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With its first collection, B&D wants to start production here in the USA. This is a return to the art of dressmaking.

Right now, the average woman has 22 garments in her closet that she never wears. We settle, and the clothes pile up.

We know the feeling. After hours of scouring the racks, you are tired, frustrated, and just want to go home. You give in because you need that cocktail dress, but you leave the store feeling underwhelmed by your purchase.   

To solve this issue for women, we want to produce a collection of dresses and separates (skirts and jackets) that can be personalized to every individual. We are giving women the opportunity to build their own wardrobe.

We have six base designs in our collection that you can personalize:

  • The Twiggy - this classic boat neck shift dress is versatile across occasions and seasons. Available in cotton or silk.
  • The Jackie - an iconic dress for an iconic woman. This stretch cotton dress is easily altered by choosing different bodices and skirts.
  • The Diane - the quintessential day-to-night silhouette, our silk wrap dress can be worn to the office, or can be built for a formal occasion. 
  • The Gabrielle - in luxurious wool boucle, this jacket is fully lined and perfect for the board room or an evening out on the town. 
  • The Audrey - you would think a classic pencil would be easy to find, but it is not.  So we are producing it, in three lengths.
  • The Marilyn - a feminine skirt fashioned to flatter curves.  Available in cotton sateen and cut at the knee.  The way it should be.

In order to make our designs your own, we offer universal options that you can modify on any silhouette.  These options combine in thousands of ways and result in truly individual garments.

NOTE: Many of our dresses have length options that are specific to the silhouette. 

We need $30,000 to produce this collection here locally in the USA. Specifically in New England and New York City.

The Garment District NYC
The Garment District NYC

We have:

  • Built the technology to support this new fashion line
  • Created the patterns and made initial samples
  • Identified sample rooms with whom we can partner

We have a unique manufacturing process and thus we need financing to start making this made-to-order collection in the USA.  

The funding will go towards covering the costs of:

  • Generating fabric yields for our facilities
  • Financing final production samples with our US sample rooms
  • Covering other fixed costs associated with production and fulfillment of this collection in New York and New England

Help us bring this collection to fruition!

For our donors, we are primarily offering our collection as reward.  Donors will be able to claim their rewards and design their own garments on our website once the campaign has ended.  Each donor will be provided a unique code which they can redeem on the site for their product(s).  


Delivery will take roughly 5 weeks for production for Kickstarter orders only. This is a longer lead time than usual because we want to give ourselves ample time to perfect your garments and deliver in volume.  

All international supporters are more than appreciated, but please add $20 for international shipping charges.  Merci!


This really is a treat for any woman. Commission a special couture dress from our celebrity designer, Sarah Parrott. You provide inspiration, select fabrics and attend fittings to bring your dress to life. Sarah will sketch, design, and make your dream dress.

Step #1: Choose.

On our platform you can browse multiple silhouettes with the click of your mouse. Based on your given dimensions, we can recommend hemlines, sleeve lengths and the most flattering silhouettes for you. You also have the option to chat online with one of our style experts, who can guide you through the selection process.

Step #2: Customize.

Once you have decided on a silhouette that you adore, you can purchase that piece as-is or modify the design. When we say “modify” we mean that you are able to mix and match bodices and skirts all while changing different fabrics, colors, hemlines, sleeve lengths and trim. The keyword here is control. With over 3,000 possible combinations, you can be sure to find the dress of your dreams.

Step #3: Create.

Each piece is made with care and quality in every stitch. Within weeks, your garment will be produced to order and shipped to your door. No waiting months for a custom piece; no wondering what polyester will be sourced overseas.

  • Aubrie - commissioned art from all the kids in the neighborhood when she was six for her street fair.
  • Chirag - has always loved technically interesting challenges.  Keenly aware that his wife loves that he works at a fashion company.
  • Shelly - when she was four turned down a birthday balloon from a clown because it didn't match her outfit.
  • Jera - her claim to fame in 2nd grade was wearing neon pink lipstick with blue sparkles on top.
  • Rachel - would only wear red clothing when she was little and would get very upset if she couldn't wear all red.  Now, she loves blue.
  • Alycia - wore a peplum style jacket to school in 9th grade, all her friends laughed at her, and that is when she decided she was going to school for fashion.
  • Holly - despises wearing flats.  She has climbed mountains wearing heels.

Sarah Parrott, In-house Designer - Sarah competed on NBC’s Fashion Star and her designs sold out within hours on the H&M website. Designing this collection is Sarah’s first project after the show.

We would love to hear from you.  Questions, suggestions, issues, answers, or simply to say hello! | (888) 804-8608


Have a question? If the info above doesn't help, you can ask the project creator directly.

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    **NEW REWARD** Receive a personalized thank you note from our team as well as printed circular Bow & Drape stickers with our signature hat and arrow.

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    Receive a personalized Thank You Message & Tailoring Kit (incl. swatches from our collection, tailor's tape, and a surprise personal gift) for you or your loved ones.

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    **NEW REWARD** LE SCARF LITE. You can design a scarf in 2 colors, in one of two styles: loose or infinity. Trim not included for the minimalist. In our cozy ponte knit.

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    **NEW REWARD** THE NECK TIE. You can design a neck tie in one of our four colors. This way guys can get in on making clothes their own too!

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    LE SCARF. You can design a scarf in 2 colors, in one of two styles: infinity or loose finishing. Top stitch the trim of your choice onto our weighty ponte knit.

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    THE SKIRT. Choose from our Marilyn or Audrey skirt option. Select your style, color and length, and add custom detailing on the waistband.

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    THE TWIGGY. You can design your own shift dress. Choose your color, sleeve and hem. Then add custom detailing like lace, sequins or beading. This dress also comes in a choice of silk or cotton to dress it up or down.

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    THE JACKIE. You can design your own sheath dress. Choose your bodice and skirt amid several options - from crew neck to raglan. Then select color, sleeves and length, finishing off your garment with personalized trim. You can also add a peplum, which has made a big comeback.

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    THE DIANE. You can design your own silk wrap dress. Choose your length, color, and sleeve. Elect to put detailing on the shoulder and/or on the sash. Even add a collar.

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    THE GABRIELLE JACKET. Love the famous wool little black jacket? Now you can have one of your own. Choose trims, buttons and finishing (with or without a peplum).

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    THE BUNDLE ($400 value). You can design 2 dresses, in The Twiggy, Diane or Jackie silhouettes. Choose your colors, sleeves and hems. Then customize the trim and finishing to your heart's content.

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    LE PETITE WARDROBE ($600 value). You design a dress of your choice (choose from The Twiggy, Diane or Jackie), a boucle Gabrielle jacket and a skirt (choose from The Marilyn or the Audrey). Each piece can be altered to suit your taste.

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    THE WARDROBE ($1200 value). You can remake your wardrobe the way you want it. Design you own Gabrielle jacket, 3 dresses of your choice (The Twiggy, Diane or Jackie), 2 skirts (The Marilyn or Audrey) and Le Scarf. Same options as listed above.

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    THE VIP TRIP. Come visit us in our New York sample room and design your own dress. We will fly you to New York City and put you up in a world-renowned hotel. Then we will outfit you in a Bow & Drape dress. Voile! (N/A for international supporters)

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    DRESSES FOR LIFE (one per year). Build any dress of your liking (The Twiggy, Diane, Jackie, and any other dress we come out with) and receive one dress to personalize every year.

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    THE ULTIMATE COUTURE EXPERIENCE. Every woman's dream. Sketch and create a custom dress commissioned by our NBC Fashion Star Designer, Sarah Parrott. Travel to meet Sarah, sit alongside her, design, select fabric, attend fittings and create your unique gown. Just for you!

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