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confession: i am your lover, i am your psyche, i am real, i am imagined. ---a performance in the parking lot of Health Center #3


This summer, instead of the beach and pool side margarita's, Melissa Diane, a.k.a, Jacelyn and Kristen, are hanging out in the parking lot of a Philadelphia Health Center...the #3 out in West Philly (okay, we are managing to get a few beers in). Here we are spending the summer rolling around on the concrete lot to make City Calm Down. We showed an excerpt of the piece in the 2011 Philadelphia Fringe Festival after being commissioned by the Center for the Book to create a performance inspired by book artist, Bonnie Whitfield’s work. When that show ended, both the book and the performance continued to linger in our minds, so we are back inside the work, lengthening it, deepening the story and making our first evening length piece since 2006.


We might not have said it in our video, but here's what we know-

City Calm Down is drawn from a series of images from a story about heartbreak and letting go. Bonnie's book has physicality: a book tied shut with leather rope, pages stitched together, and words that have been blocked out. The book evokes in us the memory of love and loss, when the only thing holding you together is sitting on your stoop, feeding off the energy of the city on hot summer nights. These images form a collage that moves through time but is not linear in its unfolding. As dancers, we are at once at odds with each other, and at other times are one. Throughout the piece we build a world only to dismantle it. We share secrets, betrayal, anger and loss with a tender and honest heart. The open setting allows for the audience to walk around the space, place their chairs where they choose and get up close and personal with us.


We are asking for $3,000 in donations to help us produce City Calm Down. Everything from props, costumes, our time, chairs, and programs are all paid for by us. Please help us finish this piece with your donation. And come to see it too!


Health Center #3, 555 S. 43rd Street Philadelphia, PA, across from Clark Park

August 24th at 8pm

August 25th at 4pm and 8pm

Rain date August 26th. 

Tickets are $15-Regular Admission, $10 for Dance Pass Holders, Students and Seniors. The show will run approximately 40 minutes.

To purchase tickets, please visit or


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