CA$ 5.00 pledged of CA$ 7,100 goal
By Peter Higgins
CA$ 5.00 pledged of CA$ 7,100 goal


Wordcarpenter Books – Non-profit online reading center offering original fiction free to read to all visitors. Current readership with eight books: 200 visitors per day. Goal: reach every Internet reader and offer them stories that inspire. All books have ISBN number and each book can be purchased but to date only two books have sold. However online readership has increased from an average of about two page views per visitor up to an average of 27 page views per visitor. Proves the model is working.

With some targeted low-cost investment in marketing, software infrastructure and web-hosting costs, this enterprise is poised to reach millions of readers. As a Canadian-based enterprise, Wordcarpenter Books encourages ideas, new writers who want to be published, and all those interested in literature and inspiration to visit to find a story that touches them. Young adult fiction, coming-to-age, adventure fiction and biographies can currently be found at the website.

Each book is laid out online, with two chapters on each webpage. Images and photographs and sketches line the margins to enhance the reading experience. For those who enjoy a fuller experience the reader can click on the music icon on the page to listen to songs that reflect the tone of the content. Many of the stories are long so the reader is encouraged to bookmark the site and return with more time. The site is designed for Sunday morning coffee on the couch. Turn off your TV and read a new form of storytelling. Let Wordcarpenter up the standard to better web pages, more images, more artistry in the lay out so the reader with keep coming back.

We hope at Wordcarpenter to inspire a whole new generation to greatness and self-actualization. The project is non-profit. Of note is that currently all the content is from authors willing to offer their writing to readers without asking for payment. The philosophy behind is that the author ultimately prefers their writings to be read rather than to receive a five dollar payment. The potential positive spin off is great. The reader enjoys the books and somewhere along the line is inspired by a character or an insight or an adventure, which fosters a new era of international cooperation and hope.

With some financial backing this project could reach more readers. How can this happen? We would enhance the artistic design of the site so we can improve the meta-tags, web page structure and thus search engine traction. Also, targeted online advertising (vis-à-vis promo “banners”) at locations where readers can be found. These adjustments are not difficult but with time and focus – within four years – the daily readership could jump from 200 per day to 2000 per day. With this high traffic and with this specific targeted demographic group (readers), Wordcarpenter Books has the potential to reach many educated online users and offer them literature but also related links, thus becoming a sort of online information center where the latest in online publishing and news in adventure fiction, biography and other related news is offered to the visitor.

Wordcarpenter understands that the average online reader is very young, which suits the inspiring nature of the works currently offered. Up to this point Wordcarpenter Books has been operated on a shoestring budget. But with some raised capital we could move the project forward. Everyone will benefit.

Please consider a contribution. And watch the site evolve over the proposed four-year plan. We currently have three authors’ works available for free reading on the website, and two more authors who have agreed to offer their books as well. Editing of these works constitutes a time-consuming aspect of managing the website, but once a book has been proofed and laid out, it’s there for all to read permanently. As further testament to the success of this model, Wordcarpenter Books currently has over 5000 Twitter followers.

Risks and challenges

Some of the risks and challenges are the limitations of the current website building software used by Wordcarpenter Publishing. With new WordPress software we can better present a user-friendly website with more interaction between readers and authors. Another major challenge is name awareness. By targeted e-marketing Wordcarpenter can reach young people in the poorer area in the world who have an Internet connection and offer them free books to read and other links of interest.

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