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Release Zombie Robots!'s video poster

A California artist is unleashing Zombie Robots upon the world!!!! They are here for your batteries! RAAGHH!!!! Read more

Tracy, CA Painting
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This project was successfully funded on May 1, 2011.

A California artist is unleashing Zombie Robots upon the world!!!! They are here for your batteries! RAAGHH!!!!

Tracy, CA Painting
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Recent updates


The paintings are completed!

well, here they are, There are some new ones, and the quality of the photos are much better. By the way, if you change your mind (about what paintings you want) after seeing this update, that's fine by me! just let me know.

Looking forward to the party!

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Hey! it's time to let me know what images you like best!

So, it's time for everyone to let me know, so I can make sure everybody gets what they want.  everyone that is getting small reproduction paintings (8x10"). That's everyone at $50 reward. please let me know which painting you would like a copy of. 

Everyone at $10and up let me know what painting you would like a print of.

All of the backers that are getting an original, I will contact you via email to work out what piece you will be getting.

That party is coming up soon. The 9th is right around the corner.  As a backer, this party is being thrown for you!  And don't think I forgot about all you wonderful people that can't make it to the party in person. I have set up a livestream channel to do a live web cast for the party! It will be recorded as well, so you don't need to worry if it's a bad time for you.

here is a link to the channel.

I'll have more for you soon!


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The Party is set in motion!

The party is set up! It's the 9th of July a Saturday! 

It's to be held at Empire's Comics Vault

Here is the Facebook Event page for it! I have specially created paper invitations for all the lovely backers that want one. I am mailing them out tomorrow.

I drew a little zombot sketch on each of them.

I think they will make nice souvenirs, and a reminder about when the party is. And don't think 
I left all you amazing people out that can't make it. I'm going to be doing a live webcast of the whole thing.

Thanks again everyone for being so wonderful, and aiding the zombots unleashing upon humanity!


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sorry It's been so long since the last update.

howdy ya'll. I have been working on the project non stop. It's going well.  I have my order in with the t-shirt printer.  We have a date for the party. July 9th.  I'll be sending out invitations shortly.  As of right now I have one confirmed artist, Tomas Overbai to do live art at the party.  We are currently working on food, and other aspects.  

As for the series itself I've been posting the work to Face Book. Here is a link to my uploaded photos. eventually they will be finished, and I will take high quality photographs for my website.

If anyone would like to ask questions, or desires a progress report at any time feel free to email me.

the survey says (mini update)

Hey Everybody quick mini update. 

I have been getting results back,  I didn't realize exactly how spread out my backers are! I thought I only had one outside of the states.  Well, I know it's not going to be as good as being there, but 

I'm going to be talking with some people about doing a live webcast of the party, so those of you that can't make it will get to see it.