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Beautifully sculpted Fairytale Miniatures you can collect or use with the Fairytale Games Universe, based on artwork from our games!
1,269 backers pledged $236,625 to help bring this project to life.

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Miniatures Campaign Update

Posted by Alexander Lim (Creator)

Hello Backers, 

It’s been quite a while since the last update and I’d like to catch you up on a few things. For the 69 miniature figures (including the 3 cheesecake ones), all tooling and moulds are complete and we are going to begin mass production in October/November. By researching alternative solutions, we found the best way to produce these would be as a big box versus individual boxes as we did for the Sacred40. We are also going to opt to produce a very low print run, basically to the lowest rounded up threshold we can get after satisfying backer pledges. If there are any left over, we’ll sell the rest online and at conventions and that would be it. In the future, we may reprint certain characters, but not as a big box like this. We have some pretty cool ideas for the box design which we’ll post in another update. 

For those curious about production time, normally a factory will take about 3 weeks to come up with a boxed proof (sooner if it’s just cards and chits). After, there will normally be about a week for final approvals for the entirety of the product. Once approved, final mass production begins and it’ll take about 2 weeks to complete (depending on how large the order and the size of the project.) After, they ship by sea and will normally take about a month to reach the US and much sooner to reach other shipping HUBs. Once the HUBs receive the product, it takes about a week to process it into their system and shipping/fulfillment can begin. That is what a healthy production to fulfillment cycle looks like, and is also the goal for us for these minis. 


Just as a refresher, here are the other items which are outstanding in this campaign.

  • Super Fairytale Fighters 2 (Round 2) – WIP (5 of 8 decks complete)
  • Poker Deck – WIP (3 suits finished, last suit being worked on)
  • Cheesecake Pack 2 – WIP 
  • Fantasy Lores – WIP 
  • The Living Storybook – WIP 
  • Fairytale Games: The Story Book (volume 1) – WIP 
  • Pulp Fantasy Pack – TBD 
  • Trinity Ball – TBD 
  • 12 Days of Kickstarter - TBD 
  • Promo Cards – TBD 
  • Fairytale Games Art Book 2 – TBD 
  • Mother Goose’s Story Crimes – TBD 

The items with WIP (work in progress) is what we are working on now. The ones with TBD (To be determined) will be assigned only after the WIPs are completely designed. We are working on the digital versions at this time but rather than telling you now what’s in store too far in advance, I rather just tell you what’s been accomplished during each update. 


Our art studio, Wonderland Studios has been taking up freelance jobs, ⅓ of which goes towards production of items for this campaign. This is ongoing in order to keep production going forward. 


For more info on Fairytale Games: Battle Royale and Dragon Tides, please visit their respective campaigns. For example, if you want info on Fairytale Games Editions, Expansions, etc, you'll need to visit the Battle Royale campaign.


If you have been following along since February, I had met someone who was very interested in acquiring our Martial Arts: The Card Game IP. Last month, we sold it to them so they are 100% owners of the game, artwork, assets, and files. By selling it to Blacklist Games, we were able to use the money towards this last shipping of Battle Royale.

Our Art Studio is also doing the artwork for their Series 2 game in which the funds will continue to be allocated out across our Kickstarter campaigns for production and shipping only. A few of you have seen that they launched their campaign on Kickstarter today. I want to be clear that they are the sole owners of the Martial Arts IP and have nothing to do with us outside of the artwork at this point. Because of them, we were able to move ahead with some shipping for Battle Royale and I am so grateful for that. Of course, I also believe that they will take the IP and game and take it further than I ever could. 


We will begin utilizing our Facebook and Websites once again, starting September so that those who aren’t able to follow along on Kickstarter will have multiple channels to receive consolidated information for game production across the board. Kickstarter has helped us with a hard reset for our Kickstarter e-mails. So as of Aug 18th, we have a fresh inbox. Previous messages for each campaign have been deleted but anyone who messages us through it now, will be seen and replied to in a timely manner.

Box Set 9

Posted by Alexander Lim (Creator)

Hi Everyone,

Since my last update I had been away to help a close friend of mine deal with the passing of his father. Thank you for your patience and allowing me some time to help him with his loss. It was very difficult for his family and since there was a lot of things to handle between the states and internationally, things needed more time than planned and took a lot out of all of us emotionally and physically.

But here's some good news... Box Set 9 (finally!) I'm still very poor at this light box thing as you can see from the photos. (Maybe a video of each of the minis from this campaign would be better now that I have all the proofs in?)

In other news, Belle has also graciously volunteered to return as backup for updates to ensure that even when I'm unable to do so, she can at least communicate with you all to answer questions or provide whatever news is the most current. I think that's yet another thing we've needed all along, in order to prevent more congestion here.

Have any of you tried the Super Fairytale Fighters 2 decks that are being shared in Dropbox yet? Currently available as PNP are Alice, Cinderella, Hatter, John Henry Steel, and Robin Hood. During the next update, you'll have access to Snow then following, the Ginerbread Man.

Once again, thank you for all the best wishes the past couple of weeks. Needless to say, it was much appreciated. Now that these proofs are all in, we've made our comments and will be moving this forward.

Update postpone a week

Posted by Alexander Lim (Creator)

Hello Everyone,

This is also a note to tell you that I've been away for the last week from Kickstarter because a close friend of mine had lost someone dear to him that I knew very well. I have been helping their family with arrangements and will attend service this weekend. That has been the only thing on my mind at the moment. By next week, we'll be back to the regularly scheduled updates here.

The good news is that I have received the final minis proof for Box Set 9! I'll have them photographed and posted upon my return.

Also, as some of you may have noticed, the main website is currently down. Don't worry, it's because we are adding the store to it but I haven't finished working on it yet. Unfortunately I didn't realize that the entire site would be down for this duration.

For inquiries for Battle Royale Shipping.... As mentioned in the update 3 weeks ago, our awesome distributors had proposed a solution for us with GBG. Currently, I'm still awaiting news of things getting the green light and of which areas will receive them first. A lot has to do with coordinating the inventory I have with the costs associated to it and matching what can be shipped with what was already in the queue previously. After contact early last week, I need to sign a waiver to release inventory (after this weekend) then I believe we'll be good to go. Once I hear what day shipping begins, I'll make a post right away. Keep in mind that this won't be for all areas at first because we are still working on the financial issues.

Looking forward to bringing you more details in the next update.

Zombie Snow and Esmeralda for Approvals!

Posted by Alexander Lim (Creator)

Hi Everyone,

Just got these two in from the manufacture ... Finally! Introducing Zombie Snow and Esmeralda:

Box Set #9 is in transit to us with an estimated time of 2 weeks. I believe that is the last of the production proofs to review before production. So who exactly is in Box Set #9?

  • Spartacus
  • Briar Rose
  • Sir Mordred
  • Lilith
  • Knight (Backer Creation)
  • Baba Yaga
  • Slitmouth Woman

For those who sent messages confused at all the Box Sets and is wondering if after these minis are sent out when stretch goals will be sent, to clarify, the first 14 minis (2 Box Sets) were part of the "all in" pledge. All the other minis from Box Set 3-9 were unlocked stretch goals, free to you (that's 49 unlocked minis in total)! 

The other 3 you've seen (Cheesecake Rapunzel, Cheesecake Diao Chan, and Cheesecake Robin) were add-ons offered during the campaign.

So when these 9 boxed sets are fulfilled, they will be both the Retail Boxes + Stretch Goal Unlocked Boxes as well, shipped at the same time.

John Henry Steel

Another Super Fairytale Fighters 2 Character makes the roster! Since this is part of the SFTF2 Set that was part of this campaign, I figured it would be beneficial in this update.

This Steampunk Warrior uses a new mechanic called SCRAP where you can essentially use your gear and armaments to customize your attacks and defense. Though he's not the best in linking combos (though the Super Charged move helps a lot), he's absolutely perfect at defending heavy and counter attacking with power. Cards like Recycle and B.N.D. (Brand New Day for comic buffs out there) are awesome game changers that are thematic for this deck!

To give his PNP (Print and Play) a whirl, download it and the decks for Alice, Cinderella, Hatter, and Robin Hood Here!


For anyone interested in the recent updates with the Battle Royale game, Shipping of it, and updated Rulebook for the Game (v3.0), please follow the link to our other campaign update page:

Cinderella Update

Posted by Alexander Lim (Creator)

Hi Everyone! I have some progressive news to share with all of you following up with some of the solutions mentioned previously.

After getting sick with the flu for about a week, I was invited to the GAMMA Tradeshow on a whim last week. For those of you who have never heard of the show, it’s a smaller convention that focuses on connecting distributors and retailers to game companies and publishers. Being there, I was able to meet several companies who would consider distributing our products, which would allow us to reach more retailers for sales. As mentioned before, one of the solutions to help pay for our outstanding invoices was from retail sales. This was a step in the right direction. 


Since I’m trying to aggressively clear out the shipping invoices as quickly as possible in order to get the games to you all, I will re-open the surveys of this campaign in order for you to change/update your addresses. To do so, just log into your Kickstarter account and go to our campaign. From there, you should see the button to manage/edit your address. I will need to give an updated list to our shipping/fulfillment center this week. So please edit your survey as soon as possible. That way, whenever we’re able to clear shipping from an area for Battle Royale, Sacred40 Re-issues and Rumplestiltskin, they can ship immediately once they’re paid.

To hear more about it and to get the updated news/status of Fairytale Games: Battle Royale, Sacred40 Re-issues and Rumplestiltsking, please visit:

Minis Campaign Update

I was expecting to receive a package in the main this week but saw the tracking last night and saw that it should be here around Tuesday. From what I understand, it's going to be either Box Set 9 or Esmeralda and Zombie Snow White (I'm hoping for both at the same time). Once I get them in, I'll post some photos and approve them for manufacturing.


For a refresher, Cinderella's deck is part of the Super Fairytale Fighters 2: Round 2 set offered in this campaign. 

In short, Cinderella is a well-rounded character that is easy to get into, yet has a lot of great card strategies. She’s great with combos and have cards that give you bonuses because of your combo strategy. Cards such as Harpoon, Grieving Heart that mess with your opponent’s hand, there are cards like Time’s Up, Broken Glass, Blue Fairy, and Onion Strike that provide buffs and some strong defense that grows depends on your enemy’s ability to combo as well. Both her Strategy cards are very attainable based on her high combo rate and the lower Adrenaline asking.

Be sure to check out her PNP deck as well as Alice, Hatter, and Robin Hood here:

Looking forward to the next update with some Miniatures photos!