circuit board is only finalised just before it's sent for certification which will be end of this month. In the mean-time there are several iterations of changes. Last time around we had 7 or 8 iterations before sending for certification. Prototype testing individual components doesn't cover all the eventualities unfortunately.
      We'll push out more updates but I can't commit to one a week because we don't have enough new information each week to fill you guys in with

    9. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Kurscheid on

      Hi Team InvizBox!

      I am starting to get a bit concerned about the lack of transparency. Your last update about the July trip to China has not been very clear about what the exact impediments to delivery are. What exactly are the mentioned "performance bottlenecks"? How come that these were not identified during prototyping? How can performance bottlenecks be fixed once a product is in production? Where is the promised free access to the VPN service? I really would like to see this project through to a successful finish. But I think now would be the time to more proactively engage with your 509 backers rather in the reactive manner of answering single comments. How about a weekly status update?



    10. Missing avatar

      Yasa Tahir

      Any news about the early VPN access??

    11. Missing avatar

      Samuel Lewis on

      Forecast December? The update says September... where is December coming from?

    12. J. McKeever on

      Sorry went to the comments first before checking the updates.

      Forecast December


    13. J. McKeever on

      It’s been a week.

      How about a revised forecast with dates if known, thanks

    14. Team InvizBox 2-time creator on

      Hey guys, an update is coming soon, hopefully this week. We still have some things to finalise before we push out the update.

    15. Missing avatar

      Gio on

      Update please, it is late on delivery - at least keep us up to date

    16. Missing avatar

      Jose Checo on

      Can we have another update please.

    17. Team InvizBox 2-time creator on

      Hey John, approximate shipping date is end of July, start of August. Once our team is back from China we will have a better idea, expect an update next week.

    18. Big John

      Backer #512 Please just give me an approximate ship date?

    19. Team InvizBox 2-time creator on

      Mini update: Going to China tomorrow. We'll update properly when we're back :)

    20. Team InvizBox 2-time creator on

      Hi Gio,
      As mentioned in our FAQ you will not be able to use your own VPN provider out of the box. The functionality to use the TOR network is already there.

    21. Missing avatar

      Gio on

      Hello, have you already implemented the advanced features that will let those of us who want to use different VPN providers and especially TOR network? Cheers

    22. Missing avatar

      Samuel Lewis on

      I can't wait to get mine, been looking forward to this for a while...I have about 3 banks I need to hack, and need this invizbox to do so.... Definitely a joke! Just getting impatient as I always do with new technology. Your products are always worth the wait though. Can't wait for the update.

    23. Team InvizBox 2-time creator on

      Hey Usman, Paul is going to post an update in the next few days, keep an eye out for that.

    24. Missing avatar

      Usman Kidwai on

      Hi Invizbox team,
      wanted to circle back and see if the June-end/early-July date is still looking healthy and that we can expect to get our product in that time frame? super excited and waiting anxiously....

    25. Team InvizBox 2-time creator on

      Hey Jamie, we completely understand that people get concerned when there is a lack of communication. We've gotten our wires uncrossed and hopefully we can avoid any further frustration. Thank you for the kind words!

    26. Missing avatar

      Jamie on

      Thanks for the update guys, my concerns noted in earlier comments were mis-placed.

      I was burned on the Armour VPN Kickstarter, the early indicator that it was a scam was the lack of communication which led to compete silence. I wrongly thought that was happening again.

      The product looks great and I look forward to receiving mine soon. Keep up the great work.

    27. Team InvizBox 2-time creator on

      Now that the update is there I'll answer the other questions:

      You can change to (or from) transparent before shipping. We'll give you a heads up on the final decision date.

      Waiting on the China trip was the main reason for the radio silence on the update front. We had to delay the trip twice.

      VPN service in advance of delivery is something we did with the InvizBox Go because it was delayed quite a bit. It's a non-trivial amount of work to do this which would directly impact firmware so we're not planning to do it this time.

    28. Team InvizBox 2-time creator on

      Hi Guys,

      Apologies for the lack of response here. We each thought someone else was keeping an eye on the comments :(

      I'm just back from a trip to China and came on to post an update when I saw them. Writing it up now!


    29. Missing avatar

      Samuel Lewis on

      Jamie, as Movie Kang stated, you're asking questions that have already been answered on this page. Why beat a dead horse? The company will deliver as they always do, with quality products. Key word here being quality. This make take some time to get it perfect, and, as with any business, there will be obstacles. All of this has been answered already. I hope this helps you.

    30. Movie Kang on

      Jamie this organization delivers. They already addressed issues. Updating just to say whats already been said, is a waste of time. I have the Invizbox go, and I am a lifetime subscriber. Their product is well made, and works great. The history behind this project is a winner. Waiting for them to overcome common obstacles that often occur in many projects, is just part of the process. You will love the product.

    31. Missing avatar

      Jamie on

      Cards on the table; I’m nervous about this projects ability to deliver a product despite having successfully delivered previously. My apprehension is down to the lack of communication recently (with the exception of the survey - which doesn’t mean the project is drawing close to the end) and unanswered questions on the comments section. The lack of information and unanswered questions on timelines etc, in my experience, means there is difficulties behind the scenes.

      This is a concern as I have recently increased my pledge to a pro device with lifetime VPN, I went all in and I’m starting to regret it.

      Couple of questions:
      Any reason for the radio silence?
      What does the current schedule have as a delivery date?
      Can we get access to the VPN service in advance of delivery?

    32. Missing avatar

      Usman Kidwai on

      Hey InvizBox team,
      are we still good for a June delivery? looking to the product anxiously :)

    33. Missing avatar

      Jamie on

      Hi guys, what’s the latest delivery date? I’ve updated my pledge to the pro with lifetime VPN and I’m looking forward to receiving it.

      I saw there was a 2 month hardware delay on a recent update so I’m assuming June delivery?

      Keep up the good work.

    34. Missing avatar

      Usman Kidwai on

      @InvizBox team,
      Will we get a chance to choose to go with the transparent option before you ship, since the imagery is not yet available?

    35. MK on

      Just curious: was the goal at 100k reached? (External antenna).

    36. Missing avatar

      John For Nothin on

      Is there any place we can email you ?
      It seems that backerkit is replacing my Invizbox 2 Pro by a normal version.

      Thanks a lot,


    37. Missing avatar

      Corvinus on

      Can you at least describe what you believe it will look like (i.e. is it opaque translucent or completely translucent like glass)?

    38. Team InvizBox 2-time creator on

      We will only have them just before the production run unfortunately (and it'll only be an option for crowdfunding backers)

    39. Missing avatar

      Corvinus on

      Can we get a picture of what the transparent one will look like before we fill out the surveys?

    40. Team InvizBox 2-time creator on

      Not yet, Usman. We wont have them for another while.

    41. Missing avatar

      Usman Kidwai on

      Are there any pictures of the transparant case?

    42. Team InvizBox 2-time creator on

      Surveys sent out today guys :)

    43. Tan, Sher Li

      Have not received the there a delay??

    44. Benjamin Waxler on

      anyone get their survey? I don't seem to have received it 2 weeks after the post that it was coming out in "the next few days"...

    45. Theresa Christian on

      Can you provide a comparison chart of the final component specifications of the invizbox 2 and invizbox 2 pro?

    46. J. McKeever on

      Back on December 6th I figured the 2 month delay. Hopefully that holds.

      Keep the communication going.

    47. Team InvizBox 2-time creator on

      Hi Usman. I'll answer in the updates thread just to keep it all together as I think more backers will see it there :)

    48. Missing avatar

      Usman Kidwai on

      Thanks InvixBox team - was good to get an update. I posted a comment on the update - but wouldnt hurt to ask here too :)
      with the current delays, how does that impact the end user deliveries? What revised dates/timelines are we looking at now? just a ballpark will be helpful.

    49. Team InvizBox 2-time creator on

      Apologies for the delay guys. Update posted. It's been *crazy*

    50. Missing avatar

      Usman Kidwai on

      Hi InvizBox team,
      It would really be good to get a progress update on how things are progressing and where you guys are at wrt to the delivery timelines etc...

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