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Professor Braun creates a reset button to return him in space and time. However, the professor will learn that time serves no master.


Head math professor, Doctor Braun, works feverishly in his office to crack an equation dealing with the space/time continuum. He has an Eureka! moment, balances all of his variables, and inputs these values into a device that he straps to his body.

Dr. Braun then sprints across campus to show the president of the university, only to be struck by a speeding truck. Moments from death, he presses his reset button and goes back to the moment at the computer when he set the equation, resetting himself 20 seconds in the past. 

The rhythmic ticking of a clock starts to haunts him. Every 20 seconds, Professor Braun reaches his own demise, no matter how he changes the variables of life. After numerous tries, he gives up, removes the device, and casts it aside to accept death. Dr. Braun has finally learned that time knows no master.

A crowd of students witnesses the death, and one young woman discovers the device. As she picks it up, the tormenting ticking is heard.

Funding Purpose:

  • Equipment rentals for production value 
  • Our production team plans to rent an assortment of lenses and a jib
  • Food for crew; compensation for actors
  • We are college kids with a $0 budget looking to make professional quality video


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