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Replace uninspired products we use every day with well-designed, original & functional versions made with those bricks we all love.

(Update) We did it!!! And, with a few days to spare, so...

New goal: $12,000! 

All additional funds raised will go to buying even more bricks (Yay!), and the various expenses related to starting a business (Less yay). When my stuff goes into stores it will surely be more expensive, so now is the time to get your "grownup" brick on at the best price! HUGE thanks to all the backers, sharers, likers, and posters.

Now Back to our regularly scheduled fund-raising...

My Brick-Story

I have been building things with Legos since I was three years old. That's over twenty five years. That's longer than I've done basically anything that's not a bodily function. As a kid, much like "Zach" I was a major "Lego Maniac," but I never stopped being one. Even then, I didn't think of them as "toys" or "kid stuff." I just thought they were awesome and for everyone. And I think I knew a little something about awesome...

          (props to my cousin Jonathan on the left. I am on the right) 

 I was not alone in my brick obsession. It seemed like everyone I knew was riding the Lego train. When I got a bit older though, all my friends hopped off. They told me Legos were for kids, nerds, nerdy kids, and kiddy nerds. They mocked my hobby a lot. Teenagers are mean. So, my Lego creations went from being proudly displayed on my bookshelves to being banished to a warped cabinet in my basement which had red shag carpet that dyed your socks.

I wasn't done with Legos—not by a long shot. I'd head downstairs all the time to build (I have the red socks to prove it). Whenever there was a creative project for school, Legos were my medium of choice. I even kept on building through college (abstract stuff mostly), but it wasn't until recently that I shifted my focus to making everyday items out of Legos. This epiphany boosted my building spirit to levels I hadn't experienced since the early 90's. It was the dawn of my Lego-naissance.

I looked at everything I owned and imagined the Lego versions. It was a way to simultaneously bring my beloved bricks back into the conversation & replace boring items, with artistic ones. I was no longer making ships for time travel or robots to fight ninja-sharks hell bent on world domination. I built slightly more practical things: a stand for my Gillette razor, a coin bank, a key chain, a Scrabble board, a jewelry box, & quite a bit more.

I starting sharing some ideas and posted a few galleries of creations online to test the waters. They were warm. Over the next year I refined my designs and  created dozens of new concepts. I turned practically every brick from my childhood into something for my adulthood.

I updated my key fob design and carried it with me all the time.

I couldn't think of a good reason to carry a coin bank or a razor stand with me, so the key fob was basically the, "I make stuff for grownups out of Legos" icebreaker. I shared my work with a wide variety of people from all over. The overwhelming response – "I want one." So I've decided to bring my stuff to a larger and more discerning audience...

Hello larger and more discerning audience.

These designs are only a fraction of what I have built and they are just the beginning of what I hope will soon become a rather extensive and varied line of products.

So, um...why exactly do you need money?

Legos are expensive to buy new and I have basically exhausted all my old brick stock. I have tried buying used Legos off craigslist and eBay, but too often the bricks are super dirty, damaged, or not even Legos. Also, I've cleaned enough silverfish skeletons out of 2x4 bricks for 5 lifetimes.

More than anything, I want to be able to dedicate lots of my time and energy to designing and building new pieces. Many of my designs here are relatively small, but I have started making larger things now like lamps and end tables, I just don't have the bricks to make more than one "large" item at a time.

                              (Side Table Prototype.)

                                  (Square Light Box Prototype)

I just need more bricks to turn more of my ideas into a reality. The money I raise from this project will first go to covering the costs associated with the rewards. After that, all additional funds will go to buying more bricks.

My project's successful completion will indicate two awesome things: 

1) A bunch of great folks will have original pieces I created.


2) I will have a sizable brick stock I can use to make new pieces.

I am talking to several LA-based boutiques as well as online companies like, about carrying my items after my Kickstarter run. The only place they are available right now however, is right here.

Some things to think about when selecting your reward. + A pre-emptive strike on FAQs

  • All pieces come perma-glued (except for the moving parts) with a safe, strong, and transparent adhesive.
  • I will not perma-glue the very top/outer layer on pieces like the picture frame or bank so you may play with the design if you please. If you would like the whole thing perma-glued, due to a baby in the house or something, just let me know.
  • I'm happy to help you with color selection. If you're not sure feel free to say "you choose" or simply give me a general vibe like, "It's for a dude with a lot of cast-iron skillets." Or "It's going in an aromatherapy office's waiting room." I promise to make it look not dumb.
  • All pieces will be built from brand new, genuine Lego bricks and are guaranteed to not house the skeletons of silverfish.
  • Standard Lego colors are Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Black, White & Medium Gray. Pastels & Earth tones are typically available in basic shapes (but do run out from time to time). If you'd like them used in your pieces, just specify. There may be a slight additional fee for some items. The color schemes are suggestions based on what has worked in the past and what I feel looks good.
  • "Finishing tiles" or "flat tiles" mean that there are no "bumps" on the pieces. I use them frequently in my designs to give them a sleek appearance and feel. Sometimes you can opt into them, but I feel that the pieces they come standard on, are best not tinkered with.
  • SHIPPING. If you could win round trip tickets to where you live on the Carmen Sandiego TV show (aka the lower 48) It's included. For other areas, note the bumps in the pledge descriptions.
  • If you have any remaining questions, please don't hesitate to ask.
  • If you're planning on dismantling the pieces just so you can reverse-engineer them & sell them yourself–don't do that. That's ruder than burping in a baby's face...while it's sleeping. And far less funny.

Neither this project nor any of my work is endorsed, supported, sponsored, or any other synonym of those words by LEGO.

Huge thanks to Lee Levin & Selfish Entertainment for the video

Huge thanks to Saint Motel & Russ Rubin @ Fresh MGMT for song usage




                       If you dig the concept, please help me spread it. Thanks


  • Yes. You can put together any combination of products. Add up the total and just message me and let me know what you would like. Pledge that total and when the survey goes out there will be a place to indicate you have "bundled" a number of products. If you're ordering a lot I may be able to offer a slight discount. Very large bundles may incur additional shipping fees domestically and all bundles will do so internationally. Thanks!

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  • Pledge $1 or more
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    My sincerest thanks. Honestly, these pledge amounts add up and can help so much. You know that "Successories" picture with the huge snow-covered tree and the blurb about snowflakes being small and delicate individually, but as a team they make awesome, awe-inspiring things? Welp–you do now. These pledges are snowflakes. And each one is beautiful.

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  • Pledge $5 or more
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    9 backers Limited (191 left of 200)

    An awesome high-res photo of your name, your company name or phrase (limited to 24 characters please) composed in Legos. You may use it wherever you like: be it your desktop, Twitter background, Facebook page, website, or anywhere else you think could use a little "Lego-fication." I reserve the right to say no to particularly offensive messages.

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  • Pledge $10 or more
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    20 backers

    Small Yin Yang. You get this awesome little paper weight/desk accessory/fun fidgety thing. True, this thing "does" very little, but for something that does so little, I found myself playing with it a lot. I'm sure you will too. Please select one or two basic colors (R,Grn,Y,B,Blk,Gry,W) for this design. Please add $7 for shipping outside the lower 48 states.

    Estimated delivery:
  • Pledge $15 or more
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    33 backers

    Never Lose your keys again. At this level you get your very own original key fob & dock! This simple yet incredibly convenient design mounts right by your door. The fob clicks in & out in a single snap and will be the envy of your guests. Docks can support up to 3 fobs. Please add $6 dollars per additional fob (one is included). Select a color scheme B&W, Primary, Hint of color, or Monochrome. Please add $7 for shipping outside the lower 48 states.

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  • Pledge $18 or more
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    26 backers Limited (56 left of 82)

    At this level you'll get an iPhone dock with cord clips! This guy is right at home on your desk or nightstand and can accommodate a host of iThings. An iPhone for example can charge in it horizontally and chill in it both horizontally and vertically. I like the B&W color scheme best. Please add $10 for shipping outside the lower 48 states.

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  • Pledge $22 or more
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    12 backers

    A frame for a thousand words. You'll get a 4x6 picture frame to stand vertically, horizontally, or hang on the wall (they all do each). Digital frames are so 2005. A picture from your childhood is right at home in this frame. Fan of bigger photos? Please add $5 to Make it 5x7 ($27 total). Want to frame your favorite headshot? Please add $20 to Make it 8x10 ($42 total). Frames can be finished with the classic look or flat tile design. Select a color scheme: B&W, Primary, Hint of Color, Color Shuffle, or Monochrome. Please add $10 for shipping outside the lower 48 states.

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  • Pledge $30 or more
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    6 backers

    At this level you'll receive the "Claw" jewelry box. It measures 2.5x2.5x2.25 inches and is perfect for a necklace, bracelet, or woman's watch. Also great for non-jewelry too. I suggest the checker design, or monochrome pattern. Select 2-3 colors. Also, I can design a letter or single-digit number in the lid for $5. Please add $10 for shipping outside the lower 48 states.

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  • Pledge $40 or more
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    42 backers

    Your coffee table just got cooler. You get the coaster set at this level, Four (4) coasters and a base to stylishly house them all. You can select the linear, multi-color design (as featured in the video), a diagonal pattern, or block letters (1 letter per coaster please) so you can spell a word across the 4 coasters like,"L-O-V-E" or "C-A-T-S". You know, four-letter words. For a set of eight (8) just double the cost. Please add $15 for shipping outside the lower 48 states.

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  • Pledge $82 or more
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    2 backers

    The Photo Lover Package aka Digital Shmigital! This level gets you one of each of the picture frames: one 4x6, one 5x7 & one 8x10. Three total and you save $9! Color scheme can be kept the same or varied from frame to frame. Please add $15 for shipping outside the lower 48 states.

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  • Pledge $112 or more
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    10 backers Limited (54 left of 64)

    The Pu Pu Platter! At this level you get five different pieces. A great way to get a bunch of gifts in one stop, but if you want to keep them all for yourself, I won't say a word. And you'll save some dough. You will get: One Key Fob & Dock One iPhone dock One 4x6 Picture Frame One Claw Jewelry Box & One Coaster set! (4 piece + stand) Please add $20 for shipping outside the lower 48 states.

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  • Pledge $125 or more
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    3 backers Limited (17 left of 20)

    The Animal Lover! Love your dog? Want to marry your cat? Well you can't do the second one, but you CAN get a Lego version of them for your desk or mantle. AND I'll even build in a hidden compartment in the torso where you can stash your goodies. Everyone will just think it is an adorable homage to your favorite pet or animal, but you'll know the truth! I am happy to do any normal four-legged mammal. please inquire about sea creatures and weirdo animals. Dog pictured stands about 7" and is 7" long, but size may fluctuate depending on the animal. Most colors available. Please add $20 for shipping outside the lower 48.

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  • Pledge $164 or more
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    5 backers Limited (31 left of 36)

    At this level you'll receive your very own custom Lego fortress. It is art. It is a sculpture. And it is awesome. It can protect your belongings or simply entertain and stump your friends. It is truly next to impossible to open without knowing the secret. Each safe is one of a kind and will have a similar locking mechanism to the one featured in the video, but no two will be identical. I promise. The fortress has an insane amount of pieces and took me ages to design. Pick whatever color scheme you like. I happen to be partial to the "shuffled" b&w color pattern featured in the video. You can also decide how close to square you'd like it to be. I can vary the facade significantly or keep it quite sleek. Both options work well. Please add $20 for shipping outside the lower 48 states.

    Estimated delivery:
  • Pledge $212 or more
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    2 backers Limited (10 left of 12)

    At this level you get your very own table top Light box! The Light Box is something I've been working on for quite a while. The top and sides are opaque (I love it in all black) while the front is a mixture of opaque and translucent bricks arranged to make awesome designs with the light that pours through from the back. Want it to look like a tree, building, or compose a message in light? All options are available, or you can go with a simple pattern like the one pictured here. Two sizes are available at this level: The square which measures, 7.5"x7.5" or the tall rectangle which measures 5"x10". For other sizes and prices, feel free to message me! I think a monochromatic box makes the most sense, but if you'd like to mix it up, I'm open as well. standard lighting pieces included. Please add $20 for shipping outside the lower 48.

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  • Pledge $380 or more
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    1 backer Limited (11 left of 12)

    At this level you get your very own side table! This thing is awesome. It will measure about 24" inches high, 11.5" deep and 14.25" wide. It's great for a laptop, dinner in front of the TV, magazines, or a collection of your favorite Lego creations. Please add $40 shipping outside the lower 48.

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  • Pledge $550 or more
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    1 backer Limited (17 left of 18)

    I'll design a sizable awesome something just for you! Want a much larger version of something you see here? Need to frame a mirror? Want to cross pollinate two or more designs into one awesome Franken-Lego? Want to get your company's logo in Lego? Want to own the 1st of my much larger top-secret designs, I haven't even built yet? Let's talk. I am at your service.

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  • Pledge $5,818 or more
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    0 backers Limited (1 left of 1)

    One of everything including an original large piece AND I will SHAVE MY HEAD. I will get it ALL on video and I will post it for everyone, but specifically your viewing pleasure. I have not had a hair cut in over four years and have NEVER shaved my head. If you'd like me to shave something into my head like kids did with the Jordan logo back in the day, I will do that too. Even typing this, I'm genuinely nervous. I hope my head isn't a goofy shape...

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