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A fanboys simple wish: to make a SHAZAM! tv show. It all starts here!

A fanboys simple wish: to make a SHAZAM! tv show. It all starts here! Read More
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About this project

It all started with a blog.

I have been a fanboy all my life. In both games and heroes I've proclaimed what I am. Over the last few years though my pride and creativity grew. I finally found a comic book store that allowed me to delve into the comic book world like never before.

Recently I realized that my family resembled the Batsons. And SHAZAM! has been one of my favorite superhero characters for a long time. And recently in The New 52 SHAZAM! has been brought back to prominence. I want to help continue that.

I want to make a fanboy video for a SHAZAM! tv show. Nothing super fancy. Just me, a couple of actors and the city I live in as the backdrop. Very little effects will be used......except for the most important scene of course. I'll let you guess what that is.

The video will  be about 5 minutes long. It'll show off our Billy Batson and his backstory and what's to come if a show is made. Our version of Billy is a mix between the New 52 version and the classic Billy Batson.

The script is written, we already have a bunch of locations ready to be shot all we need is your help. We're only asking for $1000 but anything else you can give us will increase the awesomeness of the video.

This isn't the first time I've done writing for a fanboy project. Over the last six months I've written a version of the Avatar cartoon series called Spirit of Earth on IGN.

I've also lead and designed a video game project at my college DePaul University. We made a fighting game called 2012: BattleGround Chicago. I made a theme song vid and a gameplay vid for the project along with directing the choreography for the fighters. It looks low-budget I know and that's because we had no budget, but even without one I think we knocked it out of the park.

Also a lot of the stuff in the game was original, the characters, sounds, and music were all made for us (or by us) and I tend to do the same with SHAZAM! And again anything above the $1000 dollars will be used to make the video more awesome, mainly we're thinking about hiring an effects artist to do some profressional style effects for the vid, maybe some good-looking lightning?

Now to show I'm not just saying I have a guy who's willing to make a costume here is a link to his site. The main guy there is Jeremy and he was pumped to make a New 52 SHAZAM! costume. He was sad when I couldn't do it and I felt bad so please help me cheer him up! Jeremy does really good costumes, in fact he just made a totally awesome Aquaman for real! Check it out!

So I leave it up to you, if this is made we'll put it both on youtube and our blog along with any other site willing to take it. Who knows? We might start something. And if you really really like it I would honored to make another.

I guess the only thing left to say is.......SHAZAM!

Risks and challenges

The only risks we can see is first the actors. Frankly the moment we get the funding the costume will be ordered and we'll start filming. The only question will be how long it'll take. The main actors (Billy and SHAZAM!) are fine we can get them at almost any time but some of the other actors won't be so open for scheduling. How we'll combat this is doing as much as we can in one day and try our best not to need reshoots. But honestly? I think it'll be fine.

The only other thing is the editing. We want to make sure this looks good so we're going to take our time and make sure that we make this the best vid we can. So again anything above the $1000 mark would be appreciated.

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