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A dark fantasy tabletop roleplaying game about the fall and resurgence of humanity.
A dark fantasy tabletop roleplaying game about the fall and resurgence of humanity.
A dark fantasy tabletop roleplaying game about the fall and resurgence of humanity.
1,035 backers pledged DKK 327,315 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Quinn Duncan 2 days ago

      Yes the survey.

    2. Christoffer Sevaldsen Creator 3 days ago

      @Ed: Indeed, time is flying and we are progressing steadily.
      @Finbar: I replied to your direct message
      @Quinn: Are you referring to the survey email or which email do you mean? Please DM me.

    3. Missing avatar

      Quinn Duncan 3 days ago

      I seem to unable to find the email in my regular or spam folder. Would you mind sending it again and the email it will be from.

    4. Missing avatar

      Finbar De Toms-Scott 6 days ago

      Do we know how long will the pledge manager will be open for?

    5. Missing avatar

      Ed Ward on

      September is coming up kinda fast, at least it feels that way for me. I'm excited.

    6. Ebonweaver

      @Amanda sorry we didn't address your question sooner! Please see update #22 for the differences in detail. The print version of the adventures have more content than the basic PDF versions, but otherwise they are the same.

    7. Christoffer Sevaldsen Creator on

      @Marcelino: James' reply is correct so you can fill out the survey now, no worries.

    8. Missing avatar

      James Miller on

      @Marcelino The survey is just that. Shipping will be handled when they open the web store for the pledge manager part.

    9. Marcelino on

      I know this sounds lame but I’m broke for two weeks so paying the shipping right now is an issue. So I can’t complete the survey till then. I hope that’s ok.

    10. Missing avatar

      Amanda Blair on

      What's the difference between the paid print adventures and the stretch goal pdfs? Are they one and the same?

    11. Christoffer Sevaldsen Creator on

      @Tri-J: Wait for the web-shop (pledge manager) as that it by far the best solution.

    12. Missing avatar


      @chris: Do we wait for the fix or go to the site? But I much prefer it would be fixed. :)

    13. Christoffer Sevaldsen Creator on

      @scm106: That is odd, it should have been there? Anyway you can fix it in the web-shop.
      @GateEight: It was to get contact details, clarify add-ons to the extent that the KS survey enable, but you can definitely handle it in the pledge manager (web shop).
      @Ed: Exactly right.

    14. Missing avatar

      Ed Ward on

      From what I gather the survey was to confirm email addresses so that the link to the web store will be sent out properly. Once at the store you will log in with your kickstarter name and everything you've paid so far will be credited to your account where you will add the items you wanted to your cart and it will balance $0. Should you wish to add more items then that's where you would pay the difference. Either way, that is where you will also pay shipping.

    15. Missing avatar


      So the survey was mostly to gauge interest? I can't remember what extra funds I threw in and for what. so I would rather just handle it once you get your pledge manager up for real.
      Is that going to be a problem?

    16. Missing avatar

      scm106 on

      I completed the survey, but I didn't see anywhere where to put which add-ons I wanted (that I had already included in my pledge). Is there going to be another survey sent to clarify that or there was something else i dind't see? Thnaks.

    17. Christoffer Sevaldsen Creator on

      @Caroline: If you want to add more than you already have (or wanted more than one of each add-on) this will be resolved via the webshop, where extra cost of shipping, etc. will also be handled. Everything will be grouped together and you will receive a complete overview for your confirmation before fulfilment or shipping begins.

    18. Caroline

      So we now have to wait until you open a shop before we can add additional items? But what about the extra cost of shipping? Or are you going to be setting up another pledge manger like backerkit where it's all grouped together?

      I'm seriously confused by this.

    19. Christoffer Sevaldsen Creator on

      @Julie: We will be setting up our web-shop, which will enable you to choose all the items and quantities you would like, before fulfillment. It will also enable you to add further items, should you wish to. We will send out updates notifying all backers as soon as the web-shop is up and running, so just stay tuned and you can add/update later.
      All the best, Christoffer Sevaldsen

    20. Julie LaRoux

      Re: add ons - what if we wanted more than one of an add on? The pledge manager is only showing the ability to add each item once and I was hoping to double up on one of those dice pools.

    21. Missing avatar

      Ed Ward on

      The pledge manager or something to where I input my address to receive physical rewards.

    22. Christoffer Sevaldsen Creator on

      @Ed: Do you mean the pledge manager itself or the rewards? We will begin to send out digital content over the summer and physical packages are due to be delivered in November.

    23. Christoffer Sevaldsen Creator on

      @Elsecaller: Great to hear that. The shipment fees will be charged separately using our pledge manager tools as we get closer to fulfilment. More details will be posted in the updates as we progress.

    24. Elsecaller on

      I'm very glad that I had no problems with the pledged payment after reading all the comments. But I have a question about the shipment fees: when will we be charged with the shipment? And how does that payment work?

      Thanks for the awesome work on this project.

    25. Missing avatar

      James Miller on

      @Brahms Have you tried contacting your card company? Many banks will block a transaction from another country unless you pre-approve it with them. I had this happen with one that finished before this one and had to call the bank to fix it and make sure this one was approved to go through.

    26. Brahms Balratheon | AoUA on

      I'm having issue processing payment and have been waiting for kickstarter to resolve the issue. Has anyone else been able to lower their pledge amount in order to get the payment to go through and has it taken anyone else 5 days to hear back from kickstarter staff because this is getting ridiculous.

    27. Christoffer Sevaldsen Creator on

      @John Dunnet: Preferably yes, he he he :D
      @Mark Smith: A preliminary survey will be sent out within the coming week.
      @Drew Behseresht: You will not be able to up your pledge as such, but you will be able to place pre-orders for items once the webshop is up and running (updates on this will follow).

    28. Marcelino on

      Congratulations can’t wait to see more. So happy I got in

    29. Missing avatar

      Ed Ward on

      I got the payment to go through finally. @James Miller you should be able to increase your pledge though the manager when it's active.

    30. Missing avatar

      Drew Behseresht on

      I had to back at the $1 due to lack of money, will I be able to up my pledge later?

    31. Missing avatar

      James Miller on

      @ Ed You'll have to call your card company. They flagged it because your being charged in another country you don't normally get charged from. I had it happen Friday with another project. You'll have to call them again once the survey is out for the shipping charge to go through.

    32. D-Verse Publishing, LLC on

      Congrats guys! Looking forward to it!

    33. Missing avatar

      Mark Smith on

      It was mentioned on the description that there will be a survey sent out to select the add-ons we would like (dice, GM screen, ect). Do you have an idea when this will be sent out? Will it be soon or closer to the delivery date?

    34. Missing avatar

      John Dunnet on

      We have to pay? :-)

    35. Christoffer Sevaldsen Creator on

      Regarding payments you need to contact the Kickstarter staff, as that is out of my hands at this stage.

    36. Missing avatar

      Ed Ward on

      Anyone else having an issue paying? It keeps charging the money then refunding it saying suspicious activity.

    37. Missing avatar

      Lucy Oughton on

      Thanks guys, I've already pledged for the dice and copy of the adventure book! I don't use gm screens as a rule, I normally get up and leave the room 😁 they're like ohhhhhh.

    38. Missing avatar

      Amanda Blair on


      Also a quick question... Can I add additions when the pledge manager comes out? I didn't add the 150 adventure print. Thanks in advance!

    39. Lars-Emil Silvstål on

      Congratulations to a successful KS.

    40. Michael Harrington

      WOOT! congrats on funding!!!

    41. Michael Harrington

      89 minutes!

    42. Christoffer Sevaldsen Creator on

      @Klaus: Yes, the printed versions contain NPC's. I think maybe the confusion stems from the fact that the premium version of the original adventure has ADDITIONAL NPC's, locations and so on.

    43. Klaus Ole Kristiansen

      All these questions and answers have made me a bit confused about the versions. Does the printed adventure not contain NPCs?

    44. Christoffer Sevaldsen Creator on

      @Mike: For purely digital backers that is currently not an option. I will keep you posted if this changes.
      @Lucy: Yes you can.
      @Cody: It is there, albeit seemingly not very obvious. The character sheets are going through a makeover and upgrade from their current version.

    45. Ebonweaver

      @Cody can't speak to that directly, but if the feedback made it to Chris I'm sure it's on his list for revisions in the coming months, and these posts ensure he'll see it again :) Remember everything is still a beta at this point, and the beta materials are already months out of date!

    46. Cody Pannell on

      Where did we land on getting a section for "Talents" on the character sheet?

    47. Missing avatar

      David Austerman on

      Cant wait to gm a game come on November.

    48. Ebonweaver

      @Lucy absolutely! Voidfarer is kinda what I keep trying to call the premium foundation, it has everything but the addons, so top it off with dice, GM screen, print adventure book, and additional core books to your heart's content! ;)

      @Tim sorry no. We love our digital backers, but the premium version of the adventure is exclusive to the higher tiers.

    49. Tim Baker

      @Michael, in a recent update, it was clarified that the dkk 40 add-on provides a basic version of the first adventure. It lacks "additional art, NPC’s, locations and undertakings." I'm checking to see if there's some way of "upgrading" my pledge to include the full version (in PDF only).

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