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pledged of $100,000pledged of $100,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Oct 1 2013

Introducing Soccer Legends Board game Exclusive Edition

Posted by Digital Lightning Studios (Creator)

Soccer Legends combines elements of fantasy with football, pitting two teams (each controlled by a single coach) in search of victory. As the traditional strategy games, each player has the features and abilities of those who will try to take advantage to get the win, gaining experience every match, and developing new skills with which to improve their performance in the field.

Incredible strategy game, based on the video game and other classic games like Bloodbowl.

The fidelity with which it reproduces epic matches, integrating them into a great campaign, will surprise all fans of board games. The game lasts a certain amount of turns (16, divided into two sets of 8), and the main objective is to score more goals. Whoever gets to score more goals at the end of the game, wins.

During each round, each player can do one of the following actions:

  • Movement. A player may move as many cells as indicated by their ability to move.
  • Pressure. A player can try grabbing an opposing player at the beginning of the action is standing adjacent to overthrow him, steal the ball or to prevent it from moving freely.
  • Defense. A player may stand still and use his turn to expand their defense zone, and thus prevent the opponents from passing through his area.
  • Tackle. A player may move like a move action, and also can hit an opponent at any point of the movement like a pressure action. This action only is done once per turn.
  • Pass / Shot. A player can move and, at the end of their movement, pass or shooting the ball. The difficulty is determined by the vision rule.


Game Board

A board where you place the miniatures. The board has a rectangular shape, divided into hexagonal cells. There are areas marked like a football field and in which special rules apply, depending on the play. The board dimensions are 78 cm long by 52 cm wide.


To develop a game of Soccer Legends is a must have miniatures or any other element that differentially represent the players of both teams.


It is very advisable to have at hand the rules of the game for future reference at any time and resolve any doubts, there are many different situations.


- 10-sided dice, with which solves the success of the different actions.

- Six-sided dice, with checking the direction in which a ball bounces or is deflected.

Rule of Vision

This rule is divided into four sections named respectively, indicating the difficulty of the same depending on the distance as well as opposing players which is in the path of the ball and could intercept. 

Other elements

The box also contains the following elements:

- Detour template. Is used to resolve the deviations of a ball bounced or diverted. Used with 1D6 (6-sided dice) that indicates the direction in which you move the ball.

- Currency. It is used to raffle the side of the field and kickoff.

- Indicator turns. Cardboard indicators serve to indicate the turn of each player.

- Strategic Cards. Each player will have a strategic card collection that he can use during the game to gain advantage. Each turn the coach may draw a card from their deck to a maximum of 5 cards in a hand.

- Ball. Small plastic ball to use as ball during the game.

- Benches. Zone of 7 players and coaches where to place reserves. - Goals. Plastic goals representing goal areas.

- Referees. Important figures to moderate the match.


A Soccer Legends match usually lasts between 1 and 2 hours. The games consist of two halves of 8 turns each, being able to vary the number of rounds played due to different events within the game.

Deployment and changes

At the start of the match, each team deploys on the field up to 11 players, the other players, if any, will be on the bench. This placement must meet certain standards detailed in the manual. The players (the miniatures) can, often, suffer various injuries that prevent him to remain in the match, like opponent's faults or normal sporting accidents. Each coach can done 3 to 5 changes per match, depending on the rules of the game. All changes are made on delayed, so that may not introduce your new player until the beginning of the next turn. 

We hope you like it and have fun with our Boardgame :)

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