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Squaredy Cats are cute enough to soften the edge of everything scary. Designed by toy artists, Kurt Marquart and Elaine de la Mata.
177 backers pledged $13,001 to help bring this project to life.

Great news for backers! I need your feedback ASAP

Posted by Kurt Marquart (Creator)

Angel Backers came in BIG in the first week. We want to pay it forward...

This is exciting! After the first week we've gotten to almost 50% funding, in a large part due to angel backers*** who pledged funds to make Squaredy Cats happen, but didn't ask for anything in return, including a large contribution from the company that will be making these.

***We'd be remiss to neglect mentioning we sold TWO customs already which helps skew our costs in your favor.

What does this mean?

Not having anticipated this we can adjust the cost significantly. We want to lower the price tiers to encourage some who thought this project was too expensive to back... but that wouldn't be fair to you, the early backers. So we have a proposal, and we need to know what YOU want to do.

We want to give you more! Is this okay?

First, we're scratching the need for the stretch goal. Everyone who pledged for (or pledges for) Patches and Cathulhu (the $60 tier) will get a Skellie as well, automatically. Plus we're going to add an extra (character of your choice) as a thank you!

Second, if you ordered one already at the $30 tier we're going to give you an extra (character of your choice) as a thank you!

If you ordered the Gift Pack tier you'll get your 2 Skellies plus two more extra (characters of your choice) as a thank you!

What's the bottom line, and how does this affect me?

We're going to lock the tiers you already backed, and make new ones with adjusted pricing.

We need to know if you are NOT okay with this. No one is going to get a better deal than you, but if you just don't want the extra cats, we understand.

Can we do this ASAP? Please comment or message me to let me know...

Thank you!
Kurt & Elaine

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    1. Missing avatar

      kristi on

      Woohoo! Yes of course it’s fine. I have three daughters. So whatever happens, I just need three different, beautifully creative, awesome little squaredy cats. Thanks for being so cool!

    2. Missing avatar

      Melissa Manica on

      More Squaredy Cats of course! So glad to see that the goal is already over 50%!

    3. Joe DeLorenzo on

      More Squaredy Cats is never a bad thing! It is super exciting to see these finally becoming a reality!

    4. Traci Belanger

      So happy to hear about the support! I'm all in!

    5. Georgia Evans on

      Great news! Add Cathulhu to my Patches

    6. Missing avatar

      Seymour Segnit on

      Of course - keep em coming. Let me be clear. There is no upper limit to the number of cats you may ship us :) 😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺

    7. Missing avatar

      Nick on

      WooHoo!! Awesome News!
      Add Patches to keep Cthulhu from being lonely.
      Thank you both!

    8. Greg Cmiel on

      More Squaredy Cats is fine with me! Add a Skellie to my order!