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Julian finds that love is not always so blind when he's forced to be the caretaker of his girlfriend, who lost her sight in a car wreck

Love is Blindness is a short film that I wrote just about a year ago and have been trying to film ever since. It’s a story that asks a question that everyone who has ever been in love has asked themselves; how unconditional is my love?

Julian is adjusting to his new way of life after a car accident leaves his girlfriend, Emma, blinded.  Not only must Emma come over her own disability, but Julian must find how to love her in spite of their mutual frustration and exhaustion.  Love is Blindness is a story of love in spite and caring out of spite.  Love is a blindness that both Julian and Emma are dealing with.

For me, film should be about asking old questions in new ways and film is best when it does just that. Blindness and how one adjusts to it is a subject that has been close to my heart since high school where I met a wonderful young man who found happiness in spite of his physical setback. This film is for him, but anyone can find meaning and themselves in this, at least that is my hope.

It wasn’t until relatively recently that I decided I want to film this in one shot, without cuts.  A mentor of mine has done it and succeeded beautifully, and I hope to do the same. I could not even wish to do this without my trusty cinematographer, Charles Robertson.  Charles has made short films before, but he concurs that this project will be his biggest challenge yet, but he's ready to take it on.  It is an intense undertaking, but I believe with diligence and focus we can accomplish it. 

 At this point, I’m sure you’re wondering where your money will go, well I’m here to calm your fears. It will not go (completely) to booze and after parties. It will go to the following: 

 1. Catering- It’s said that when you don’t have money to pay your actors, pay them in food. That is a rule I plan to follow religiously. Part of your money will go to keeping the cast and crew happy as we do take after take until we’re happy with the result. 

2. Costumes/Set props- There are about 5 things I think are of utmost importance when filming on a budget, one of those things is continuity. Nothing takes a nerd out of a film quicker than a continuity error. Another part of your money will go to getting the costumes and set pieces for the film that will help keep everything looking like it should. 

3. Sound- Lastly, as far as production goes, and another of the 5 components of a successful low budget film is the sound. Honestly, the sound has kept this film on the back burner for the better part of 2013. Now I have the equipment, but am lacking the software. That is specifically what this portion of money will go to. 

4. Distribution- The truly last step to filmmaking is getting it seen. This film is not just a personal project that I want to just put on YouTube or my Facebook, though there is nothing wrong with doing that. I plan on submitting this to festivals across the country as well as distributing hard copies to those who donate enough. The majority of the funds will be going towards this. 

So now you know what makes this project special and how exactly you will contribute to it. I hope that you will take the opportunity to help get this film off the ground. As many say, anything helps. So even if you just want to leave a dollar and a nice comment, please do so. I look forward to this experience, and I am so thankful to you if you’re willing to help. 

 -Shane Wellesley, Writer and Director of Love is Blindness

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Obviously, doing a film in one shot will be incredibly difficult, but I trust that the crew and cast are good enough to pull it off.

Another will be getting the word out on my film. There aren't any big names attached, so it might be hard to get people to take a look at it.

Once funded, the only other challenge will be the crew's lack of experience. But sometimes, that's where the most beautiful things come from, people who are doing it for the first time.


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