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Internationally touring world music ensemble LIBANA to record new meditative, inspiring chants & rounds for healing and peace.

“World Class! ...a globe-circling sound... The music brings universal understanding across borders.”  –The Boston Globe

“There’s something otherworldly about the beautiful, ethereal singing of Libana,” --Minneapolis Star Tribune 


Our fans around the world are clamoring for new recorded Libana music!!! 

The last recording we released was in the fall of 2009, so here we excitedly go--into the Studio again, this time to record some favorite new rounds and chants that our audiences have been requesting for months and months--HOORAY!!!

Libana truly relies on the support of our friends, family and fans; so, with your love and generous contributions towards this project, we will record six new songs for download. With the widespread availability of downloadable music, we will not be creating a new hard copy CD in this project, but each song will be available on itunes or another of your favorite music download sites. 

These six songs will be professionally recorded and released as they are completed-- with the last scheduled to be recorded in the early fall of this year:

* Ilu Finu (words from a Jewish prayer, set to music by Linda Hirschhorn)

* The Night Is Over (a traditional proverb of the Fipa people of East Africa beautifully set to music by Orff-Schulwerk music educator Jacque Schrader) 

* Peace Prayer Mandala (with mantra-like lines drawn from Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, Christian, and Jewish traditions interwoven with a prayer to the Great Mother--all set to music by Sophia Songhealer)

* Tara Mantra Chant (a setting of the traditional Buddhist Green Tara mantra set to music by Nepali composer Nhyoo Bajracharya, learned from the beautiful singing of Tibetan Buddhist nun Ani Choying Dolma) 

Shanti (a multi-part chant written by Skye Sanford, a music educator we met while touring in North India in February, 2011). 

An Instrument of Peace (an adaption of the famous text by St. Francis of Assisi, songwriter unknown!)

Your tax-deductible contribution will pay for professional level Studio time to record, edit and mix our music, engineer time, travel costs (we are recording in a rural NH Studio where we look out to inspiring green fields and forest as we sing!), as well as promotional efforts to get the word out far and wide that Libana has released new music. If we surpass our goal, we promise to put every cent to good use towards Libana's artistic purpose! 

As a women's world music ensemble and longtime creative community based in the very multicultural city of Boston, Libana has been exploring the music and dance of the world's women since 1979. Through immersing in the deep cross cultural sharing that informs the process of learning new repertoire from around the globe, we learn so much-- not only about the music and dance women contribute to their communities, but also of the experience women have within the traditions, rituals, celebrations, political reality, and spiritual practices of their culture. In Libana, we choose to embrace and make music from the global perspective that there are "Many Paths to the Spirit", and there is inspiration to be found in every cultural expression and spiritual practice on earth!

“Thanks for the hope and inspiration, and appreciation of diversity that I receive from your artistry.” –C. C. Boerne, TX

With over 200,000 copies sold worldwide, Libana's previous rounds and chants recordings (A Circle Is Cast, Fire Within, Night Passage, Turning) have infused the repertoires of song circles, school choruses, community choirs, spiritual communities, and women's groups around the globe. 

Our listeners write:

“Your group’s music has been a source of joy and strength for years. . . thank you for years of inspiration. At our nearby Waldorf school, in people’s houses and cars, in singing groups, your work is being spread out in ways you will never know.”  --L. G., Austin, TX 

"One of our music teachers is from Alice Spring (in our Australian Desert); just the thought of your voices sounding in that sacred place brings joy to my heart.” --A. C. (Australia)

"Please know that your vision, skills, and creativity have enriched the lives of children and teachers across the United States and perhaps the world." --National Conference Chairs, 2009 AOSA Professional Development Conference

"Libana is among the finest things left afloat in the world, and may it ever thrive amid all the mess we live in!” --A.K., Amherst, MA

“Our world community continues to be blessed by the talents and gifts of Libana and their members!  I am ever grateful.” –A. H., Tulsa, OK

"Your music enlarges the soul." --C.M., Cambridge, MA

With your generous support, we hope these new songs will further inspire singers and listeners around the world with the instantaneous experience of joyous community harmony found in the singing of a round, and the simple, deep, peaceful beauty of chant. 

With heartfelt gratitude, 

The women of LIBANA



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