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As proud members of the old clans, 1 - 4 players use their unique abilities and cunning skill to earn the greatest wealth and fame. Join the late pledge and pre-order your copy now!
As proud members of the old clans, 1 - 4 players use their unique abilities and cunning skill to earn the greatest wealth and fame. Join the late pledge and pre-order your copy now!
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      Christian Klöckner on

      Hi Juma,

      congratulations for having to print the game a second time, it is well-deserved. Regarding the expansion: I do not want to spoil all the enthusiasm here, but for this game I am actually a bit skeptic if it benefits from an expansion. The basic game is so delicately balanced and works so well that I fear additional mechanisms would negatively affect this balance. So, if you feel you can expand the game experience without ruining the balance, og for it. Anything that would harm this balance would not be positive from my point of view - but I do not have to buy it, don't I ;-)

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      Martin Andersson on

      Hi Juma and thanks for a great game. After several plays we sometimes feel it is a bit short.. Just when have got your engine running, the game ends. From our experience the game is well balanced and the clans add good asymmetry and varied game play. A longer game would perhaps need to adress king-maker/run away leader problems? However, I am sure an expansion from you would be well thought trough and perfect! Cheers from Sweden!

    3. Doug Stewart on

      If we're doing trains, add a puzzle border and make it a tile-laying route-building game and call it McWhistle Stop or something. *grin*

    4. Missing avatar

      Dominic Parker on

      I think clans is my GOTY, and i'm not sure how sweeping a change would need to be.

      I'd like to see another board of tech that sits under the merchants/shipping/tools that act as other ways to upgrade things.

      I'd like to see infrastructure, railways. More things that work like the neighbouring bonus. More stuff that makes the area control game more interesting rather than focussing on more economic stuff with more production types.

      Someone else mentioned looking at historical events, that'd be a great idea. I'd like to see more industrial stuff.


    5. Thomas

      An expansion? My first thought is that the game looks pretty complete as is, and very enjoyable to play.

      Still, after reading other comments some expansions could make sense:
      * add more port bonuses / clans / ... to add more variability
      * add more players (this would probably require a new map, for example a 6-pie-chart map)
      * add some new mechanics in the game to add more development paths
      And of course, since the original game box is pretty much filled with the base game, this might require a bigger box.

    6. Vicki Maxfield

      I've only played with 2-players. While more maps, more port tiles, more clans are all cool, I'd like to see more depth. Our games tend to end with maybe 3 or 4 non-people tokens on the board. We've played once or twice adding an extra round and that helped some. The available contracts tend to determine our strategy more than anything else. The market gets used, but the neighborhood bonus almost never gets triggered in our games.

    7. R A Bardy on

      Haven't thought too much about an expansion, but if it happens, my wish-list would include:
      — bigger player boards (and text)
      — an extension of the current map that could sit alongside it rather than replacing it
      — another way of generating extra money (like Clan McKenzie's Whisky cash-cow)
      — the ability for all clans to pursue 2 contracts at a time Buchanan-style, rather than just one
      — better colour choices for those with colour-blind issues

    8. Missing avatar

      Matt Watts on

      Would love to see an expansion i also think a bigger board for a 5th and 6th player would be awesome. More clans and some higher scoring goal tokens
      Multi layer player boards would be a great addition. A new mechanic to generate more money i think would work very well

    9. Ian Goodwin on

      PS. The expansion has a BIGGER box for base game and expansion to fit.

    10. Ian Goodwin on

      Love the idea of an expansion. Maybe a couple of new boards to make it a 5-6 player expansion. Also an option to get the Metal Coins for us that couldn't go Deluxe in the first Kickstarter please

    11. Missing avatar

      Scott Logan on

      I'd love an expansion, I have no great ideas though, I'll leave that up to you. The game is my favourite of the year, so I have complete confidence in you.

    12. Missing avatar


      Absolutely excited about the idea of expansion - this game is a new household favorite. There are a few rules that we discuss modifying such as introducing breeding (two of the same animal must be next to each other and produce one meat per round - does not carry as obviously meat goes bad). I think the other thing we would like to see is victory points assigned to the largest settlement cluster (including river crossing) not just the most settlements.

      Introduction of a resource for wool (eg fabric) would be cool, and maybe something like a laird or church which helps increase income.

    13. Missing avatar

      Malcolm Sleight on

      Definitely would like an expansion. However, I haven't played it enough to offer suggestions about content.

    14. Walroose Games

      Maybe to keep with the theme; add something that actually happened in history (I’m not good at Uk history so I’ll just make up an example), like the English come in a stir things up so you can either spend time and money making alliances with them for benefits or ignore them and just pay their demands like tax or something. That’s just an example, go off something that actually followed the whiskey rush in Scotland

    15. Missing avatar

      Frank Guerriero on

      Happy New Year Juma.
      I’m really pleased to see your game receive appropriate recognition, it is a great game.

      I don’t feel I have played it enough to inform opinion on an expansion. I agree with a few comments about adaptation to mining and steam as key industries to be represented thematically in Scotland at the time.

      More focus on the whisky industry would always be welcome!

      All the best with concepts for expansion, I will certainly be backing your future projects.

    16. Missing avatar

      Andy Newman


      Happy New Year!
      Thank you for creating such an amazing game. My family and I have been paying it regularly and enjoy it a lot!
      If an expansion is something to consider perhaps new terrain boards with different layout and costs. I think there are plenty of export contracts so I don't think more of those would be needed unless there are some wild idaes you have.
      Maybe a few more port bonus tiles with some other port bonuses. I think a lot of our games the port bonuses are second thought compared to the key strategies we are playing. I think maybe having some more shield bonuses with different things. Obviously, if there are any more clans to create that is always fun. I guess what I am saying is just adding more to the core and not trying to change up the game mechanics.
      Really happy we backed this and your efforts to provide us a great, quality game are appreciated. Although not really an expansion, I too would be happy to have player boards that had slots for the components to be held. Although, honestly, I don't have an issue with the way they are now. It would just be an enhancement.
      Again, thanks for creating this game. Wonderful and it deserves all the positives.

    17. Stef Mue on

      Eine Erweiterung wäre echt cool. Zum einen fände ich neue Clans und neue Landschaftsteile toll. Zum anderen wären aber auch eine neue Ware und auch neue Rundenplättchen klasse. Dir auch einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr und weiterhin viel Erfolg und Spaß beim Spiele "erfinden" �

    18. Missing avatar

      Jonas Collet on

      I’m so happy the game is doing well - and thanks for being so great at taking care of us in the community!

      I only played it once, so far, but disagree somewhat with some other backers about expansions. I really think the game has enough variability in the current forms (glory tiles, clan abilities, map tiles etcetera), so adding more of the same stuff wouldn’t add much value. And I’m not sure that too many prople would want a 6 player version, playtime might be too much for most.

      My 50 cent worth of ideas is that any really valuable expansion should bring a bigger change, some new dimension to explore that changes gameplay. Say a political dimension, where players earn votes and use them to trigger new rules, adding taxes etcetera. If there is a pre-randomized row of potential laws, players can choose how important it is to earn votes compared with other stuff. But that’s just one idea.

    19. Christopher Todesco on

      I'd love an official even-smaller 2-player map-- I've used the "restricted" map for 3p and it felt closer to the 4p experience, and have tried to figure out how to narrow the map even further for the 2p game. A 5p option would also be nice.

      If you're looking for ideas for new content, I would expand on the mining aspect. Loggers and miners always seem to be more of a hassle than a game feature. A big part of the Scottish industrialization was coal, railways, and shipbuilding. Although maybe I'm just eager for the new edition of Brass... :)

    20. Ricky Yde Herrig on

      Expansions... sure. However it needs add new mechanics for all players for me to be excited. Game us magnificent as it is. Only little thing that I would change is two-layer player mats

    21. Kion

      > The only addition I can think of are either new player boards that are multilayered with precut spaces for components

      That's actually a great idea too! But I don't think I have ever seen this kind of thing being released as expansion. I think this would work better for a deluxe edition of the game. I would then also make EVERYTHING in the game bigger size :) Map, all tiles, wooden components... Metal coins are good as is though :)

    22. Kion

      Oh, and regarding the bigger box: I personally do not share problems others had with the original game box - everything fits well inside of it for me, but if you plan to release an expansion, bigger box might definitely become a requirement - I don't think I'd be able to fit much more into the original box, unless it's just a dozen of new tiles, and I hate to store expansions in separate boxes.

    23. Andrew Richards

      I agree with many of the comments, more boards, bigger box, and options for more players. The only addition I can think of are either new player boards that are multilayered with precut spaces for components or an overlay that performs the same function. Fantastic game, excited to see where you go with it.

    24. Kion

      I'd agree with what many others said below: from game mechanics standpoint game is good as is, so it's more about adding variability: more different clans, scoring tiles, port tiles, maybe contracts... That being said, adding 5th/6th player might be a nice idea too, even though I suspect you'd need to add more board tiles to support that (2 more I think, i.e. board would need to consist of 6 pieces for 5/6 player game).

    25. Missing avatar

      Miikka Mononen on

      A potentially bigger map with 5/6 player support would be great. Also, a bigger box to come along with it. Because really. Really. Come on.

      Another thing: A lot of people I play with have trouble grasping the significance of the marketplace in the first two or three games. The person who uses the market the best usually wins. A mechanic that directed new players to the marketplace more actively than just the neighborhood bonus might be good, but heaven forbid if I knew what that mechanic could be.

    26. Patrice Lebrun on

      Bring on that expansions! A bit more of just everything.

    27. Missing avatar

      Gery McLaughlin on

      Any expansion should be called"Your Gonna Need A Bigger Box". Seriously, any expansion needs to be supplied with a bigger box - it could have a new map and new clans, ports, contracts and starting tiles. Some extra good tokens would be nice too. I don't think the games really needs any extra mechanisms; nor does it need a 5th and 6th player.

    28. Damian Fleming

      I would like to see a longer version of the game. I really love it but it seems to be over just as things are getting started.

    29. Logan

      I would buy an expansion. Make a clan Baird please. =)

    30. Missing avatar

      Eberhard Flux

      Translation for readers around the world:
      It would be interesting to have a mechanic/clan, which enables a tactic for getting points without money, since setting wood-cutters and mine-workers is nearly a must in the game.

      Gaining money brings a exponentially advantage, which can't be completely caught up with other tactics or clan-advantages. But to have a bunch of possible alternative tactics in CoC was my big hope, when I backed the game. But actually there is no real way doing it without the wood-cutters and mine-workers, say money.

    31. Missing avatar

      LordFisch on

      Most comments seem to be more interested in more players, but for me personally I rather have a bigger map.

    32. Doug Stewart on

      Definitely go back and mine the earlier KS and FB comments for additional clans and scoring tiles. I also would love to see perhaps another player color.

      I could see a 5th/6th player working if additional larger hex plates were added -- maybe even a cross of hexes in the middle might work, with additional port tile areas at the tips, making a total of 8 ports per game. That could really incentivize spreading out at larger player counts.

    33. Missing avatar

      Clef Haworth on

      Yes, yes and yes. An expansion would be great. More player powers. Not sure what else. Favorite game of 2017!

    34. Missing avatar

      Eberhard Flux

      Ja, prinzipiell interessiert mich eine Erweiterung. Auf jeden Fall!
      Inhaltlich wäre etwas wünschenswert, was eine alternative Taktik abseits des Geldsammelns ermöglichen würde, denn derzeit laufen alle Spiele darauf hinaus, dass doch mehr oder weniger zuerst auf Holzfäller und Bergarbeiter gesetzt wird, und DANN ERST Clan-spezifische Eigenheiten zum Zuge kommen.
      Es wäre also ein Clan oder eine Spielmechanik interessant, der/die mit wenig oder fast gar keinem Geld das Punkt-Sammeln ermöglichen, um CoC insgesamt noch attraktiver zu machen.

    35. Marc-André Viau on

      Really don't need a 5th and 6th player, the game really isn't designed for more then 4 players, plus the map wouldn't work with at that player count. Some new Clans would be nice. Maybe some new map tiles? Bigger player board and/or player board that holds meeples like the scythe player boards?

    36. Guz Forster

      @Juma, first of all, I am SO glad I backed this game. In all honesty it is the most enjoyable strategy and economics game I've played so far and also my wife loves it!

      So thanks for creating this awesome game.

      When you mentioned an expansion I got the goose bumps! Please consider the possibility of adding up to 2 more players!


    37. Missing avatar

      Todd Carew on

      Agree. Bigger box to add 5th and 6th players !!

    38. Jeremy Berven

      I second the 5th/6th player option.

    39. Sergio B.

      When you make a expansion than please put new clans in the box. Maybe Clan Fraser? And new board tiles for more variations?

    40. John Retzer

      Fifth player.

      Golf. Seriously. Clan Morris (as in Old and Young Tom) can build courses to generate income, but it takes a hex out of play.

    41. Missing avatar

      Ben Pennington on

      Firstly, I second Brett's suggestion below: please ship it in a bigger box, so that we can store them together.

      I would also love to see more clans and boards, in order to give more set-up variation. The variable set-up was one of the things that most drew me to the game, but having played it now 5 times, I could really do with more options for variability.

    42. Missing avatar

      François Therrien

      @Jamie Maltman. You posted seconds before I did. I see that we're very much aligned.

    43. Missing avatar

      François Therrien

      I wouldn't add more mechanics to the game as it's rich enough as it is. I would gladly take more special powers, scoring tiles and port tiles to add even more variety to the game however. Thanks for asking.

    44. Jamie Maltman on

      Modular targets for expansion content:
      - new boards
      - new clans
      - new port tiles
      - new contracts
      I like the game as is, so more of the same for additional variability is cool. :)

    45. Brett on

      If you release an expansion, make the new box big enough to include the base game so we can all have it in one box!

      Clans of Caledonia is one of my favorite games of all time. Look forward to anything else you create!

      For an expansion: Extra/double resource components would be a plus to add to the game and perhaps some more mechanics centered around manipulating the market. I love the market mechanism but it seems to get underused in a lot of our games. We still use it but I’d love to use it more in some way.