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Do you enjoy First person Shooters? MMOS? RPG? Combined it and learn more about Aries! We need the support!

Do you enjoy First person Shooters? MMOS? RPG? Combined it and learn more about Aries! We need the support!

Do you enjoy First person Shooters? MMOS? RPG? Combined it and learn more about Aries! We need the support! Read More
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About this project

Aries is intended to take Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs) in a fresh new direction! In this proposal, you will get an early look at how Aries will make first person shooter combat, traditional MMORPG questing, and vicious player versus player combat more accessible than ever to both casual and hardcore gamers.

Aries Overview Description

The game takes place during Earth's destruction the human race began an expedition to a new habitable planet they could call home. However, they were detoured during their travels and crashed landed on an unknown planet soon named Aries. During their time on Aries, civil rivalry between ranks broke out and sides were chosen on who should lead. Earth survivors soon realize many of their own technologies were found on Aries and a bigger story for the destruction of Earth starts to surface. The objective now for survival is to find resources to help rebuild the survival ships and to get back on course to the second Earth in the mean time surviving the dangers that Aries presents to Earth's survivors.

Aries is a massive multiplayer online game filled with the latest weapons and vehicles. Players will be able to dictate their own reputation through weapon choice, class abilities and profession. Play as several class abilities that are unique in there own ways from Special Forces, Sniper, Naturalist, Artillery, Engineer, Medic, Spy, and many more to master in the world of Aries; not only will there be hundreds of weapons you can choose from, there will also be vehicles, alien domestic creatures  that can be driven or ridden. The world of Aries will be balance for players to play on several servers to prevent lag and crowd overload. You will have to use your skills and wits with strategic tactics to do well. To avoid getting conquered in the player versus player in this game you should go through the top secret missions and raid missions.      

Aries brings amazing scenery and destructive scenarios from town battles to remote locations hidden in the forest and jungles. Players will need to know what the advantages and disadvantages of weapons, vehicles and professions. You will also need to know what your enemies’ limits and yourself. Tutorials will be fun and simple to play through to get the basics of game play.

  Team strategy and tactics is a major key to this game. Squad leaders will be able to call all the shots, call out enemy movements, and call in supplies, reinforcements, air support and artillery.

You will need to use each team’s profession tactically when in battle.  It will be up to you as an elite soldier to figure out what will be your expertise. Which is your true calling? Where will you fit best in a team of other elite soldiers?

Gaining rank in Aries will bring you more rewards and influence with the side you choose. Gain General status and become your leaders go to unit. Rank can provide better missions for better rewards. Develop bases to be known in Aries and for refugees to seek out for safety. Establish your own special unit to be known in the world of Aries and build your own base to defend. Schedule mini unit vs. unit challenges in the game to develop a strong and discipline unit. Earn medals to place in your trophy room in your bunker or for your base to be recognized by your unit. Be known with people of Aries and be the most feared soldier in the world.

The difficulty level in Aries will be how will you as an Elite Soldier master your profession. Easy missions can be challenging if you don’t strategize right. Soldiers that go in head first without thinking may increase their chance to fail the mission. You will appreciate your accomplishments more and the citizens of Aries will recognize and acknowledge them as well.

So be ready soldier! Stay strong and focus. The life of a soldier in Aries is a long and dangerous road to walk. There are many undiscovered things in Aries that you will have to discover and provide in tell for your commander to analyze. Choose the side you wish to follow and defend your commander to the death! Our fellow soldier from the planet Aries, Your Journey is about to begin! 

Free To Play

 In Game Store

 Purchasable Cosmetic Items and Buildings

 Subscription Plans for enhanced game play

Players will be able to purchase Aries but will not have to pay to play. Access to the game for free to play characters will be mostly unrestricted, allowing them to enjoy a vast array of different play styles. Players will be incentivized to participate in an online and in-game store, which will allow them to attain unparalleled heights of character customization.

Subscription plans will be available to players who want access to more content, greater bonuses and items, as well as a greatly increased personal storage space. Casual players, who cannot spend as much time in the game acquiring the best items will be able to compete.

Aries will be operating on the Unreal 3 engine- a stable and proven medium for games with breathtaking visuals and visceral combat. The Unreal engine will put Aries a step above any other Free To Play MMOs on the Market today, attracting gamers who place great importance in the visual aspect of their chosen game.

Players will be able to experience both First and Third person shooter gameplay, made possible by the Unreal 3 engine. This allows player to enjoy a combat experience similar to hit games like Mass Effect or Gears of War.

Aries' game world is one of mysterious alien ruins, monstrous creatures, and inhospitable jungles. The Unreal engine will make all of these landscapes, interiors, and creatures come to life before the player's eyes. First Eye Interactive is committed to creating a game that is both accessible and incredibly immersive. Aries will achieve cinematic quality in both visual interaction and sound design. Players will be amazed by a lifelike and realistic world they can interact with in ways that have not been explored in other contemporary MMOs. Collision detection, visual degradation and destruction of both environments and items is all possible with Unreal Technology.

Pre-production stage

We have a short playable demo using the unreal engine. We currently have caught interest with Sony Electronics and Qualcomm and TC Digital. Qualcomm is our main target of interest specifically in the Android Snap Dragon space. We have been invited to E3 in 2011 and Qualcomm Uplink 2011 and as well as GDC in 2012. 

We have a game design document, storyline, concept, mobile demo as well as a pc demo of Aries.

Our initial team was made up of 7 core individuals spread out throughout the United States and one from Greece. Yes Greece! My stand in lead developer is Jay Barbeau former lead programmer/sound engineer/composer for the game EverQuest by SOE, Sony Online Entertainment. 

Funding Use

Funding will be use to build and finalize our team to develop Aries for first person shooter massive multiplayer fans. Equipment,software, licensing, server space.  We plan to enter the gaming market through the mobile android space first and eventually cross platform with PC users for the final product. We seek to use the start up funding to gain a partner like Qualcomm to help us reach Aries into its finish form. Aries is where the future of first person shooter gaming is going and games like Planet Side 2, Huxley, Firefall are proving Aries to be promising.

All intellectual Property I copy written by First Eye Inc since 2008


  • Thank you to all who have been supporting us so far! Please spread the word so we may gain more pledges for Aries. We hope to provide more jobs in San Diego through Aries and meet more talented game creators.

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  • We would like to thank our first Supporter James P Walker! We plan to see more interested fans like James these pass 28 days. We are working hard to bring Aries to market and really develop a new title strongly desired by game fans! Spread the word and share any ideas you wish for us to look over.

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