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pledged of $100,000pledged of $100,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Oct 1 2013

Expansion #1 Soccer Legends: Elements

Posted by Digital Lightning Studios (Creator)

We introduce our first expansion for Soccer Legends, help us to reach our goal!

There are amazing times for science, and elemental powers were discovered hidden in certain people. The football begins a new era of exciting matches.

‘Elements’ is an expansion of the main mechanics, where elemental powers added to the players. Ther are 6 elements: Fire, Water, Nature, Air, Light and Darkness.

The player can activate this feature from the game options.

New Features

- With the Multielemental School building, you can add 2 players a week to find out if they have elemental potential, if so, is marked with the corresponding element and can access the new elemental skills tree.

- Adds new skins, hairs, faces and beards.

- Players will have a nearest element, so do an action based on that element will improve substantially.

- The weather and time will affect different elements: rain or snow weaken to Fire and improve Water, heat weaken to Air and improve to Fire, night weakens to Nature and improve to Darkness...

- New cinematic effects, to all elemental skills!

New skills examples

- Elementary charge.

- Flame Shoot.

- Iceberg Barrier.

- Fire bolt run.

- Darkness Invisibility. 

New Cards examples

- Elemental Shield: The player will protect for a turn of any elemental action.

- Elemental Dash: Elemental jamming in a range of 3 cells. A player affected cannot use any elemental skill for a 2 turns.

- Elemental Blending: Provides the ability to merge two players of the same element, generating one with the best attributes of both, there is a 20% of chance that the card generates an aberration with all the worst attributes. The effects disappear at the finish of the match, dividing the accumulated experience in the match.

Tomorrow more!

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    1. Benjamin Johnson on

      I might up my pledge just for this expansion. 'Turn-based strategy soccer' is a pretty good idea. 'Turn-based strategy WITH MAGIC POWERS' is brilliance.

    2. Loyal Blades on

      WOW!! Amazing update! This game is going to be awesome!

    3. Miguel García on

      Then it's perfect! XD

    4. Digital Lightning Studios Creator on

      Hi Miguel, only some players have elemental affinity, the rest have no element and have a normal skill tree, like you said. You can discover the affinity with "Elemental School Building".

    5. Miguel García on

      Just an idea: You can also introduce the "no-element" as an element. For player with no special affinity to elements, and just add a more standard techniques... as "Hard chut" or "Master skill shot".